Lee, Phillies Own Game 1

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A couple quick hits from Game 1 of the NLDS at Citizens Bank Park, where the Phillies beat the Rockies, 5-1:

  • Cliff Lee became the eighth pitcher in Phillies postseason history to throw a complete game. It was the ninth complete game in Phillies postseason history — Grover Cleveland Alexander threw two in the 1915 World Series — and the first since Curt Schilling threw a shutout in Game 5 of the 1993 World Series.
  • Lee’s stolen base in the third inning is the first by a Phillies pitcher in postseason history. He is just the fourth pitcher in baseball history to steal a base in the postseason: Wild Bill Donovan (1908), Billy Loes (1952) and John Smoltz (1991, 1992 and 1995) were the others.
  • Jim Tracy on Lee : “He got really, really good as the game went on. To the point where by the third inning, I don’t know if he missed a spot.”
  • Lee on pitching in windy conditions. He was asked about getting blown off the mound: “Did I get blown off the mound? … Oh, the wind. I thought you were talking about them stroking me.”
  • Charlie Manuel on Lee’s stolen base: “I thought, what in the hell is he doing?”
  • Jimmy Rollins made a couple nice catches in foul territory. The first came in the third inning against Dexter Fowler and the second came in the seventh inning against Todd Helton. The seventh inning catch was much more impressive because the wind really changed the ball’s direction. “Dexter’s was pretty much routine,” Rollins said. “I practice that a lot actually. The other one reminded me of the one in the World Series (Game 5) just without the rain. Pedro (Feliz) and I were both breaking back like wide receiver and DB. I saw the quarterback get hit and he didn’t, and I retraced the route and came in on the ball.”
  • Jayson Werth has hit safely in 10 consecutive postseason games: (.359, 14-39, four doubles, one home run, three RBIs, eight walks).
  • Carlos Ruiz has hit safely in five consecutive postseason games: .438, 7-16, home run, three RBIs).
  • The Phillies have won eight consecutive postseason games at the Bank.
  • Rollins on the postseason and winning Game 1: “Finally, it’s here. We can finally let the wins actually count for something. You win, it’s one less game you have to win to go to the next round. One down, 10 more to go.”


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WOW!! The Cliff Lee who pitched the first five games is BACK!!!!! This guy is OFFICIALLY a big game pitcher.

“Cliff Lee became the eighth pitcher in Phillies postseason history to throw a complete game. It was the ninth complete game in postseason history” Am I reading this right? out of 9 post season complete games in the history of baseball,Phillies have thrown 8 of them?

No, that was my mistake. He was the eighth Phillies pitcher to throw a CG in postseason history. It was the ninth PHillies CG overall in the postseason. Alexander threw two.

Todd, do you have that picture of Cliff lee in a bigger size? I want to make it my background.

I posted a few days ago that I was worried about Cliff Lee. He sure proved me wrong today. That was a stud, ace-like performance. Hopefully Cole can follow suit tomorrow. Felt good to beat the Rockettes in the playoffs for once.

That picture is great because it looks like he’s yawning with boredom at the Rockies’ weak grounders

IT seems as if the Phillies woke up in the 5th and from then on were hot. Lee pitched a great game after settling down after the first few innings. His going all 9 was HUGE as it removed the bullpen from the equation and, assuming that Blanton and Happ both don’t have to pitch in relief todat, allows us a game 3 starter who is fresh. No surprizes in who else won last night..LA and the Yucks, I’m 1-1 in the MLB fantasy finals, hoping to win today again. Picked Phillies, anyone differ with that pick?
Let’s go COle!!!

Lee: He pitches a complete game, gets a hit, gets a sacrifice, steals a bag…..not a bad day’s work!!!

Loved the Phils getting runs w/out the long ball. Rollins defense in the Wizard of Oz like wind was amazing!

Cole….kick butt!!

some of those doubles and triples should have been long gone. Wind was having a laugh with teh fielders all day. Let’s wrap this up by winning today and heading on the road up by 2

That was a fun game, although the wind almost knocked me over a few times and that is no small feat…LOL Got a nice photo of the Rockies pitcher picking up a blown bag. Poor guy…loses the game and has to take out the trash too ;O)


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