Madson Blows Save in the Ninth

madson 0912.jpgLike Big Daddy Kane said, closin’ ain’t easy.

The Phillies went 79-0 when leading after eight innings last season, an incredible run highlighted by an incredible season from closer Brad Lidge. But they are 67-9 when leading after eight innings this season, which could cost them home-field advantage in the playoffs.

Their latest ninth-inning collapse came tonight when Ryan Madson blew his sixth save of the season – fourth as a closer — in a 10-9 loss to the Mets at Citizens Bank Park.

Lidge leads the Majors with 10 blown saves.

Madson, who is 1-3 with a 7.82 ERA and seven saves in 13 save opportunities this season, is tied for third with six.

The Phillies blew 15 saves last season, which ranked 28th in baseball. They have 21 this season. Their 64.4 save percentage is their worst mark since 2005, when they had a 63.6 save percentage.

How many is too many? Twenty-one blown saves are a lot, but the 2007 Colorado Rockies hold the Major League record for a playoff team with 29 blown saves.


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Well, like Charlie said, “We don’t put anybody away.” I’m keeping my eye on the Marlin game and wondering about Kyle on Sunday. Losing series to the Pirates and Astros was bad enough, but now …
I’m tellin’ ya — they have 6 games with Florida in the last 2 weeks. I don’t want to stress over those, but fear I might.

I don’t know what to think.
Tyler Walker, anyone?

Sometimes (sounding like Tim McCarver now) I think guys are young and naive enough to not know the stressful situation they’re being put into. Maybe Tyler Walker is one of those guys? The rest of them were here last year and probably wonder about repeating.
I think, at some stage it’s as much mental as it is physical.

The Phils are killing me!!

Wouldn’t it be cool if the Phils made it into the playoffs this year? How awesome would that be? If they actually made it into the playoffs? That would be awesome! A dream come true!

Hey! Start playing some baseball for pete’s sake! Start looking like you’re a team that is actually interested in playing and winning! I am sick of this!

Phan52: I had the same thought. His ERA is 1.?? something. Maybe Charlie will use him in the double header.

If they can’t figure out a fix to this closer thing, we are in BIG trouble. Ugh!


This is really getting ridiculous. They got the win but Lidge is hopeless.
If there is a save situation tonight they should give Walker a shot at it. He did it before in SanFrancisco. The only reason he lost the job was because he got hurt.

Nice, Lidge gets the save in game 1 today but gives up 2 runs while doing it. ESPN says he may be tipping pitches, isn’t that what they said he was doing in Houston a couple years ago? I’m not sure what he is doing, but I know one thing – he is sucking and is getting no better. Let’s give Park, Walker, Escalona or call up Majewski and give him a shot. The playoffs are around the corner!

Will the offense PLEASE score 15 runs tonight, so we don’t have to use ANY closer!!! With the Mutts scoring O runs, of course.

At least the Nats beat the Fish, again. The Nats are on a roll. Maybe we should be worried. LOL!

Pedro is masterful, but Redding is owning the Phillies once again. What is it with him?

Pedro Martinez….You are the man!!! 8 shut-out innings. 6 hits. 130 pitches??? Are you kidding me?! Have any of our pitchers thrown 130 pitches? Impressive!

Congradulation to Kyle Kendrick for a job well done. It would appear that he is getting over his mound implosions now that he has secondary pitches. Too small a sample to draw any firm conclusions but still a job well done nevertheless.

Yeah, Kendrick pitched really good, workin that sinker of his. I feel kinda bad for KK cus hes just sitting in the shadow with the brilliant performance by Pedro. Kendrick deserves some praise. He’ll probably get some spot starts here and there. I know theres an off day tomorrow but but maybe charlie will push pedro’s next start back……. maybe i doubt it but 130 pitches……….. thats ALOT.

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