Lidge Changes His Tune


Lost in the roar of the crowd Wednesday when the Phillies clinched the National League East is that Brad Lidge changed his intro music. He has dropped Drowning Pool’s Soldiers for Linkin Park’s No More Sorrow. Lidge said it is a song he has like for some time, but Jayson Werth asked him recently why no closer enters the game to it?

“You know what?” said Lidge, who threw a perfect ninth inning today in a 4-3 loss to the Marlins. “It’s probably time for a change. So I’ve got a new song and I had a good outing, so we’ll see.”

Hey, maybe it helps.

Charlie Manuel indicated before the game that he is considering Ryan Madson and Lidge as his ninth-inning guys in the postseason, but it sure sounds like he is leaning toward Lidge.

“I’ve heard people talk,” Manuel said. “I’ve heard people say instead of using Brad use somebody else. But who else out there would you want on the mound if you were going to win or lose a game? Who would you want? Take your pick. I always get back to Lidge. I’ve got Madson and Lidge in there. Madson probably would be the guy I would go to today to win the game. But there’s going to come a point where Lidge is going to have to pitch and do the job.”

Said Lidge about the bullpen: “I think we’re going to be lining up pretty good. We have a lot of options. Guys have been throwing good in a lot of different situations. Today was probably the best command I’ve had all year. Hopefully I can get out there and peak at the right time. I think we’re looking good. I think we’re going to be underrated to be honest.”


“We have a lot of experience,” Lidge said. “How we’ve pitched this season, we’ve blown a lot of saves collectively. I haven’t done a great job obviously. Once we get to the postseason I think we’re going to fall in line and do what we do. And when that happens I like our bullpen as much as anybody.”


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Click below to read how the postseason roster works.

The Phillies today released this press release regarding the postseason roster:

Each participating Club must submit its 25-man roster by no later than 10:00 a.m. (site time) on the day of the Club’s first scheduled game for each respective series.  Each player on the roster must be from the Club’s August 31 roster of eligible players or be a permitted substitute under the Major League Rules.

In order to be a permitted substitute for an injured eligible player, a player must have been an eligible player or have been on a specified Minor League list in the same Major League organization and remained in that organization through the point of the substitution.

A Club may re-submit its roster in the event that Game One is postponed before lineup cards are exchanged at home plate.  In that event, a new roster, if any, must be submitted by 10:00 a.m. (site time) on the day for which Game One is re-scheduled.

Pitcher-for-pitcher and player-for-player roster replacements during a series are permitted if approved by the Commissioner’s Office.   An injured player who is replaced during a series must miss the remainder of that series and the entire next series.

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