Myers Is Back, Victorino Tries the Dark Helmet Look

myers closer.jpgBrett Myers
is back.

He is back, but he won’t be on the active roster until tomorrow night’s series opener in Houston. He will be in the bullpen, pitching in the sixth and seventh innings to start. If he does well, you will see him in the later innings, especially if Brad Lidge struggles or needs a day off.

“I’m ready for whatever,” Myers said. “Once I’m on that roster, it’s in (Charlie Manuel‘s) hands.”

Asked about potentially closing, Myers said, “Well, let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. That’s how I feel about it. Brad’s the closer here, and I wish him well and I’m pulling for him every night. If he is sore one day or if he’s thrown three days in a row or something, there’s plenty of guys down there that can jump in that spot and do it. I don’t necessarily have to be the guy that does it, but it’s always fun to do. But I just want ot get my feet underneath me and get a couple of games in before I’m ready to do the major stuff, I guess.”

You have to wonder what would have happened had Myers never gotten hurt. Do they make the Cliff Lee trade? Do they only go after Pedro Martinez? Maybe the stars aligned so the Phillies would add Lee and Martinez and the bullpen would add Myers.

“They’re definitely stronger,” Myers said of the rotation. “I just wish I would have had a better hip to be able to pitch a little better in the rotation. You take what you can get. I was dealt a semi-unforuntate hand, but I’m glad it worked out the way it did.”


I said Tuesday on Twitter that David Wright looked like Spaceballs’ Dark Helmet in his new batting helmet, which he wore after suffering a concussion. Like I always say, safety first. But still … those helmets are HUGE. Well, Shane Victorino is giving the new helmets a shot tonight. He has traded in his trademark double-flapped helmet for a pair of single-flapped helmets that are able to withstand baseballs thrown at 100 mph.

Like Tiny Elvis would say, “Look at that helmet, man. That thing’s huge.”


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Wow, I wish I could have seen that game live, but I had to work. I can’t wait to go home and watch the game on tape. Pedro rolls back the clock ten years. Brad Lidge getting out of a do-or-die jam. Thank you MLB Network!

What a game tonight!!!

The “Old Goat” out pitches the youngster! This was a great series. Pedro was way better than expected. Werth’s HR I think could be seen in NJ! Nice to take the series from a potential playoff team.

Hard to say that 11 strikeouts was “out pitched” but it looked pretty good from section 106. We held our breath when Lidge came in, but he squirmed out of it.
Still, nice to be home before 10 pm with a win!

That hit Lidge gave up was a little bleeder that barely made it out of the infield too, so I wouldn’t put that on him. Walking the next batter was bad though. He got out of it though!

“I can’t breathe in this thing!”
– Dark Helmet

I have no idea who Spaceball’s Dark Helmet is other than he looks like Shane Victorino in his new helmet.

Who could have foreseen two or three months ago that the Phillies would only score 4 runs in a 3 game series and still win 2 out of the 3. And who could have foreseen the same results a mere month ago with Cliff Lee not being involved somehow?

Correciton, they scored 3 runs in 3 games. They got good pitching to win two of those games, then again the Giants are not the best offensive team (especially Tuesday’s game when two best players were on the bench until the 9th).

As someone who has always been against the Pedro signing, and him replacing Moyer is the rotation, let me just take my hat off to the Ol’ Goat for a great game. He definately reminded me of the old Pedo last night.
Next chalange for the Phillies, to win a series when they only score 2 runs in 3 games. Great series to the pitching staff, wake up call to the other guys

They’re going on the road now so the offense will probably break out.

phan52, I agree. But there is still time for Raul and Matt to get their April/May/June swings back. Hitting a baseball at the major-league level is obviously NOT like riding a bike. Veteran players DO forget how to hit a baseball.

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