Homer Happy

The Phillies have a chance to become just the 12th team in baseball history to have a foursome each with 30-plus home runs.

Ryan Howard: 32
Jayson Werth: 28
Raul Ibanez: 27
Chase Utley: 25

Here are the others:

  • 2006 White Sox: Joe Crede, Jermaine Dye, Paul Konerko, Jim Thome
  • 2004 Cubs: Moises Alou, Derrek Lee, Aramis Ramirez, Sammy Sosa
  • 2000 Angels: Garret Anderson, Troy Glaus, Tim Salmon, Mo Vaughn
  • 2000 Blue Jays: Tony Batista, Jose Cruz Jr., Carlos Delgado, Brad Fullmer
  • 1999 Rockies: Dante Bichette, Vinny Castilla, Todd Helton, Larry Walker
  • 1998 Braves: Andres Galarraga, Andruw Jones, Chipper Jones, Javy Lopez
  • 1997 Rockies: Ellis Burks, Castilla, Galarraga, Walker
  • 1997 Dodgers: Eric Karros, Raul Mondesi, Mike Piazza, Todd Zeile
  • 1996 Rockies: Bichette, Burks, Castilla, Galarraga
  • 1995 Rockies: Bichette, Castialla, Galarraga, Walker
  • 1977 Dodgers: Dusty Baker, Ron Cey, Steve Garvey, Reggie Smith


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Chase Utley….”You are the Man” hit #26 this evening into Utley’s Corner of Citifield. Nice to finally see the offense come alive. Of course leaving the bases loaded twice wasn’t too spectactular. Happ continues to be impressive.

Nice also to get a “W” on my birthday especially against the Mutts🙂

Hau’oli la hanau, karen62. Always nice to celebrate a Phillies win on your birthday. Good game tonite. Great to see Raul making some good contact. Another “Werth Two” (W2) play coming in from right again — he really has been consistent with that double play of his. Quite a few nice defensive plays tonite and Happ is really a joy to watch. 10-2. Nice!

Chase owns Citifield!

Happy Birthday, Karen!

Todd, Check out when was the last time an entire starting lineup has hit double numbers in home runs. The Phillies are 3 away from this: one each from Victorino and Feliz and two 2 from Ruiz.

Is it a coincidence that most of these quartets span the tail years of the Steroid Generation?

pherrisphain, I think the Yankees have already done that this year….

Karen62, late Happy Birthday to you. I hope you get your birthday wish….especially if it’s a WSC repeat for the Phils!

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