The Old Goat Is Back

pedro 0812.jpgThe line score shows Pedro Martinez allowed seven hits, three runs and one walk and struck out five in five innings in last night’s 12-5 victory over the Cubs at Wrigley Field.

Not bad for somebody who faced Major Leaguers for the first time since September, I suppose.

Martinez spoke for 22 minutes after the game. I asked him if he is OK being considered a bottom-of-the-rotation starter or if he feels he has enough life in his arm to return to Cy Young form.

Except it might not have been as clear as that. Sometimes you just stumble through a question. Anyway, here is what Pedro had to say, and here is why if Pedro improves like he thinks he will, he should be entertaining to watch the remainder of the season:

“I showed that I have life in my arm. I have life physically. I feel good. I don’t even ice or anything since I had the surgery. I just needed this time to settle back mentally and physically to dedicate myself to the game like I used to. I don’t think you can win a Cy Young by pitching one quarter of the season. For anybody to expect it would be dumb. I’m sorry I said that, but that’s the honest truth.”

Wait, did Pedro just call me dumb? Oh, well, not the first time. Continue on, Pedro.

“What I can bring over here, is my experience, health. A healthy Pedro Martinez has been through everything. You can talk about whatever want to bring up, I’ve been there. For this club, what I’m lacking right now, I might give them at the end, which is experience, a cold-blooded person that doesn’t matter how big the game is. I’m going to stand right there. And if anybody fails, well, they can always count on the old goat to go out there and kind of stand up. I might do that. I might be able to do that if I’m healthy. So that’s probably all the things that I would like to bring to this team.”


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Awesome Todd, awesome.

Bazebol bien berry berry gude do me. At least the bats came alive and they scored him runs. He still is entertaining. Philly fans throw snowballs on Santa Claus, Cubs fans never throw anything. Yeah, right.

Thanks to all for the b-day wishes. Thank you Philies for the B-day win. Thanks Pedro for proving me wrong and pitching a good game in your first outing. You deserve a second.

All that said, a 5.40 ERA isn’t exactly that much better then Moyer’s is. He was 6 inches (and one cup of beer) away from having given up 7 runs in 5 innings. Great to see the bats back. Perhaps I should have a birthday everyday??

I guess Jamie isn’t too miffed. It seems he has gifted his level of run support to Pedro.

Solid first start from Pedro. Nothing mind blowing but I wasn’t expecting that. As for being close to giving up 7 runs…well that’s baseball. I’m sure in one of his next starts Pedro will make a great pitch that someone will hit it. That’s just the breaks. Pedro was the beneficiary of big run support and I’m sure he might have backed off the throttle a little bit in the 5th and tried to work on a few things since he had 11 runs to work with. I heard he was topping out at 92 on the radio. Of course the TV wasn’t showing pitch speed. Comcast has been exceptionally terrible this year.

I can’t stomach ESPN at all but did they say anything about that tool throwing a beer at Victorino last night? I’m sure they didn’t say anything but they probably had their Santa Claus story ready to go if it turned out to be a Phillies fan for some reason.

joed21: I don’t know. In Philly, the ESPN version was blacked out. We got ESPN News. Usually, I like to tune-in to hear all the stupid comments the national broadcasters make about the team like when Joe Morgan said Burrell has good speed.
But yes, if that had happened at CBP we’d be classless fans and should have our franchise revoked. In Chicago it’s probably not a big deal. Just shows you that it happens everywhere, but for some reason we get the spotlight.
Maybe an out-of-towner saw the ESPN broadcast?

As for Pedro, it was kind of a right-handed version of Moyer. Score a ton of runs, give up some base hits, cough up some runs and pitch 5 innings. As of today, the Pedro for Moyer thing is a wash.

please correct me if im wrong, but this goes to show Shane’s lack of baseball IQ. let me preface this by saying i love him, think hes a great player, but really lacks some baseball knowledge and sometimes its glaring.

if shane would have let the ball go, wouldnt Fox be out automatically and no runs advanced? i think that they would have to call fan interference and rule Fox out, and cant see a runner being allowed to advance on the play. instead, shane catches it an allows a run to score.

again, if im wrong please let me know. but thats what i think.

muleman: I was more referring to sportscenter but I forgot that last night was a national broadcast as well. Either way I’m sure nothing was said about it. If it was a Phillies fan it would have been world news.

ryan: I don’t know if Fox would have been ruled out or not but it’s instinct to make the play and that’s what Shane did. I can’t get on him about that. I know he’s not the brightest ballplayer but I can’t question him about last night.

joed: i know its instinct, but to show the brevity of the situation, vic should have let the ball go. just to prove a point. im sure the cubs as a team could care less that the fan did it. had it cost them a run, things might otherwise be different. i hope soriano gets doused next time.

Vic said after the game that the beer hit him just as he caught the ball. So it would have been tough for him to drop it and claim interference.

Ryan: I think the beer being tossed and the catch happened simultaneously. Dont’ know how much time he had to react other than to instinctively catch the ball. Also ESPN did show it during their recap of the game. But didn’t make too much comment about it.

I’m sure if it happened at CBP we would’ve had the whole debate about Philly fans. However, I did hear this morning on WIP, that Chicago police are asking Cubs fan to identify the culprit since they escorted the wrong fan off the field (there were also fans taunting Vic). Here’s a link from the Chicago Tribune about the incident (it was also on the front page of their website)

As I said in the previous posting, I did like the Chicago fans early in the game waving white towels in surrender since at the time the Cubs were losing 12-2. Thought that was a hoot!

muleman, I disagree that Pedro and Moyer are a wash. Yes, Moyer would have probably won that game but the big difference was the quality of pitches. Pedro was throwing strikes and challenging hitters with 90+ fastballs in scoring situations, especially when it was still a game in the first four innings. I think he lost his focus a little after the long 5th inning and that was evident by his walking the pitcher (his only walk, BTW). I expect him to be even better the next time out.
As Pedro said himself, he is…”a cold-blooded person that doesn’t matter how big the game is. ” That’s a pretty good attitude from someone who is essentially your #5 pitcher.

karen, of course they didn’t make a big deal about it. I would like to live away from Philly for a while to see if my feelings would change about the national perception of the fans. There are plenty of fans that deserve the negative comments and I’ve found myself wearing tired of a lot of the idiots that fill CBP nowadays but I love this team and I can’t just let that go.

I disagree joed21. There are idiots in very fanbase, but Philly makes for an easy story. It’s lazy, cowardly journalism and if that had happened in Philly it would have been national news. We’d all be reading stories today about Santa Claus and batteries. Santa Claus happened over 40 years ago and ONE idiot threw a battery at JD Drew, but we are all indicted for throwing snowballs and batteries for the rest of recordable time. It’s BS and, while I’m used to it by now, I am also tired of it.
Isn’t Chicago where fans came out of the stands and attacked the first base coach? Isn’t Chicago where they had to cancel a game because of riots on ‘Disco Night”? Did you read anything about that today? I doubt it.

The amount of idiot Philly fans is probably miniscule. The real true fans are those that gave Happ a standing O when he had his shut-out, cheered furiously when Myers had his at bat against CC Sabathia in the playoffs, gave Cliff Lee a standing O at his first appearance at CBP, etc.

I think they made the proper amount of fuss over the incident. This could lead to folks talking again about Cub fans….don’t forget the infamous fan interfence play.

I know there are idiots in every fanbase. What are you disagreeing with me about? I’m lost.

And karen, that Myers AB vs. CC is one I will never forget. The entire crowd was into every single pitch. I remember looking at my friends as we watched inside the park in awe. Then the Shane grand slam. Of the postseason games I went to that is by far the loudest and greatest time of my life.

Joed21 not disagreeing at all. Not sure why you thought that??

For those like myself stuck at work during today’s game, is having a live chat during the game. Starts at 2:15 pm EST.

I watched the ESPN telecast. They showed 2 or 3 replays, and said it was ‘classless’ and ‘wrong’. They were upset about it, saying there was no place for it and they were glad the fan got ejected…after the game, it came out that the security guards ejected the wrong guy.

That is funny, Todd! I think he was picking on you a bit….very cute. You can pick back at him and ask if he is a reptile (cold-blooded) ;o)


I was just as impressed with his after game press conference as I was with his pitching performance. Thoughtful, heartfelt and insightful. And I understood your question Todd, and actually thought it was a good one. I liked his third person answer even better, it shows an attitude that I think some of our guys sometimes lack.

karen, the disagreeing part of my post was meant for phan. Sorry about that.

jimmy: I liked Pedro’s interview during the telecast after he was lifted. He knows the game and he’s just as heady as Jamie is. You don’t win as many games as he has by not knowing what you are doing. Let’s hope he builds on last night’s performance. I’m confident he can.

The Old Goat may be back AND the young stud is making a run .
Michael Taylor is proving to be the REAL deal ( 5 for 5) and hitting for “cycle”.
Here’s the key that tells you so, At every level of higher competition he comes into, his numbers get better. He’s got to be on this team , next year ( to be phased in as a starter ). Stairs is gone and the Phils already have Dobbs as a lefty hitting Bench outfielder.

phan52: I said, “As of today, Pedro and Moyer are a wash.” Moyer’s ERA in the first 4 innings is under 2.00 this season. In the 5th and 6th it climbs to 4.50. In his last 7 starts he’s 4-3, pitched 5+ innings each time, gave up an average of 6 hits and 3 runs. For the season, he gets a little over 5 runs per game scored for him. Doesn’t that sound a lot like what Pedro gave us last night? It does.
Pedro has to improve for the move to be effective. Right now, it’s the same #5 starter.

Good article from The Sporting News making sure Chicago doesn’t get off easy for their latest black eye.,_overshadows_pedros_return_

I agree that as of now it is a wash between Moyer and Pedro. But Pedro showed he deserves at least one if not two more starts. For his 1st MLB start in almost a year, I didn’t expect much more than this. I knew they would keep him to around 99-100 pitches too. The next 1-2 games will be the real test. Here’s hoping Lee is his usual brillant self and Dempster is his usual mediocre self and we get a nice sweep to send us in Atlanta!!

Ryan…, how can you find fault in what Shane did regardless of whether the beer hit him before the ball got there?!!! And all of you guys who didn’t criticize him…shame on you!! The unps should’ve held the runner on second. The guy on third was going to score anyway. But if you expect a guy who gets hit by 2-story waves to flinch when beer hits him, you’re crazy!

Lost in all the Pedro mania is another “lights out” performance by Chan Ho Park. He is quietly becoming the most reliable middle innings guy we have seen in quite some time. Just thought he deserved a shout out.

muleman, all you had to do was watch the game and the quality of the pitches to understand that Pedro and Moyer are not a ‘wash’. It was his first start in almost a year so your numbers don’t really matter. I’ll assume that you didn’t see it and are just looking at a boxscore because Pedro was attacking hitters, something the Ancient Mariner can only dream about.

And joed, I thought your comment about ‘idiots at CBP’ was a shot at the fanbase in general. Sorry about that.

I was hoping Park could pitch the 9th so he could register a save. His pitch count was very low, like 25 pitches.

Funny how no one is posting about J-Roll’s advise to Raul just before he broke his long RBI drought with that 3-run homer. ESPN showed it over and over. I guess you guys missed that. Now maybe Jimmy can help fix Ryan’s woes…..

I wonder if Cliff Lee is thinking: “Hey, where’s my run support?”

Sorry for the last statement Phils… I think Cliff may be this year’s CC, except he WON”T collapse in the playoffs!

Cliff Lee won’t have to carry the team in the regular season like CC did for the Brewers last year. No pitching on three days rest.

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