Manuel Calls A Team Meeting

Thumbnail image for manuel.jpgCharlie Manuel
called this a little chat, just a little pep talk for the final six games of the season.

We’ll see if it works.

Manuel called a team meeting before tonight’s game against Houston at Citizens Bank Park because his team has looked listless lately, losing five of its last seven games. Something has to change and change quickly because if the Phillies keep losing and the Braves keep winning life will become unnecessarily stressful for them.

“It was just some things I wanted to tell them,” Manuel said. “It was a very short, positive meeting.”

Did anybody speak up?

“No, I did all the talking,” he said.

The Phillies look tired out there, but Manuel said that is no excuse. 

“Look, we haven’t played good,” Manuel said. “If you don’t hit, you don’t look good. If you don’t score runs, you don’t look good. Anytime you don’t hit or score runs, you don’t look good. You’ve got to play through this. Every year, you go through it. You just have to come out and do the things you’re used to doing.

“We’re not in first place because we’re not any good. We’re good. I know we’ve got the best team in our division. I feel that 100 percent.

“We’re still loose. I’d say we’re very loose. We’re not panicking.”

Well, they’re not, but they are making their fan base a little nervous.


The Phillies have not renewed contracts for the following Minor League personnel: Domingo Brito, Dominican Summer League Phillies manager; Luis Melendez, Gulf Coast League Phillies coach; Jerry Martin, minor league outfield and baserunning coordinator; Jerry Lafferty, pro scout; Sal Artiaga, Director of Latin American operations; Mal Fichman, Independent League Coordinator; and Aris Tirado, Gulf Coast League Phillies pitching coach.


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That was CLUTCH pitching by JA just now!! Cole failed in a similar situation yesterday. This kid has icewater in his veins!! He looks like he’s ready for the playoffs.

I wonder what the omniscient “daseeker” or “havaiwil” think about Charlie’s meeting with the players. Thank God those idiots don’t show their ugly user-names on this blog………

Not so fast with the “clutch” label for Happ as a 2 run homer sails over the wall and we have a game – again – at 7-4. Nothing is ever easy with this club.

Thank God for the fish.


FYI: Whenever Feliz gets a base hit, they play “Feliz Navidad” over the PA.

Pete made me Happy!
Charlie didn’t. Different circumstances could have easily led to Lidge being in that game last night. It looks like Charlie and Ruben are not on the same page when it comes to Lidge. I wonder what the players think?

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