Happ Leaves For "Precautionary Reasons"

Phillies left-hander J.A .Happ, who missed his last two starts with a strained right intercostal muscle, has left the game after three innings for what the Phillies termed “precautionary reasons.”

Happ appeared to tweak something — the same muscle? — when Nate McLouth grounded out in the third inning. After a lengthy discussion on the mound and after throwing a couple practice pitches, Happ remained in the game. He allowed a solo home run to Martin Prado before getting out of the inning.

We will have more info after the game. 


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The further concern with Happ has been bad news for him but it’s given Kyle Kendrick a new purpose in his Phillies uniform! He’s finally back in the bigs and has two wins in a week to add to his win totals for a Phillies pitcher.

If anything, it gives Kyle a second chance after he looked so promising just a short while ago, then he became a liability that no one seemed to want to have anything to do with. Can the Phillies manage to continue to cultivate him or does he become a nice trade bait at the end of the season?


What’s the word on Carlos?

Kendrick looked remarkably well for someone defenestrated last September.

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