Colvin Signed

The Phillies have signed right-hander Brody Colvin, their seventh-round pick in this year’s First-Year Player Draft, Phillies assistant general manager Benny Looper confirmed to

Reports have Colvin signing a $900,000 contract.

The Phillies signed each of their draft picks in the top 10 rounds.


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A 7th-round pick gets $900,000?! Geez, I’m going to stop feeling sorry for the minor leaguers who never make it to the Bigs!

Sometimes you have to investigate the circumstances. Sometimes it is a player that nobody expected to sign this year and could have been a first round pick. The Phillies got Dominic Brown in the 20th round because everybody assumed that he was going to play college football at Miami. I’m sure he got a decent bonus.

This kid is just out of high school so I assume the Phillies had to up the ante.

Reports are that Colvin is a late 1st or high 2nd rounder talent-wise. He ONLY lasted to the 7th because of anticipated signability problems related to his agent and other issues. The Phillies get CREDIT for taking a draft risk on the kid and then over-paying him in recognition of his ACTUAL talent worth. Another good job by the Phils front office. These guys DO spend the money ( for worthwhile talent) and should get credit for doing so.

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