Bruntlett Turns Three

bruntlett 0823.jpgEric Brunlett‘s unassisted triple play today at Citi Field might have been one of the most incredible things I’ve seen in baseball.

It is just the 14th unassisted triple play in baseball history. It is only the second unassisted triple play to end the game. The first came May 31, 1927, when Tigers first baseman John Neun turned one against the Cleveland Indians.

“It’s hard to know how to react to it,” Bruntlett siad. “I was almost laughing. That doesn’t happen. What do you do there? Game is over. High fives.”

It was the Phillies’ first triple play since Sept. 12, 2007, against Colorado. It was the first unassisted triple play since Mickey Morandini turned one Sept. 20, 1992 against the Pirates.

“It’s crazy (stuff),” Jeff Francoeur said. “That’s all I’ve got to say.”


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just when you think Lidge is about to turn a corner, today happens.

Can’t really blame that one on Lidge. Howard should’ve had that “triple” for out number one, Bruntlett booted the second out, and if Bruntlett had fielded the third one cleanly the runner would’ve been out at second. Lidge’s stuff looked good, besides the line drive he surrendered which fortunately was right at Bruntlett for that awesome unassisted triple play.

Yeah, as much as I’d like to pin this on Lidge, his defense let him down. That liner off Francouer’s bat would have been big trouble if not for Eric covering second. Sometimes you need a break. Now, it’s up to Cliff Lee to seal it up on Monday.
I’ll be there, so if you don’t hear from me, you’ll know I’ve been sadistically beaten by Mets fans.

Werth will get that one on Monday.

I’m actually pretty impressed that Lidge kept his head and didn’t fall apart when he was pitching well and the guys behind him were failing to field routine ground balls. Brunlett redeemed himself in a big way.

And Werth is now just one HR away from joining Howard in the 30 club.

muleman: just make sure you land more punches than this guy:

Ryan Howard never touched that shot down the first base line, it was on him so fast. I don’t think that was an error. Lidge was lucky that the Mets players were on the move and Bruntlett was covering second. Lidge is living on a ledge.

Ironic how they panned into the dugout and you saw Utley on the bench after Brunlett bobbled the ball. How crazy is it that BRUNTLETT makes an unassisted triple play?!? I betcha in a few years he’s the answer to a “Dodge Stump the Fans Trivia Question”. You certainly can’t blame Lidge for this one. If the defense behind him was its usual stellar self, none of this would’ve happened. Maybe that’s a good thing!

Don’t forget that Randy Ready almost pulled off an unassisted triple play on April 28, 1991, one year prior to Morandini’s. Ready caught a line drive and stepped on second base. But he opted to throw the ball to first rather than tag the runner standing right in front of him, doubling him off. Otherwise, Bruntlett’s play today would have been the THIRD unassisted triple play in Phillies history.

We are now 3 starts into Pedro’s tenure. let’s see how he really compares to Moyer’s previous 3 starts (realizing that Pedro had one rain delayed game where Moyer releived, we’ll use 2 starts and that game for the comparison).

Pedro (2-0): 14IP, 16H, 8R, 8ER, 2BBs, 13K, 5.14 ERZ
Moyer (1-2): 16 IP, 19H, 9R, 8er, 5BBS, 9Ks, 4.50 era

If we throw out wins and losses (some people’s favorite occupation) we can say that Pedro has had a bit better control and strikes out more, while Moyer has allowed fewer runs per inning. I think it’s fair to say Pedro hasn’t been light’s out so far. in fact, he’s been very Moyer-esque. To me, they’re the exact same and I would put Pedro in the pen since we know that Moyer can’t pitch in relief(how many rain delays where he’ll have half hour notice to warm up will there be?)

Pedro hasn’t pitched enough yet to make that kind of judgement and there is no need ot rush it anyway. If you watch the games, it is obvious that he is a better pitcher and has much more upside than Moyer. And Pedro does not have to rely on the ‘umpire de jour’ to get favorable calls on the size of the strike zone on any given day. He throws strikes.
Yesterday was an odd day for Pedro, pitching against the Mets, so there’s that also. But when he settled down, he put them down easily for the last three innings and could have easily gone seven innings.

I’m not saying he hasn’t been a decent pitcher. I’m suggesting that the upside of pedro isn’t enough to warrent carrying Moyer with no way to use him, unles it rains. Having Moyer start and Pedro in the pen seems to make sense. He can’t complain, he head his cahnce and didn’t out preform Moyer significantly enough and Pedro HAS pitched from teh Pen.

Pedro last pitched from the ‘pen in 1993. Since then he has a total of 2 appearances that weren’t starts, that being 10 years ago. Get over it. The debate is over. He’s the #5.

Yeah, I gotta agree with what others have said FIJ, Pedro hasn’t really had a chance. I’m sure the rain delay upset his rythm. He needs one more start before a fair review can be done.

&nsbp;&nsbp;&nsbp;&nsbp;&nsbp;Pedro hasn’t “had his chance,” he’s had 3 starts. You’ve also conveniently omitted the other 19 starts which make Moyer’s ERA 5.22.
&nsbp;&nsbp;&nsbp;&nsbp;&nsbp;Yes, he’s hasn’t pitched spectacularly, but Pedro has the stuff and the velocity to get himself out of jams, and Moyer simply doesn’t. In any case, I’d rather have Moyer in the pen with “no way to use him” (I wouldn’t say that’s true anyway) than be using him to sink us early in games.

haha woops, I misspell my HTML now I guess, oh well.

okay, 3 starts isn’t enough to go by? How many are, and what will we consider “significant improvement” over Moyers? I don’t believe we’ve reached the point where we dont’ want Moyer in teh rotation even at the cost of a worse option, or an equal one, have we? That’s what you seem to be saying Phylan.

I have to ask what may be a very stupid question… Or I’m just not creative enough at the moment to figure out it…

How does a first baseman turn a triple play?

out runs the guy back to second?

FIJ, 3 starts when one is a rain shortened one is not enough. In addition, the 1st start was his first back in the majors and I’m sure he had some rust and was probably on a lower pitch count. I think at least 3 full games, and I would say 4, would be right and fair. And lets face it, that inside the park homer yesterday was not Pedro’s fauly. Victorino just made a stupid play. At best that was a double, but Pedro gets the credit for it since it wasn’t ruled an error.

Pedro seems to pitch as well as he has to. So far he looks like he’s saving his best stuff for when he really needs it. I’d like to see Pedro pitch in a game where the Phils don’t score him any runs for 5-6 innings. I think he would pitch well enough to keep them in the game. But we may never find out because he seems to have inherited Jamie’s run-support as well as his spot in the rotation.

debindixie, you obviously don’t know a thing about “ground rules”. The rules for Citifield state that if a ball gets stuck under the padding of the outfield fence, it’s a ground-rule double. The fault should go to Raul who stupidly picked it up and threw it. In New York City, you don’t want to stick your hand under any blind spot in a public place. Rats, roaches, sharp screws, nails, illegal aliens, who knows what could have been hidden under and behind that padding.

That was great! I was able to see Ryan’s 3-run jack during my break at work.

f_i_j How about never because we won’t need Moyer or Martinez in the rotation for the playoffs anyway? It’s way too early to say that Pedro is a worse option for the rest of the regular season.

Actually Erich, the ground rules state that if the ball gets stuck the umpires will rule if the ball is not played. In other words, after the play finished the umpires would decided if the play should stand or if it should be a GRD. The ground rules should be changed to state that if the ball rolls under the wall padding it WILL be a ground rule double, and not give teh umps the option of ruling differently. This is why Raul played it. Charlie was angry at Victorino for not having played it, but insinuated that it was a problem with the ground rules.

The second Raul played the ball he eliminated any chance that it would be a ground rule double. By the time he picked it up there was no chance to throw out Pagan anyway, so he should’ve just stood there and not touched it.

I agree that the samrt play at that point would have been to leave it, however, if the ground rules were clearer then it would have been a GRD immidiately, same as if it bounced over teh wall or if a fan had grabbed it. By leaving it to the discretion of the umpires the players are at a loss as to what to do, play it or leave it (which is why Charlie wanted Shane to play it immidiately and not stand there watching it)

Oh, I see what you’re saying. Yeah they should change the ground rule to be an automatic ground rule double, or fill in the padding since it’s stupid there’s a gap there anyway.

FYI, on SportsCenter, they said that in the Bank it is an automatic GRD, however it is NOT automatic in Citifield. Honestly, it wasn’t that far under and he should have played it. When it doubt, assume the ball is live and play it as such. Either way, it would have been a double and not a HR.

exactly Phylan and Deb. Players shouldn’t have to make judgement calls on whether a ball is in play or not and have that judgelment determine this. Imagine if dropping a foul ball made it fair etc. I agree that it is stupid for there to be a gap but that’s life. If it rolls under and doesn’t bounce back out, it should be a GRD. End of question.

When was the last game which featured both a inside the park HR and a triple play? Stat freaks?

FIJ, I think ESPN said the last time that happened was in 1988.

What’s wrong with the Phils’ defense. They’re playing like the Marlins or D-backs. I guess even Mutt fans need to thrown a bone or two. Nevertheless, if they play defense like this in the playoffs, they won’t get far.

Interesting to see Rollins replacing Bruntlett today and playing shortstop in the ninth inning. Lidge’s stuff looked very good today, but they did have a four run lead.

No doubt this is just a another one of those games for the Mets, but why was Manuel calling a hit and run with 2 on and no outs down by 2 in the 9th? He overplayed his hand, he got greedy and he payed for it.
– NYColeman

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