Hamels Calls Early Start Times Unfair

Cole Hamels feels your pain, Phillies fans.

He called the 2:37 p.m. start times in Games 1 and 2 of the National League Division Series unfair.

“Being the defending world champs, I think it’s kind of a little weird that we kind of get both games at 2 o’ clock,” Hamels said this morning at Citizens Bank Park. “I don’t think it’s fair.  I definitely don’t think it’s fair for the fans because this is all about the home-field advantage or just baseball in general.”

The Minnesota Twins play the New York Yankees at 6:07 p.m. Wednesday and the St. Louis Cardinals play the Los Angeles Dodgers at 9:37 p.m.

“I understand TV ratings, but I think at the end of the day, most players would rather play when they’re both comfortable and that’s kind of what we’re trained at, either 1 o’clock or 7 o’clock,” Hamels said. “It’s more fair for us than really the TV ratings because truly I don’t think we mind as much for TV ratings.

“We want to get ourselves to the World Series and win it, and that’s all that matters. It’s not how much money we can make in the process of playing this game, because truly, being a world champ, that’s what we really live for, and to be able to experience it again. And I know that all these baseball players that are playing today want to be able to experience that. What better way than to get more of a situation that we’re kind of used to playing, to have the fans at the stadium, because that’s what really matters is having them there to watch. We can understand that people want to watch it on TV, but I don’t know too many people that are going to be watching this game at 11 on the West Coast.”


On the DL talks with Phillies broadcaster Tom McCarthy.


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I agree, why play every game back to back. I will be gone the whole day and i wanted to root the Twins vs Yankees. Kinda sucks for me.
They want all their money with a back to back to back. oh well, wish i was fully unemployeed for a few weeks. lol
Two Voices | Two Guys

not only do the times suck, but they are broadcasting it on TBS which I can’t get overseas. I can’t watch it on MLB.com as it’s only for US viewers. In other words, I have no way of watching this round of the playoffs at all. No wonder MLB is not popular outside the US. Small minds in Bud’s office at work again.

That all said, LET”S GO PHILLIES!!!!

I think it’s interesting that they figure the Yankees and Dodgers are the draws, so they get the nighttime spots, while the Phillies/Rockies are relegated to the afternoon, where the ratings will be naturally lower anyway. It’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy.
They’ll say, “The Phillies aren’t ratings grabbers,” but they don’t schedule the games where people can actually watch. Strange.

Then they get equally screwed in Denver with night games in the cold temperatures. Can’t get a break. I guess they’ll just have to win so the networks have no choice than to show their games at night.

And furthermore, Bud Selig is a clown.

It sucks that they get both day games, but please, stop whining Cole. The stadium will be filled to the brim by rabid phans.
I worry about Cole that his wife is due any day now. He is easily distracted.

just as long as they take his cell phone away and don’t have her deliver on the mound he’ll be okay

My wonderful boss has told me that I’m done for the day at 2:00 so I can get home in time for the game.

phan: They mentioned his wife’s pending child on WIPs morning show and had the same feelings.

I think, in the divisional round that MLB should bite hard and schedule two games at or near the same time – like a 6:05 and 8:00 start, as well as the 10:00 west coast game. Fans in Philly are going to watch the Phillies regardless of who else is playing, so the ratings probably wouldn’t change much. They want all of these playoff games, which is cool, but then (as always) the fans get screwed because MLB wants the money.

It would’ve been nice to have the times of the games would have been more convenient for the regional fans of each game especially at the 1st round where for the most part the fans who are most interested in watching the games are in Philly area/Denver area.

Heigh ho heigh…..I’ll be watching via philly.com’s live game chat.

karen: I like what Fox did last Saturday and had McCarthy do the play by play. Most of the national guys don’t know the subtleties of the teams the way their own broadcasters do. Plus, I cringe whenever one of the national guys (Morgan and Miller especially) start talking about the city in general. They’re better off sticking to baseball.

I’m a big Franzke fan but I don’t think I could tolerate the delay.

Also for the Saturday night game, I’m either turning the sound down and listening to Franzke & LA even though there’s a delay or just listening to the game on the radio. I did that last year for the playoffs and it was worth it!

One of the hosts on WIP mentioned a comparison between day and night ERA and there was a significantly higher ERA for day games. I didnt hear whether it was league wide or specifically for Phillies pitchers.

If Lidge comes in the game and I am at home, I am turning to Gameday. There is no way that I could watch.
I am missing tomorrow’s game regardless, as I will be on a business trip and will be in meetings all afternoon.

still pissed that it’s on tbs and not fox or espn. Can’t watch it on TV or on line (mlb.com is only broadcasting within US they claim, and they won’t take my credit card anyway-not US issued) what a crock of Sh*t

I hear you FIJ, TBS is not included in my minimal cable package. I have to listen to thge games on ESPN radio.

CLIFF ******** LEE!


(just checking the censor)

onwiththeshow: The day/night ERA thing was for Cole. Apparently, he pitches better at night.

f.i.j.: Do you get the MLB Network over there? You could probably catch updates on that, although I’m not sure if they do the playoffs the same way they do the regular season, but they probably have a nice post-game package at least. You missed a beauty today. I love a complete game.
And the TBS announcers don’t obsess over pitch counts the way McCarthy and Wheeler do. That was refreshing. I had no idea how many pitches he’d thrown until after the game.

muleman, it’s true. Cole is 0-6 in day games this year…..

erichh1: Well, that doesn’t bode well for my game tomorrow. I hope Cole was taking notes. Having a 2-0 lead going to Colorado will make this series a lot more relaxing.

Do you think Werth was complaining about the rally towels or complaining about the low Sun this afternoon? I saw him gesture to Utley and the announcers thought he was talking about the white towels. Maybe they should start giving out red ones?

muleman, red is definitely more intimidating to visitors….. Did anyone see the 2002 World Cup games that South Korea played in? The whole stadium looked like it was full of blood, like something from “The Shining” It helped rouse the fans up to a frenzy and carried an average soocer team all the way to the semi-finals. I wonder what the Bank would look like if everyone dressed in red and waved red towels….

great idea for better game times and for red towels, muleman!

Or how about red towels when the Phils are on defense and white ones for when the opposition takes the field?

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