Ruiz Flying to Philly to Get Wrist Examined

Carlos Ruiz said yesterday his sprained left wrist still felt sore, but that he could play.

He played in Game 2 of last night’s doubleheader against the Marlins.

But the wrist bothered him enough that he had a closed door meeting with Charlie Manuel after the game. The Phillies determined they would fly Ruiz back to Philadelphia to have team doctors Michael Ciccotti and Randall Culp examine him. Ruiz is expected to join the team in Milwaukee.

Obviously, losing Ruiz would be a blow. The Phillies have Paul Bako and Paul Hoover to catch while Ruiz is out, how ever long that is.

UPDATE (5:30 p.m.): Ruben Amaro Jr. said Ruiz had a MRI in Philadelphia. There is no structural damage to the wrist. But there is inflammation and there is a good chance Ruiz will receive a cortisone injection tomorrow. If he gets the injection as expected, Ruiz would be out three to five days. But the expectation is that Ruiz should be OK after that.


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Coste really doesn’t offer much more than Bako. Bako was not an upgrade, but Coste is breaking down physically and Ruben Amaro knew that.

I don’t think he was an upgrade. They probably looked at it as a push, plus he’s lefthanded, for whatever that is worth.

Losing Ruiz would be deadly. Anybody see Paulino chasing down balls yesterday? I can see why he is gone.

Hey Rube, call Ed Wade up and see if you can get Coste back. Still haven’t figured out how Bako was an upgrade.

Yikes! Bako is no Ruiz, but I think he’s an upgrade for Coste.

I normally wouldn’t consider Ruiz to be a big deal since he’s usually a hole in our lineup, but since early July he’s been hitting quite well, to the tune of .274/.372/.486 with 6 homers. I’m afraid that this injury might end his streak.

Phylan and others: Ruiz isn’t in the line-up for his offense. He’s there because he’s a very good DEFENSIVE catcher who manages the game brilliantly. If he never got a hit, he’d still be better then anyone we have to replace him. Given teh two we do have, it may be worth while to suit Werth up as a catcher and put Francisco in RF. Werth can’t be worse then Bako or Hoover behind the plate defensively and will be much better with a bat (at least he knows which end is which). Coste is a huge upgrade from bako behind the plate–which is where it counts. IF Ruiz is gone for the playoffs, so are teh Phillies. he is the one player, at present, who we can’t aford to loose as he has no replacement worthy of the name.

Losing Chooch for an extended period of time would be terrible. He has really turned into a solid player. I couldn’t stand him at first but after what he did last October and how he’s righted the ship in the ladder parts of this season he is very important. Him and Feliz are two big cornerstones to this club that get lost under the big names. Hurry back Chooch.

There finally might be a little crack in the Lee deal now. It’s still a complete steal but not having Marson at the moment hurts big time.

Bako is a fine defensive catcher, it’s what he’s known for and that’s exactly why Ruben signed him. In that regard he is about equal with Ruiz. You have to be kidding me re: Werth.

In my opinion Bako is a significant drop off from Ruiz both on offense and defense. Bako hasn’t even hit his weight in post season whereas Ruiz shined. Hope every thing is right with Carlos and he gets back in time to hit his 10th HR and is not the only starter not to get at least 10.

I’ll give you offense, but how is he a defensive downgrade?

f.i.j.: Are you serious? “he is the one player, at present, who we can’t aford to lose as he has no replacement worthy of the name.”

How about Rollins, Utley and Howard? As much as I love Carlos, he isn’t as valuable as the shortstop or the first baseman. Witness tonight’s game for an example of how valuable Howard is. Jeez … are you watching these games?

phylan: No, Werth as catcher is another of fij’s goofy ideas. Even the broadcasters laughed it off tonight. Ruiz has 2 weeks to get healthy.

I think Lidge’s problems are Andy Reid’s fault. It falls solely on his plate. He needs to do a better job of putting him in a position to make plays.

None of this matters as Lidge continues to give games away – 11th blown save. No bullpen equals no repeat.

Who is talking about Rollins, Utley or Howard? I thought the discussion was Ruiz versus Bako. Visions of Clay Dalrymple, Bobby Wine and the pitcher dancing in my head.

Did any of you baseball “experts” check the stats before you said Bako was a defensive upgrade over Coste?? For the record…Bako was DEAD LAST in fielding percentage for NL catchers…hmm some upgrade. As for the left handed bat, Hamels is a better lefty off the bench than Bako! Amaro blew this one plain and simple and now he has to pay for it.. No Chooch…No title…thank Rueben for it!

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