Get Your Playoff Tickets

The Phillies enter tonight’s series opener against the Giants with a 7 ½ game lead in the National League East.

In preparation for potential postseason games, registration has begun for postseason ticket opportunities at Fans who register through noon Sept. 16 will be eligible to win an opportunity to purchase playoff tickets to the National League Division Series, NL Championship Series or World Series at Citizens Bank Park. Registration will continue after Sept. 16 for the NLCS and World Series.

All 2009 season ticket holders received postseason ticket options in August.

The Phillies said names will be randomly selection for the registration list. Winners will have the opportunity to purchase up to three tickets to one pre-determined postseason game.


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Season holders who pay prior to September 10 will have an additional option to purchase tickets. I paid for mine today. OUCH. $610 for two tickets to 3 games. What a racket. Also entered the lottery online. Last year, I “won” the opportunity to purchase LCS game 6 tickets.
Those are the kinds of lotteries I win. “Congratulations, you’re eligable to spend more money.”
Lucky me.

This might make you feel better, muleman…….$905 for 3 tickets! Which games did you get? Mine are….Home game 2 for the Division series, Home game 3 for the League series, and game 3 for the WS.

I’m jealous……..

norma: We got the same games as you, but you must have better seats. I think the prime WS tix are $225. Ours are $150 which will be upstairs, no doubt.
With all the new season ticket holders this year, I’d guess that the ticket lottery will be pretty slim pickings.

My WS tix are $155.00. The difference in the totals, is that I have 3 seats.

Maybe we can meet up for a beer, before one of the games.

norma: Yes, ours are $155 too. Just checked. I think last year’s were $150. So much for the “tough economy!”
I’m always up for beer! My friend and I don’t go to the games together (he lives in PA I live in NJ) and I’m compulsively early. I get to regular season games at 5:00!
Benny the Bums is an option, or we could meet in the ballpark.

I’m compulsively early, and always at CBP at 5:00, too! LOL! How about meeting at the park, or McFaddens?

Hey everbody! I don’t know if it’s just me, but I picked up some bad vibes watching the game with the way they lost tonight. I get chills up and down my spine with the thought of1964. Please tell me this cannot be the beginnings of a major slump. It’s those seeing-eye singles usually but with the Phillies hitting and pitching degenerate totally.As with the beginning of this evening’s game,their hit was the first in 17 innings. I’m of the feeling this is not indicative of a play-off contending team, do you know what I mean? Won’t be long, will it?? C’mon guys, you’re better than that……….

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