Magic Number Is 1

Thumbnail image for number-1.pngIt’s amazing how much difference a Phillies victory (and a Braves loss) makes.

If the Phillies win tonight, they clinch the National League East.

Win tonight and some everyday players can get a much needed break before the playoffs. Win tonight and the Phillies can start setting up their rotation for the playoffs.

All they’ve got to do is win.

It’s Pedro Martinez vs. Brian Moehler..


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I hope by this time tomorrow I like the rest of the Fightin fans will have a BIG smile on our faces and will collectively breath a SIGH of relief that its finally over and done with.

I still want to finish in front of the Cardinals and try to take a shot at the Dodgers. Head-to-head is the tiebreaker for HFA, so we would beat the Cardinals (4-1) and lose to the Dodgers (3-4) in the case of a tie. So essentially, we have a two game lead over the Cardinals and the Dodgers would have to help us out a little.

No time to rest up. Setting the rotation is very important but they MUST secure at least one of the HFA slots so that they don’t have to play the Cards in the first round. Must keep phighting. Also, I hope if they win the East it is a very subtle celebration. Act like you’ve been there before. They have, and a lot farther…

I see this as “Phase 1” and if it were up to me, I wouldn’t celebrate much at all. I think it would send a message to the rest of the league that they’re not near being finished and winning the division was a foregone conclusion.
But, I’m sure we’ll see the champagne spraying stuff that every team does. It will be great to get it out of the way so they can concentrate on the real work that starts next week.

Mule: I think they that they should celebrate after they clinch the division. not the winning of the division, but the chance to rest some of our players, finally. Charlie’s been playing them alot since with the exception of Francisco and Bako, we have no bench to speak of. We really need to upgrde it for next year. Players like Stairs, who may be great pinch hitters but who can’t really play the field, hurt the team in many ways more then they help it. Not everyone can play 150+ games and retain their energy and focus.

The Phils were pretty subdued in their celebration at each stage last year (with of course the exception of the WFC). As we know this not a rowdy bunch. Don’t think they’ll be pouring champagne on Harry’s blazer & shoes ala the Angels (Rich Hofmann on DNL yesterday said he thought it was in bad taste especially since he was killed by a drunk driver).

I thought it was really cool that Pedro Feliz was the hero last night. It was nice to someone in the bottom of the line-up be the star player. Well deserved!

Getting HFA for the NLDS is indeed big. I think it’s bigger than getting it in the NLCS. With the shortened series it’s that much more important. Good win last night. Feliz continues to be the unsung hero this year. It was a shame to see Jamie go down because since his tears dried up about being moved to the pen he has been very good out there.

We are 2-0 on being at division clinching games and I’ll be there tonight, with the daughters and wife , to see if we can keep the streak alive. Expect Pedro to come up big, this is his kind of game.

karen: Hofmann and the rest of them making a big deal out of the Angels’ celebration need to get a grip. Some people just need to find something to complain about. It’s a huge over reaction.

muleman: I agree, but understand his point. The more poignant moment was the team touching & kissing his # in center field.

Jimmy….I’ll be there tonight, too!
And I REALLY want them to finish it off tonight. Not just because I’ll be there, (I was there when they won the Division in ’07. Nothing will top that!) but because I want the regulars to get some rest! They need it!

They should absolutely celebrate when they win the division. Sure they’ve done it before and gone farther, but not with Cliff Lee, Raul Ibanez, Tyler Walker, and Paul Bako. Those guys deserve a champagne shower! Winning the division takes 150+ games of effort and deserves a celebration.

norma: The division winner in ’07 is one of the best days I’ve had at the ballpark too. The Marlin had buried the Mets before Jimmy hit his 20th triple, and the game just built momentum to the end.
Sadly, I was there on Monday night – not one of my best days.
There are plenty of guys who need a couple of days off. Utley has been horrible this month.

’07 was phenomenal from wherever you were watching. The Mutts historic collapse was of course a beautiful thing! My sister was @ last year’s. She said it was such fun!

I think this year because we’ve been leading the division for so long we kinda expected it to happen even with all the trials and tribulations the team has had. I give them a lot of credit for over coming all of their pitching injuries. I know the division is weak, but it still speaks the make-up of the team.

I look forward to a couple of games with some of the bench players starting a few games. Who knows maybe Bruntlett will have another triple play—-LOL!

Hell, maybe he’ll even hit a triple. That would be rarer then an unassisted triple play-a hit from the bearded one

I’m hoping that they can win by winning the game tonight. It would be a half-assed celebration if they have to scoreboard-watch and have the Braves lose.
Let’s just get it over with!

Mule, you do realize that the score board will show the Braves lost, just as Howard comes to bat in the 9th of a tied game. he then proceeds to hit a HR to win the game and enjoy cheers both for the walk-off and the division. (We can fantasize, can’t we?)

The Adenhart celebration was perfectly fine and touching. Those who are complaining are idiots. And Hoffman has never shown himself to be very bright before but that is the icing on the cake for me. And Daily News Live is a dreadful show.

FIJ…..I like that scenario!
At last night’s game, for some reason, they weren’t showing the Braves/Marlins score. But my son kept checking from his phone, and up-dating all our seat mates. A bunch of us then went into the Majestic, and they had the game going on from several different channels. A 4-way split screen! LOL!

Sorry, but I see this whole division-clinching deal as a ho-hum affair. Much bigger stakes at hand. I’d eschew the entire celebration ceremony in lieu of a wave at the crowd and the usual high-five lineup at the end of the game.
It would send a message to the rest of the league that this ain’t no big thing here anymore. 3 in a row? Yawn. They’ll kick butt next week, then they can start to celebrate.
I don’t care who the “new” players are, it’s time to send a message.

lol “send a message”, like any of the other teams care if they celebrate or not

I couldn’t care less what the other teams think. At some point, you have to act like a champion and “throw away childish things.”

I saw the celebration on Sports Center. I thought most of those guys were spraying cans of soda on the uniform. I didn’t see anything disrespectful.

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