Hamels Has Left the Building

Cole Hamels allowed seven hits and four runs in just five innings this afternoon in Game 2 of the National League Division Series.

It was a forgettable performance, but it won’t be a forgettable day. Hamels has left Citizens Bank Park to be with his wife Heidi, who is in labor. The Hamels are expecting their first child.


Joe Blanton pitched one-plus inning and J.A. Happ left the game on a line drive off his leg in the seventh. That means Manuel has used four starting pitchers in the team’s first two games, which means who exaclty starts Game 3? It could be Pedro Martinez, but we don’t expect to know until after the game at the earliest.

Can this work the rest of the series, and deeper in the postseason should the Phillies get that far?


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There is no way Cole was not distracted by his wife going into labor. That said, I hope and pray that his child is born 100% healthy and his wife doesn’t have any complications during the child’s birth. Now, it’s time for the rest of the team to turn this game around and win it for Cole. He doesn’t deserve to pick up a loss because he was distracted because of concerns for his wife and the birth of his child. Now is the time for the Phils to prove that they can COME ON PHILS!!! DO IT FOR COLE!!!!

This game has been a total disaster. Hamels was bad but so was the ump’s strike zone. As usual, the Phils make Cook look like Greinke. Now, Cholly has used all startes but Pedro and then Happ is smacked on the leg by a line drive.

Using starters as relievers doesn’t seem to work out to well for Charlie. 2 years ago, he lifted Kendrick early and brought in Loshe, who promptly served up a Grand Slam to Kaz Matsui. Blanton was out of his element today. Using guys in roles that they are not used to doesn’t seem like the smart play. Don’t out-think yourself, Charlie.

Thanks Mr. World Series MVP. Nice hanging curve. Enjoy your Camaro.

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