The Roster: Who's In, Who's Out?

Thumbnail image for bruntlett 0823.jpgThe Phillies announced their 25-man postseason roster:

Tyler Walker, Clay Condrey and Eric Bruntlett are NOT on the roster.

Kyle Kendrick, Miguel Cairo and Antonio Bastardo ARE on the roster.

The roster is:

CATCHERS (2): Carlos Ruiz, Paul Bako.
INFIELDERS (6): Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Pedro Feliz, Jimmy Rollins, Greg Dobbs, Cairo.
OUTFIELD (5): Raul Ibanez, Shane Victorino, Jayson Werth, Ben Francisco, Matt Stairs.
PITCHERS (12): Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels, Joe Blanton, J.A. Happ, Pedro Martinez, Brad Lidge, Ryan Madson, Brett Myers, Scott Eyre, Chad Durbin, Kendrick, Bastardo.

I’m actually surprised Bruntlett isn’t on the roster, despite the fact he hit just .171. Why? Because Bruntlett is a pretty good base runner and can play everywhere in the field. He also is considered a better shortstop than Cairo, although I suppose if Rollins gets hurt Cairo vs. Bruntlett is probably the least of your concerns. Condrey didn’t surprise me too much because he missed so much time this season. Walker surprised me a bit because he went 2-1 with a 3.06 ERA in 32 appearances. Kendrick pitched well down the stretch, but I’m wondering how he would be used since the Phillies already are starting the series with Blanton, Happ and Martinez in the bullpen.


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Good roster all around. I see the wise hand of Rube at work here, realizing that Bruntlett’s versatility is not worth his futility now that we have Francisco to back up the outfield, and that Walker was having a very lucky season which recently regressed as he started getting shelled.
Condrey over Durbin might have been wise but that’s a minor nitpick. I like it.

I like the Kendrick choice. I think they will try there hardest not to use Happ, that’s why they took Bastardo and they almost definitely won’t use Pedro or Blanton out of the pen so they need a long man

One thing I am kinda miffed about is that Geoff Jenkins gets a first pitch but not Pat Burrell

Why would you say Bruntlett is considered a better shortstop? I believe Cairo has a better fielding percentage and range than Bruntlett. Doesn’t really matter anyways, since Rollins isn’t going to be taking any games off in the playoffs. He won’t be pinch hit for either since he’s a switch hitter.

Looks good to me!
Sure hope Chase starts hitting.
The radio guys were really surprised about Kendrick. I wasn’t. Especially after his last outing.

Clay Condrey’s September ERA- 0.00, hasn’t allowed an earned run in over 3 months (although he’s been injured a lot of that time). Last time his ERA took a hit was June 18th. It’s disgraceful that he isn’t on the NLDS roster.

Clay Condrey’s ERA in September being 0 may have something to do with him throwing 5 innings in that time period plus October. And 3 innings in July. And 0 in August. Are you serious?

I’m glad they went with Cairo over Bruntlett. The only reason for that spot is to pinch hit. But Antonio Bastardo!?!
When was the last time he threw a pitch in the major leagues? Iffy choice.

The writing is on the wall for Bruntlett. I seriously doubt that he’ll be back next year. You can’t hit below the Mendoza-line for an entire season and expect to stick around.

I love reading the comments here from all of the hair splitters. The bottom line? Who gives a frig. The Phillies are into the third year of their best run ever. It took the 1970s team 4 tries to even get to the WS to say nothing about winning it all in the fourth of five years. This team won it all in the second year of the run and is now going into its third year. With the nucleus the Phillies currently have, it should be the third of several more productive years.

Everybody please bow to the blog bloviator and refrain from having opinions about the World F***ing Champions.

From your PC to God’s ear, pherris. They should win this Rockies series, at least.

norma: Chase’s post season batting average is a lusty .213, so coming off his .211 over the last 28 days, I’d say he’s cruising in.

I’m wondering where Bastardo came from all of a sudden, but that’s Chuck Manuel. Happy to have Thursday tickets and not have to sit in the gale on Wednesday. Nice of TV to schedule night games in Colorado, too.

karen: That game was amazing. I was rooting for the Twins, so that turned out OK. We might see that parade.

Remember when Charlie was hired as manager and the “popular opinion” was for the baseball genius Jim Leyland? How’d that work out?

That Tigers-Twins game was a classic. I feel bad for Tigers fans. Their team really choked down the stretch.

Must say I was a bit surprised at Condrey’s omission and Bastardos inclusion. But for the most part like the roster very much.

Weather could be interesting this weekend in CO….snow might be in the forecast?!? YIKES! Of course the Fightins played the WS in a monsoon last year so a bit of snow will seem like a cake walk…..LOL!

On this pre-post season night, I wanted to say what fun its been blogging with all of you Zoners/Fightin Fans/WFC Fans. I hope we can continue until another parade down Broad Street!! GO PHILS!

Blog bloviator? Project much?

I think picking Kendrick and Bastardo were fine. I think they both have what it takes. I think picking Durbin over Condrey was a big mistake though. I don’t care if Durbin has been pitching well lately and Condrey hasn’t pitched much. Durbin’s still overall a shaky pitcher who nibbles and walks too many and didn’t do well last postseason while Condrey did very well in the playoffs last year and is cool under pressure. I pray that Chad proves me wrong though!

TWELVE pitchers? For a 5 game series? Wow. That really says it all… Two definite starters – and TEN relievers?? Better to have left Lidge off.

I can guarantee that in at least one of these games, we’re gonna wish we had another bat on the bench, or a base-stealer, or a glove to use in a double-switch.

Charlie has really tied his own hands here. God help us.

Hey, I’d rather have Condrey on that roster than Lidge. At least with Condrey, you know what you are getting when you wave him into the game.

Tigers blow a 7 game division lead in September. Hm, who was the last team to do that?🙂

Given his experience, Condrey being left off the roster makes me think injuries are still nagging him – especially since he has pitched so little lately. And, Bastardo on the roster makes me think Happ in game 3 could be a possibility – especially with his stellar road record and he needs postseason experience sooner rather than later.

Go Phils!!!

Roster looks very good. I’m a bit surprized that if he was putting Cairo instead of Brunlett he didn’t put Mayberry instead of Stairs. This would have offset the speed Brunlett has over Cairo as a pinch runner. Realistically, the PHing goes to Fransisco and Dobbs.

Choosing between Lee and Hamels is pretty much a coinflip. I really hope it was the right choice because game #1 is huge. I beleive that teams who lose game #1 of the NLDS are 3-25 in series since it was instituted in 1995.

I agree with Cole. The start times for the defending world champions is terrible and a slap in the face!! I hope we get to play the “glamour teams” (ie Boston, NY) in the World Series and kick their butts big time. The Phillies are such a class team and they really don’t get the respect they deserve. I don’t know who decides these times, but MLB and Selig should have done something about this!

kladams1958, MLB headed by Bud Selig ARE the ones who decide the game times.

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