Lidge Adds A Third Pitch For Playoffs

lidge knee.jpgBrad Lidge said this isn’t a secret weapon.

It’s another option. It’s something to get hitters thinking a little bit.

He introduced a cut fastball in Saturday’s 4-3 loss to the Marlins at Citizens Bank Park, a pitch he said he will throw to left-handed hitters. He threw a couple to pinch-hitter Ross Gload, who struck out swinging on a 2-2 slider.

“It’s not a pitch I’m expecting to be like my regular fastball and slider,” Lidge told “But it is a pitch I am expecting to give them something else to think about. If I can throw it for a strike, OK, now they have to respect it. If they found a good pattern on me with fastballs and sliders, which maybe they have, maybe they haven’t … if they have, that takes them completely out of their rhythm. It’s something I’ve seen a lot of guys throw very effectively to lefties.”

Why a cut fastball, and why now with the playoffs beginning Wednesday? Lidge has had trouble this season with his fastball command, particularly throwing inside to left-handed hitters. Lidge said the cut fastball can do two things. First, he said it serves the purpose of having something hard he can throw inside. Second, he said it gives hitters a third pitch to consider.

Lidge tried throwing a cut fastball with Houston a couple of years ago, but ditched it because it wasn’t working.

“I’ve actually thrown it in the bullpen for a year or two,” Lidge said. “I’ve just never brought it into the game. But I have thrown it in the bullpen a lot, and all the catchers have told me it is a good pitch and I should throw it in a game. It looks like it’s working good. I just thought, yeah, if I ever need to, I will. In Houston, I had no idea what I was doing with it. I was just throwing it as hard as I could. It was going everywhere. Since then I’ve been able to work on the craft of throwing it and figure out why you throw it. Back then I didn’t even know why. I just thought it would look cool.”

Asked if he felt comfortable throwing a new pitch in the postseason, he said he is.

“I’m not trying to experiment a lot right now,” Lidge said. “I feel good with the command of my fastball and slider, but it’s something to get lefties to think about.”

“It was a good pitch for him,” Carlos Ruiz said. “I liked it. Sometimes we’ve tried to go to lefties with fastballs inside and he doesn’t have the control to lefties. So I like the cutter because it will protect the slider.”

Ruiz said it was a good pitch for Lidge. But is it a good idea to start throwing a third pitch now? We could find out as early as Wednesday.


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This is brilliant timing – just before the postseason begins, enough time with days off for the media to circle around it and talk about it and for teams to get it in the back of their minds. Hopefully it pays off around home plate!

Why not? I mean, he can’t get any worse.
The movement better be enough to deceive hitters though, otherwise it’ll be just like his fastball minus 5 mph or so.

This reminds me of last year, when MLB instituted Instant Replay MID-SEASON. It was a good idea, but the timing just didn’t make a lot of sense. The playoffs is not the time to start experimenting with pitches, despite the potential payoff. If it does nothing else, hopefully it gets in the Rockies’ psyches, as they have a bunch of lefties.

I’m OK with it because it looks like Charlie is going to use him. Change of speed and movement is always a good thing, but he still has to throw it for strikes. The first time he walks a player on a cut fastball, I’m off board.

Whatever. He can’t pitch any worse.

Ya gotta give Lidge some credit because through all this he has been honest and not ducking from the media. He appears to be trying so hard to right the ship…..let’s hope this brings him some magic.

If you read the quote it says he’s been throwing it for a while (a year or two) in the Pen, but never used in a game. also read where the catchers are in favor of it being used. What’s the worst that can happen, he walks some more people and gives up more runs? He’s been doin’ that anyway. let’s hope it works and Lidge leads us to the promised land again

I think he should bring the new pitch, not for what the pitch could do, but for what having it might hopefully do for his confidence.

The Rockies have lost their only lefty starter (Jorge de la Rosa) to a groin pull. I’m sure he was going to start one of the games in Philly, and now he may not pitch at all.
Side note: Harry Kalas’s last game was on April 12th in Colorado. Harry got to make one last dramatic HR call when Stairs hit a tie-breaking two-run shot in the ninth inning.

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