Park Is Hurt, Bullpen Is Hurting

park 0917.jpgChan Ho Park
said he felt a pop in his right hamstring last night at Citizens Bank Park, which does not sound good.

Park is 3-3 with a 4.43 ERA in 45 appearances, but those who have paid close attention know he has been much better than that since he moved to the bullpen in May. He is 2-2 with a 2.52 ERA in 38 relief appearances, and 2-2 with a 1.84 ERA in his last 34 relief appearances. He has been incredibly valuable, not only because he gets hitters out, but because he pitches multiple innings.

Park went on the DL with the Rangers on April 4, 2002 because of a right hamstring injury and did not return until May 12. The Phillies certainly hope Park’s current injury is less severe, especially because the bullpen is ailing with the postseason less than a month away.

They are without J.C. Romero and Scott Eyre, their top two lefthanders. Clay Condrey is coming back from an oblique injury that cost him a couple months, so it remains to be seen how effective he can be. Brad Lidge is still struggling. If Park is lost for an extended period of time, the Phillies will have some tough decisions to make next month when they put together their NLDS roster.

The Phillies carried 11 pitchers last year in the postseason: Cole Hamels, Brett Myers, Jamie Moyer, Joe Blanton, Lidge, Romero, Ryan Madson, Chad Durbin, Condrey, Eyre and J.A. Happ. They carried two catchers, six infielders and six outfielders. But unlike last year there is not an obvious extra bench player to take like So Taguchi. Combine that with bullpen issues and the Phillies might take 12 pitchers.

Cliff Lee, Hamels, Blanton, Pedro Martinez, Happ, Lidge, Madson, Myers and Tyler Walker should be on the roster, if they are healthy. That would leave three spots for a group that includes Condrey, Durbin, Eyre, Moyer, Park, Romero and Jack Taschner.

The Phillies have 18 games to play before they need to put together a postseason roster, so there is time for these things to settle. But losing Park for more than 18 days would be a blow to a bullpen that needs him.


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18 days left in the regular season. The LCS starts Oct 15. That’s almost a month from now. Assuming he can get back, can they make a roster move between the NLDS and LCS or are the rosters set once the postseason starts?

Park going down is a major blow. Now, not only is Happ the lone lefty in the pen, he’s the lone guy who can go multiple innings as well. (Myers will be in a set up or closer role I assume). Start hoping Condrey or Durbin get healthy and effective. Moyer is not a relief pitcher. He should be sent to Florida to stay ready if a starter gets hurt

I think roster moves can be made from among those eligible for Post season. I remember we had pitchers in Florida last year in case someone got hurt….Let’s hope he’s back before teh playoffs begin, though

muleman: It is my understanding that those eligible for the post season are all of those on the 25 man roster on August 31 and all of those on the disabled list. It is also my understanding that from this pool of players the Phillies submit a 25 man roster at the beginning of the division series, again at the beginning of the league championship series and again at the beginning of the world series. So the long and short of it and to answer your question, the Phillies can make roster moves between series. So if Park is not included for the division series and recovers in time for the league championship series, the Phillies can make the change between the two. I do not pretend to know what the substitution policy is should a player on the 25 man roster for any particular series becomes injured as to who is eligible to replace him. But Marty Bystrom in 1980 was a September callup and did appear post season. George Steinnbrenner, as I recall, stated had the Yankees faced the Phillies in the WS he would have fought the inclusion of Bystrom.

Bystrom was replacing an injured player-whichis legal. You can take anyone from the 45 man roster and replace an injured player with them, this is why there was speculation last year that Golson may be included on the roster as a speedster.

Thanks pherris.

By the way, Golson is the guy they traded to Texas for Mayberry, in what Amaro called a “speed for power swap.” Both clubs are still waiting for that to come to fruition.

As Zo pointed out earlier, the Phillies have 31 players eligible for postseason play (see attached link below). Since they pulled a fast one with John Ennis, they will also be able to add another player from the organization if they choose, as long as it is a pitcher (Ennis is a pitcher). Ahhh, loopholes!

Teams can choose 25 players from their playoff eligible list before each round of the playoffs.

are you sure it must be a pitcher? I thought it could be a player at any posistion

AS for the Golson for Mayberry trade-we won’t know what we got out of it until we trade mayberry (which I figure will be done this off season). Since he has no place on our roster, and won’t ever have a place on it now that Brown and Taylor can fill in as 4th OF if needed, we can swap him for either a relief pitcher or a bench inf.

Is it designated somewhere that a player is a pitcher or a position player? Just wondering.

Just keeping my fingers crossed Park is ready for the start of the playoffs (although that might be wishful thinking).
Hope Condrey and Happ can return to their prior form.

I thought the highlight of last night’s game was the defensive plays. Our boys have been playing some really heads up, situational baseball. Knowing where lead runners are, executing crisp throws to gun them out, throwing behind runners, etc. It’ s been a beautiful thing to watch. These guy’s really have their heads in the game on the field.

jimmymack: the other highlight of the game (other than the Nats ineptness at running the bases) was Howard stealing is 6/7 base and Utley scoring. The Big Man might soon give the other speedsters a run for their $$ LOL!!

I don’t understand how hamstring injuries can happen to athletes who stretch properly before they go out and perform. I would think that it’s the trainer’s responsibility to make sure everyone is physically fit to play. Am I wrong?

The Phillies have 31 players available for their post season roster. They can mix and match it any way they choose from that group.

If they want to replace one of those players on the DL with another player from the forty man roster, the replacement player must play the same position. Players are designated at particular positions so a pitcher must be replaced with a pitcher. They can’t say the they want to replace Ennis with, say, an outfielder or a catcher. If Utley or Rollins got hurt (God forbid!), they could replace them on the roster with an infielder from their forty man roster.
The Rays did it last year with Hinske as a replacement for Cliff Floyd.

erichh: Kind of. Stretching is a good warm-up and cool-down tool, but it doesn’t do anything for a muscle that may have been strained earlier or one that is strained in some sudden, violent movement. Whether it is stretched effectively or not, the muscle can be damaged. Of course, stretching after warm-up and prior to a game is a preventative measure, but it isn’t a guarantee of staying healthy. If it were, then no player would ever pull a muscle.
Injuries come as a result of several forces. Improper hydration, temperature, fatigue or merely an unusual motion.
I’d bet that, at this point in the season there isn’t a player in that clubhouse who isn’t nursing some nagging pain or soreness somewhere. To expect (or blame) a trainer for a player’s injury is misplaced responsibility.
To put it in the most plain of English, S**t happens.

I can’t be certain, but I wonder if seeing the half bat flying towards him didn’t cause him to change his landing, etc. I know he hurt his push off leg, but still…..Mule has a point, in general Sh*t happens and lately it’s been happening a lot to our bullpen

f.i.j.: I believe that issue with the bat was presented and Park said that he felt the pop prior to his landing. Todd?

I jknow the bat hitting his leg didn’t cause it. I’m wondering if he reacted to it coming towards him without realizing it, the way you duck automatically when you see something heading your way in the air….in any case, why isn’t as important as how we fix it and get him back ASAP. Park has become a crucial ingrediant in our team

If Todd is right (He’s always, the Phils only have 3 openings on the NLDS roster for seven pitchers. Injuries could easily whittle that number down. We can’t realistically assume Romero will be able to get back to his ’08 post-season form anytime soon. Condrey has a better outlook as of now. And is Charlie REALLY going to snub Jamie Moyer? I say NO. And if Eyre and Romero are unable to pitch, wouldn’t Taschner (the only other lefty hurler in the pen besides Happ) have to be on the roster if he pitches well from now? The truth is we have too many good pitchers on the team; injuries will make it easier for Charlie to form his post-season rosters, unfortunately.

Erich, Forgetting about injuries, if everyone was healthy, who would make your post season roster as pitchers? Figure 4 starters and 12 in the Pen

Erich, Forgetting about injuries, if everyone was healthy, who would make your post season roster as pitchers? Figure 4 starters and 8 in the Pen

oops, I got confused on the numbers

Can’t really blame Lidge for that run in the ninth. If Victorino was out there it would have been a routine fly ball and a 1-2-3 inning. Werth and Francisco got really crossed up on that ball.

Happy for the sweep! But all three games should have been more of a blowout. Hard to believe the defending world champions have such a hard time, against the team with the worse record in baseball. And we left the bases loaded. Again! What a surprise.

Whatever happened to Durbin? When was the last time he pitched?

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