In the Year 2010

Let’s take a short break from 2009 to take a look at the 2010 Phillies schedule, which Major League Baseball released today:

  • The Phillies open their season April 5 in Washington.
  • They play their home opener April 12 against the Nationals.
  • They host the Boston Red Sox from May 21-23. They play the Red Sox and New York Yankees on the road June 11-17. They host the Minnesota Twins and Cleveland Indians at Citizens Bank Park from June 18-24 before playing the Blue Jays in Toronto from June 25-27.
  • The Phillies have 10-game homestands April 30-May 9 against the New York Mets, St. Louis Cardinals and Atlanta Braves and Aug. 17-26 against the San Francisco Giants, Nationals and Houston Astros.
  • They play 15 of 22 games on the road in April.
  • They play their final 24 games against the National League East. They have a nine-game homestand against the Nationals, Braves and Mets from Sept. 17-26 before finishing the season with a six-game road trip against the Nationals and Braves from Sept. 27-Oct. 3.


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How do we have the “Honor” of playing the Yanks two years in a row on the road? Wonder what would have been if Halladay had ended up a Phillie and was shedulaed to pitch against the Jays in Toronto? Anyone think the Toronto fans wouldn’t have been rooting for the Phillies that night?

So let’s see:
1) We open on the road- boo
The road opener is in DC- yeah!

2) We close on the road- booooooo!!!!
Fan appreciation day is against the mutts- yeah!

3) We face 3 tough AL series (NY, Boston twice) while no other NL East team plays Boston and only the Mets play NY- boo

4) We play in Pittsburgh ON THE WEEKEND- yeah!

5) There are 2 NY and 1 DC weekend road series- yeah!

I can’t wait to start the 3-peat championship season!!

A lot of work on the road in April I see, and that finish could be incredibly dangerous depending on how the season is looking at the time. Looking forward to the Yankee series again.

question: what happens if (sorry) when the Phillies win the World Series? Dont they have the traditional right to the first game of the season, the ESPN Sunday night game??

OK, but how about the important dates … fireworks and bobbleheads!
I’d like it a lot more if those AL games had more of a rivalry attached to them. They should play the Red Sox, Yankees and Orioles every year. It’s been a while since they’ve been to Camden Yards, but they to go to Fenway and Yankee Stadium more often.
f.i.j.: Huh?
grug: I guess they could move that Nats opener to Sunday? Nothing more compelling than the best team playing the worst to start the season, eh?

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