On the Road Again

The Phillies have a 7 1/2 game lead in the National League East with 17 games to play. Hey, not even the Mets could blow that!


I’m guessing if the Phillies play well in Atlanta and Florida they clinch next weekend in Milwaukee. Anybody have any predictions on the date? First prize for the first person to pick the correct date is … pride. Yes, pride, the greatest prize of all, especially when there is no prize to give.


The Phillies open a 10-game road trip tonight with a three-game series in Atlanta, and that means one thing …

The Braves organist.

Don’t know the Braves organist? Listen closely tonight when the Phillies are hitting. He sits behind the visiting media in the Turner Field pressbox and plays walk-up music to the opposing hitters. Usually the music is a play off their name or something else about them. Now this might not sound highly entertaining to you, but then you’ve never been me. It doesn’t take much to get me excited. I’m from Wisconsin. We have a polka station in suburban Milwaukee. But during the first trip to Atlanta this year, I asked the guy if he could play some Michael McDonald (inside joke). He ended up playing the Doobie Brothers’ “Takin’ It to the Streets” every time Greg Dobbs hit. Get it? Dobbs. Doobie.

Hey, not every song works, although that one worked for me.


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Todd, I find that very amusing about Atlanta’s organist too, but I’ve never taken notice. It’s difficult to listen for that during a telecast. Maybe give T-Mac the heads up on it and he can tie it into one of his upteenmillion conversations during the game.

I don’t know how many, if any, of you are Jewish, but I want to wish all of us a Shana Tova (Happy New Year). May this coming year (beginning Friday night) be one of Health, happiness, Peace, prosperity, love, and most of all, another World Series Championship!!

I guess you can’t get him to NOT play that God awful tomahawk chop ditty?!

I surely hope they can take 2/3 from the Braves & Fish each. That would be coolbeans. Not having to be on pins and needles until the end of season as we have been for the last couple of years would be a nice change. It would allow some bench players get to some work and also set-up the rotation and bullpen with a bit more ease.

FIJ: I too am part of the “Tribe”. Shana Tova to you and everyone here at the Zone.

Selfishly I’d like to see them clinch on the 28th, since I’ll be at the game. But I think it will happen before then. They’ll probably clinch on the 27th so that my game will be meaningless.

By the way, would anyone besides me like to strangle Jim Riggleman for his over-managing and ridiculous pitching changes? You’d think they were 3 games out the way he runs guys in and out. The pitching change for Hamels in the sixth was ridiculous. I was cheering for a triple down the left-field line and almost got my wish. Hamels’ single turned out to be big. I hope Riggleman could hear my “In your face!” yell from section 316.

Muleman, I hate to break it to you but after application of my vast expertise and insight into the baseball world as buttressed by the Oracle of Delphi and Nostrodamos(sp) and reinforced by consultation with my ouji board and the leaves in the bottom of my cup of tea recently served by Ms. Won Hung Loe, you are a day late. The Phillies will clinch on August 27.

The Road Warriors will keep it from getting interesting. Hopefully Eyre and/or Romero will get somne work late on the road trip.

This series against a Hotlanta team is huge. If they can win the series, the NL East is toast.

Jayson Stark was reporting yesterday that Eyre is going to have surgery during the off-season but planned on pitching through the pain until the year is over. Doesn’t sound promising.

gmcarson……………..Hotlanta? Please give us a break. The only thing hot about that place is the weather. The lfy in the ointment for the Braves is Bobby Cox.

That is “fly” in the ointment.

Well, Atlanta has won seven in a row. I’d call that hot.

The Phils have won 5 in a row…not too shabby.

Muleman: WIP’s midday show predicted the Phils would clinch the division on their 1st home game after the road trip….9/28🙂

Eyre can afford to gut it out since he said this was his last year. I like the guy a lot but if he is really going to leave it all on the field then I like him even more.

What bothers me about the closer role now is that the Phillies are running away with the division so any save situation really won’t be a true save situation so to speak. The games won’t be as pressure packed from here on out to end the season. So we won’t really know if Madson is fit to do the job or if Lidge is back. The whole bullpen situation makes me queesy.

Call it hot or what ever you want but in the last 10 games the Braves have gained no ground. In baseball hot is relative.

After the Braves play the Phillies this weekend, they have three games with the Mutts, and seven more with the Nats. We have to crush their hopes this weekend. I can see them beating up on those teams, while we struggle against the Astros and Brewers, as we have already this season.
Step on them while you have the chance.

Where are the predictions on when the Phillies will clinch? Come on baseball mavens!


It is clever when an organist or stadium sound tech plays associated music … makes the at-bat more entertaining!

First off, happy Shana Tova to our Jewish brothers and sisters and I trust our entire “Zone tribe” will be celebrating another WSC together again soon! Thanks for mentioning the organ music, Todd. Never noticed it either but seems we’ve played ATL enough recently that even during a couple of those Philly games I thought the Tomahawk was about to break out. I agree with you, phan52, about the Braves vs. Mutts/Nats and us potentially struggling against the MIL/Stros….could make it interesting right up until the very end again. Would, of course, love to see those predictions about clinching on the 28th or 29th come true BUT I’m making the trip in from HI to see the last game of the season…secretly hoping for one of those truly awesome games…maybe I will at least catch a ball since seats are in the outfield. Loved that little girls’ throwback the other night! What a great memory for that family (and all of us too).

Todd, I don’t know if you check any of the posts under the articles that you’ve written, but you are getting crucified under that article about the difficulty of the Phils repeating. You left out Ryan Howard from the list of All-star hitters on the Phils’ offense, your statement about the Phils needing luck to win some of those games was blown WAY out of proportion, and Yankees fans felt you dissed them and their franchise………. I love it! Keep up the good work!!

Ha, I hadn’t read those. Can’t believe I left out Howard. My bad. But let’s be honest, there is a degree of luck involved. The Cubs had the best record in the NL last year, but got swept in the first round. And I’m not sure how I dissed the Yankees. How did I diss them?

pherrisphain, that Nostradamus thing you posted was one of the funniest posts I’ve read, except I know you meant sEPTEMBER 27th.

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