Taking Chorizo and Injury Updates

chorizo 1.jpgI’m abandoning the Polish in tonight’s sausage race for the Chorizo.

I’m pretty confident in my pick. I heard Phillies broadcaster Scott Franzke is 2-for-2 this weekend in picking the sausage race winner at Miller Park. Frankly, I’m embarrassed to be 0-for-2.

Tonight I make my comeback.


We’ve got injury updates for y’all:

  • Rich Dubee said Pedro Martinez (stiff neck) “will pitch when Pedro is healthy.” It is expected to be sometime next week. 
  • Left-hander J.C. Romero threw an inning in the Instructional League in Clearwater, Fla. He felt fine. If he feels OK tomorrow, Ruben Amaro Jr. said Romero could be activated Monday.
  • Brett Myers threw off the mound today, but just as a short test. He said he felt fine. Amaro said Myers could throw a full bullpen session Monday, a day earlier than had been scheduled.
  • Chan Ho Park threw about 30 pitches in Clearwater. He could throw a bullpen Monday.


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Ok. I’m officially nervous.
I’ve said this over and over……If we’re not up by at least 5 runs, we don’t win. The ‘pen will blow it for us. But the top of the line-up has to start hitting better! What the H is wrong with Chase? One hit, in the last 3 games. Now is not the time to slump!!!

And when are the Braves gonna help us out…..and lose!!!

so as the Phillies continue their NY Mutts impersenation let me understand the pitching situation. We have starting pitchers: (last 30 days)
Lee-(2-3 6.35) Hamels (3-1 2.45) Blanton (3-1 3.52) Pedro (injured) and a bull pen of: Lide who leads the league in blown saves, Madson who has blown nearly 50% of his save oportunities this year, Tyler who proved last night he can’t close, Eyre who is hurt, Romero who is hurt, Park who is hurt, Condry and durbin, who are mop up guys, Escalono, the rookie, with a 8.10 era the last month, Kendrick and Moyer who can take over after a rain delay or the starter leaves in the first 3 innings, Taschner who is hurt and The G-d (and Amero) apointed savior Happ.

To put it bluntly, we are in deep sh*t.

I lived through 1964 and as a kid I couldn’t believe that team could self destruct, but quality players didn’t perform when it mattered the most except for Allen and Callison. Gene Mauch overworked Bunning and Short to the point of collapse. This team wasn’t close to the talent of the Phillies today. Remind you of anything? I’m just sayin’

davegas: I lived through it too, but this isn’t the same. These guys have won before. Plus, the ’64 team never came close to winning again. In fact, they never finished above 4th for rest of the decade. The fact is, they were over achievers.
The ’64 team was first in the league in hitting but had mediocre pitching overall. Herrnstein, their starting first baseman hit .234 with 6 homers for Pete’s sake.

The teams chasing them now aren’t close to the quality of the ’64 Cardinals and Reds.
I know it’s hip and fun to make historical references to collapses and all, but really…

The ’64 team was the very first professional sports team that I followed religiously as a kid, so it obviously left a mark on me when it comes to trusting my teams. It kind of leaves me expecting the worst, more as a mechanism to make it hurt less when teams do fail.
I really find it hard to believe that this team could lose the division at this point, but I am starting to build my familiar defenses. Lowered expectations are part of it. The game that Madson and Lidge blew against the Marlins started it for me, and last night was exactly what I expected when they got to the ninth inning.

IMO, if they don’t get Park, Myers and Romero back, the postseason is pointless.

phan: Looks like me, you and davegas are about the same age. I was 7 in ’64 and I remember dad telling me “I’m going to get us World Series tickets.” He would have, too. I kept a scrapbook that year, and I still have it. As a 7 year-old the pain didn’t last long. Only as an adult that I realized that me and dad could have attended a Series game together did the hurt start.

He didn’t live long enough to see 1980.

I agree that the post season will be a struggle without some of those key bullpen guys. This team doesn’t seem like they have the fire right now. Maybe it will change. I hope so, since I have post season tickets again. Last year was a thrill.

muleman, my Dad had tickets for the ’64 Series as well, but nobody thought to keep them. Just like when I had a baseball signed by five of the ’64 Phillies (I handed it to Richie Allen and he ducked into the dugout and got other players to sign it too). My brother and our friends were playing with it in the backyard the next day. I never thought to keep any memorabilia.
I got to go to two WS games with my Dad in ’80, one each in ’83 and ’93. He was actually on old A’s phan who took to the Phillies by taking us to games. He said the NL in the ’60’s was the best baseball he ever saw.

phan: Your dad was right. Baseball in the NL in the 60s was the best ever. I did manage to get a Gene Mauch autograph in ’65, along with Mike Kekich, who signed it “straight ahead.” You’ll have to Google Mike Kekich to figure out the irony there.

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