Rollins Returns to MVP Form

rollins makes history.jpgRemember way back when Jimmy Rollins could not buy a hit and he found himself on the bench four consecutive games in Tampa Bay and Toronto?

They were bad times for the 2007 National League MVP. He had hit just .205 with six home runs, 27 RBIs, a .250 on-base percentage and a .319 slugging percentage through July 1. Fans screamed for Charlie Mauel to drop him in the lineup, especially as he suffered through a career-worst 0-for-28 slump. That slump lasted 14 days and 12 games until he snapped it July 2 in Atlanta.

But since he snapped his hitless streak, Rollins has put up numbers comparable to 2007.

He enters tonight’s series opener against the Pirates hitting .300 (60-for-200) with 18 doubles, 2 triples, 9 home runs, 31 RBIs, 35 runs scored and 13 stolen bases since July 2. He has a .345 on-base percentage and a .545 slugging percentage.

Other numbers to consider:

  • The Phillies are 23-4 when he has scored a run since July 2.
  • Shane Victorino (.345) is the only Phillies player hitting better than him in that span.
  • Only Ryan Howard (14) and Jayson Werth (14) have hit more homers.
  • Only Howard (44) and Werth (36) have more RBIs.
  • Only Chase Utley (37) and Victorino (36) have scored more runs.
  • Only Werth (.589) and Howard (.586) have a higher slugging percentage.
  • He leads the team in doubles.
  • He has hit .333 with runners in scoring position.

To put Rollins’ numbers since July 2 into comparison, he hit .296 with a .344 on-base percentage and a .531 slugging percentage in 2007. In other words, he has been playing at his 2007 level for nearly two months.


Brett Myers is expected to pitch tomorrow for Double-A Reading.

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Todd, thanks for the stats. We all knew J-Roll was on a Roll, but the stats verify it. It’s nice to not have to read posts that blast Jimmy’s talent or character anymore.

Also, not surprisingly, the Phils have been 33-13 since that day. We were tied for First in the NL East with the Fish. Now the Fish have sunk so low, you can hardly smell them. It’s amazing what a difference one player improving can make. Now it’s Cole and Brad’s turn!

Hey erichh, becareful what you say. Let’s not taunt the baseball gods. Yes the Fish have fallen back but we play them an AWEFUL lot in Sept. And in the final two weeks of the season we play them like 6 times. And they have shown they can beat us head to head. So let’s not get cocky. If we still have a seven game lead come say Sept 25th, then I’ll feel better. But so far, so good.

debindixie, you’re right. My apologies BBGs. Although if the Phils can’t beat the Marlins right before they go into the playoffs, they won’t get through the first round anyway. That final Fishy series will be a great warm-up for the playoff run. It’s at home, which helps ‘cos the Phils will be playing the first two games of the NLDS at home.

Timely post, Todd.

phylan, you can post that again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe is throwing way too many pitches this early in the game. Maybe Jamie will come in in the 6th, or earlier.

Yeah, but I think Joe could probably do the 6th, he’s only at 70 something right now. I’d rather avoid Moyer altogether.

Wow…. Jimmy didn’t hit three in a row. He must be in a slump. lol

I pray that I live long enough to see a day when we don’t count pitches and post the number on the scoreboard.
There used to be a meaningful statistic called the Earned Run Average. It’s the number of runs allowed per nine innings. That was when starting pitchers would often (if not routinely) pitch into the blessed 9th inning. Now, the ERA is loosely translated as “Runs Per Two Starts.”

Damn, one more out Joe😦. Oh well, Phillies should be able to convert 6 innings 3 ER if they want to be playoff-caliber

Apparently, Joe was saving his arm for throwing stuff out of the dugout. Best pitch of the night.

Well I take back all of that stuff I said about Lidge’s stuff looking better.

Is it too late to send Brad to the Iron Pigs for a little Brett Myers treatment?

It’s over, release Lidge! Thanks for last year but it’s not happening this year. What a waste, he is destroying wins for this team by himself. The starting pitching is great, the offense is unreal, there is not an easy out in that entire lineup, the defense is stellar. And yet, Lidge is ruining it. Lidge is done, he can’t close. He can’t close. I don’t want to hear people say, “well, what is the alternative?” He ERA is over 7! Is there anybody else on the staff that has an ERA under 7? There is? OK, that’s your alternative!!!!! ERA of 7! Anything is better! Put anybody out there, anybody! I don’t want the tombstone on this season to be, “What Could Have Been”. That is where we are going with Lidge. It’s Mitch Williams all over again. Except, is there anybody out there who thinks we can even get to the WS with Lidge? He saved 7 games in the post season last year. If he blows those, they don’t win. Anybody else, anybody!!!

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