What is Going On Here?

hamels 0821.jpgThere are six weeks to go and Cole Hamels is the fourth-best pitcher in the Phillies rotation.

Nobody could have predicted that before the season started.

But after Hamels allowed 10 hits and four runs in five innings in last night’s 4-2 loss to the Mets, he is 7-8 with a 4.78 ERA.

That’s the fifth-highest ERA in the National League. Only Livan Hernandez (5.47 ERA), Jamie Moyer (5.22 ERA), Ricky Nolasco (5.22 ERA) and Braden Looper (4.95 ERA) are higher.

His .285 opponents average is ninth highest in the league.

“I’ve always been a step ahead, and right now I’m neck and neck,” Hamels said. “I might have a good game or a good inning, but you really have to put it together, pitch by pitch, inning by inning, to make it a good game. And then you have to back it up with another good game and another good game. Like what our other four starters are doing. For some odd reason, I’m the one that’s bringing them down. I don’t like that fact at all.”


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From previous post…….I lost count of how many times Chase or Dubee walked to the mound to calm Hamels down. He has GOT to get rid of that attitude! I really think it affected the whole team. Yes, I know the offense should back the starter up. Especially if he’s struggling. But sometimes human nature just kicks in. Negativity breeds negativity.

And I love Charlie, but I am soooo sick of him saying that both Hamels and Lidge will “come around”! He might be right. But he also might be trying to talk himself into it.

Post-season rotation? Lee, Blanton, Happ, ????

Norma; I agree. Cole’s body language this whole season has been very “UnCole like”. He can’t seem to get into his zen like mode and find his location. As for Manuel sticking with him and Lidge, in Lidge’s case I’m not sure he has many other options. My Dad & I thought maybe Cole should take a trip to LV ala Myers. But not sure what it would do for his psyche.

Enough already with the Hamels bashing. Cole is struggling. Everyone seems to forget he is a young pitcher He’s never really struggled before. He’s trying to figure it out. Last year was a dream. No pressure. No expectatons. No issues. This year …. they figured him out. He hit a wall. He’s had to overcome all the added “issues” from the WS. ( Extra innings pitched/MVP crap.) DOES THIS SUCK?… YES!! but what is the alternative? Send him down? 6 weeks to go … Is that really going to help? If he’s our 4th starter than he’s our 4th starter. WE NEED TO STOP THINKING ABOUT WHAT HE WAS LAST YEAR AND ACCEPT HIM FOR WHAT HE IS NOW. (4TH STARTER!) Our offense is just going to have to carry him for the rest of the season. Does this affect our chances for repeat …. PROBABLY. However everyone was on the Hamels bandwagon last year when life was good … we can’t trash/bash him now when it gets a little difficult. Cole is a good pitcher. I have faith he will turn it around … it just might not be this season ….

mvrk98……..I agree with most of your points. And I’m not writing Hamels’ career off. My point is, he has to start staying calmer on the mound. Not let his emotions show so much. You can tell how frustrated he is. And that’s just making any control/location issues all that much worse. Not to mention the advantage it gives the opposing hitters. He needs to take some lessons from Happ.

Cole will return to form I think. He’s got to not let small things get to him that much on the mound. He loses his cool and starts to throw as opposed to ‘pitch’ –

He needs to set a better pace for himself also, he seems a little rushed out there to me. We’ll see what happens next start, with Cliff Lee now the Phils ace, this can be a distraction to Cole as well.



karen: Right now, Lee, Happ, Blanton. I have WS game 3 tix coming and figuring on “Heavy B,” but that’s looking too far ahead. Right now, Cole is, as Danny Ozark used to say, “In a mix-up.” He has a month to get his *** in gear.

mvrk98: I too agree with what you said. My point about being sent to LV was to help with his location and demure a bit. It certainly helped Myers last year. However, I do know that with the season quickly winding to a close that probably isn’t going to happen. I’m just looking for a way for to be a bit more focused and to regain his location.

Muleman: I hope you do get to see “Heavy B” aka Hay Hauling Dude (as Mitchie poo likes to call him). I agree with your rotation especially after watching Happ tonight not only get his 10th win, but pitch 7 innings and only 1 earned run. He continually is able to get himself out of jams. He’s really been fun to watch.

muleman……I have WS game 3 tix coming too! Maybe we can meet up for a beer. 🙂

Norma: I also have Division series home game 2 and LCS Home game 3 “as well” [Sarge]. Benny the Bums? I’m on the “net:

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