Klement's Sausages Killed?

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I think at least three Klement’s Racing Sausages have been killed.

Driving into Miller Park this afternoon, I watched a man load three sausage carcasses — the Bratwurst, Italian and Hot Dog — onto the bed of a golf cart. I hoped the Polish and Chorizo had escaped, but a few minutes later the cart drove by with five black bags, which I assumed contained all five. The giveaway? The Chorizo’s sombrero sat atop the bags.

Sad day. 


In happier times … 

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The Prime Suspects:

1) Michael Vick – Maybe he is financing Sausage Fighting now?
2) Prince Fielder – Is he still a Vegetarian? Maybe watching those sausages run by every night is too tempting and he was worried that he might fall of the wagon?
3) Randall Simon – Convicted sausage abuser.
4) Bernie Brewer – Jealous of the sausages getting all the attention?
5) Brett Favre – Another parting shot at Wisconsin?

This is funny. What is not funny is that Reuben Amaro is in the press proclaiming roster decisions. Isn’t this ominous? Couldn’t it mean that he is as fed up with his manager as the fans are and he is essentially calling him out in public and daring him to go against he has said? Besides the hope that Lidge may not be the closer, does anyone else see Reuben saying this is public as a great turn of events?

bolenbak: This wouldn’t be the first time Amaro went to the press with roster decisions. He over-steps his bounds as GM.

I think it was The Bratwurst in the study with a pipe.

Yo, Todd, are my eyes lying to me or were those sausages I saw hauling stick during the race at the game tonight?

Yeah, I know already. That’s why I asked the question, somewhat rhetorically…..

I guess not rhetorically enough.

I don’t think Ruben said anything too differently than what Charlie said the other day: they’re going to do whatever they can to win at this point. I think you need to read between the lines a lot with Charlie. If Lidge were his man, he would have said Lidge were his man. But the fact he said he’s going to do what it takes says he’s not his automatic closer. We saw that last night when Lidge pitched the seventh.

I don’t think Ruben says anything about the roster out of the context of conversations he probably has every day with Charlie and the coaching staff.

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