Victorino Files Complaint

victorino beer catch.jpgShane Victorino never felt the beer or the cup hit him as he made the catch.

A Cubs fan threw a full beer on Victorino as he made a catch at the left-center field wall in the fifth inning last night in 12-5 victory over the Cubs at Wrigley Field. Victorino only realized what happened after the fact.

“I didn’t even know it was happening,” Victorino said. “It didn’t affect me at all.”

Victorino said he does not want to press charges, but he said would file a complaint with Chicago police. He has since filed that complaint. The Cubs also filed a complaint with the fan.

The fan could be charged with assault.

“We’ll look for him, and we’ll hand it over to police,” Victorino said. “If I file a complaint, they’ll at least go get the guy. If I press charges, he gets arrested. He’s probably at home laughing right now watching all these replays, ‘Ah, they got the wrong guy. I got away with it.'”

Cubs security pulled the wrong fan from the stands because he appeared to pointing at Victorino after it happened.

“We’re going to get the right guy,” Victorino said.

Victorino later said on the field, “I hope he gets to understanding that you can’t do stuff like that. If it happens on the streets, I don’t think he’d be walking too far with something like that happening in the streets. It’s just not something that you do. The big picture is this guy should be held accountable.”

Update (7 p.m.): Chicago police said a man believed to have dumped the beer on Victorino has turned himself in. Chicago police detectives entered the Phillies clubhouse following the team’s 6-1 victory over the Cubs. Victorino declined comment.

Update (10 p.m.): We’ve got a name!


Photo courtesy of Chicago Sun-Times.


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“If it happens on the streets, I don’t think he’d be walking too far with something like that happening in the streets.”

Love this quote. What he is saying is that if he passed this idiot in the street and he did the same thing he would catch a beatdown.

This guy from Wrigley and the ‘laser’ guy from CBP if caught should get a lifetime ban from all major league stadiums!

This guy from Wrigley and the ‘laser’ guy from CBP if caught should get a lifetime ban from all major league stadiums!

Shane’s comments are eerie, as the sad event that happened a couple of weeks ago in the parking lot at CBP was precipitated by a spilled beer. I hope they catch this guy and throw the book at him.

Some of the fans there should have pointed him out. I know if I was aware of who was using the laser pointer at CBP during the Cardinals game that I would have turned him/her in.

there is a picture of the drunk idiot on the sporting news site. (link in previous thread) I hope he meets Shane one night walking down the street with a beer in his hand.

So now that Cliff Lee is 3-0 with the Phillies and has an ERA of 1.12, I just want to say to all those who thought he was a poor second to Roy Halladay, how do you like him now?🙂 How sweep it is! Look out Braves, we’re coming for you next.

I am one who wanted Halladay and I don’t take that back. My biggest concern was the ‘lefty’ aspect of our starting staff. But I don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. This guy is a stud.

I was surprised to see him go out for the 8th inning since he was already at about 110 pitches, but if that’s what he does I can get used to it. Plus he works faster than any Phillie starter since Carlton. Hamels should take note of a real ‘ace’.

I also posted some pics of the idiot on my blog, with a little addition to his t-shirt…
Hamels still has time to gather the experience that Lee has… also surprised he went out for the 8th inning… amazing, 23 plus innings for the Phillies allowed 3 runs as apitcher, has 3 hits with 2 doubles as a hitter…
Outside the Phillies Looking In

Looks like the Cubs team is as bad as the Cubs Security force , after today’s game.

Maybe the guy who threw beer on Shane is the same guy who flashed the laser pointer at CBP. A Met fan, most likely.

Wow, they serve Bud (made in St. Louis) at Wrigley Field. No wonder they can never win a WS! lol

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