Billy Says No, Phillies Say No

wagner 0821.jpgBilly Wagner
doesn’t need the Phillies, and the Phillies don’t need Billy Wagner.

The Mets, who are practically eliminated from postseason contention, put Wagner on waivers Wednesday for the possibility of trading him before the end of the season. A mystery team claimed Wagner on Friday — a report has the Red Sox being that team – but the Phillies said they are not it.

That’s OK with Wagner.

“It would have been tough to go back there,” said Wagner, who has a complete no-trade clause. “You’re never as good as you were. I don’t know if it would have been good. I love Charlie (Manuel). I love their team. All the guys there, but it would’ve been tough.”


“It’s hard to pitch in Philadelphia,” he said. “Plus, you’re coming back from Tommy John. It’s a little bit different.”

Tough because of the ballpark or tough because of the fans?

“Both,” he said. “I’m trying to work back.”

Wagner is owed $2.7 million in salary, plus an additional $1 million to buyout his 2010 club option. So the Phillies wouldn’t want Wagner anyway.

“Under the circumstances with his salary, we would not be able to place that kind of salary on our club,” Amaro said. “We don’t have $3 million to pull out of a tree.”

But besides the salary, the Phillies expect to have Brett Myers, J.C. Romero and Clay Condrey returning from the disabled list on or after Sept. 1, once the team can expand its roster.

“I’ll take those three guys,” Amaro said. “That’s like making a trade for three guys.”

Amaro said Myers, who made his first rehab appearance Thursday, felt fine Friday, but he said the team has not determined when Myers will make his next rehab appearance.


Pedro Martinez met with the New York media this afternoon. He touched on many of the same topics as before, but he offered some new insight on joining the Phillies.

“It’s a great feeling to go to a team like this,” he said. “And you know what? This team really surprised me. This team, as intense as they are on the field, it doesn’t reflect the type of calm they have in the clubhouse. How relaxed that whole team is. How relaxed everybody is. How simple they do it as far as going about their business. It’s very simple. Everybody gets dressed and everybody goes about their business. When they come out there it seems like they know they’re going to win. It’s a great feeling to go out there realizing your team is pretty much on top of the other team by the time you step out.”


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I don’t think Philly could handle having Wagner and Vick in town at the same time. One idiot from Virginia who never showed up in big games is enough.

Glad to hear Wags has the sense not to want to return to Philly even though he’d be coming to the WFC team. Heard on the broadcast tonight that he’d like to go the Nationals (so he could work near where he lives).

Hamels looking a bit medicore tonight. Sorry our boys could do anything with RISP tonight. Hopefully they take the rest of the series. Can’t wait to see Pedro pitch on Sunday.

And when exactly was the LAST time that Wagner had a GOOD year anyway? Was it 2006 or 2007? It’s 2009 now, so who cares. Besides, he displayed no character on his way out of town anyway. And in a pressure situation, Wagner’s lack of character is not needed or wanted.

One of my fondest memories of the 2007 season was the 4 game series with the Mets in early September which the Phillies swept, thanks to a come-from-behind win in the final game when the Mets tried to bring in Wagner for a 2 inning save and he blew it. No real surprise here, nobody actually thought the Phils would claim a 38 year old coming off Tommy John, and nobody thought that Wagner would ever agree to come back to Philly. We could use some bullpen help but we have Myers on the way and I wouldn’t call Wagner “help.”

Is Cole Hamels a one hit wonder?

I’m sick of Wagner ripping the fans. Of course he wants to go to Washington – no pressure and they don’t have a fan base. Maybe it’s tough to pitch here because you stink?

The only problem I have with Wagner is not dissimilar to that which I have with many posters here: is he a whiner or a wiener.

Interesting pic. Do we think Wags and Moyer, are ripping Phils admin.

Last night’s game. Yeah, I have to mention it…….I lost count of how many times Chase or Dubee walked to the mound to calm Hamels down. He has GOT to get rid of that attitude! I really think it affected the whole team. Yes, I know the offense should back the starter up. Especially if he’s struggling. But sometimes human nature just kicks in. Negativity breeds negativity.

I can’t believe that Wagner coming to Philly was even a distant thought. He burned his bridge back to Philly a long time ago…For tonight’s game, Todd, please remind those you can to lay off Redding’s high cheese. He always gets the Phils out by having them chase balls up and out of the strike zone

phylan……That was my favorite memory of ’07, too! One of the few times Chase actually showed any emotion on the field. He gave a little fist pump, running down the baseline. LOL! They’ve showed that play multiple times, in highlight reels. J.Roll even mentioned it in an interview a couple of weeks ago. Said that was really the turning point in the team realizing they could be champions. I even have it saved on my DVR! Maybe I’ll watch it today, to wash out the bitter taste of last night’s game.

If Wagner thinks he is safe from fan scrutiny because he is not coming to Philly, wait until he blows his first save in Boston. He belongs the anonymity of a place like KC where he won’t get many chances anyway and, if he does, nobody will notice. He’s a big baby.

And Cole Hamels is now #5 on the rotation hit list. Hell, maybe #6.

I would agree with Norma. Hamels tends to self-destruct after one little thing goes wrong for him. His negativity is bringing the rest of the team down with him and the subtle mental errors of some of the other players are obvious. Instead of just relaxing, some of these guys think they have to do something spectacular to pull the team back up. Of course they should, but not at the expense of someone whose showing his immaturity at 25. I think most of his issue is mental and not mechanical, although one affects the other. Maybe he’s worried about the birth of his kid. McNabb blamed the Baltimore performance on the birth of his. I don’t think Dubee is the best situation for Hamels, but I wont trash him because he coaches Happ. Two different personalities and two different results. As for Wagner, didn’t he leave with a bang.

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