Manuel Not Ready to Name Game 3 Starter

Charlie Manuel is keeping the Rockies guessing about Saturday’s starter in Game 3 of the National League Division Series at Coors Field.

He has three choices: left-hander J.A. Happ or right-handers Joe Blanton and Pedro Martinez.

It could be any of the three, but Happ could make the most sense because he shutout the Rockies in August. Doesn’t Manuel just imagine it will be Happ?

“I don’t imagine nothing,” Manuel said today. “Seriously. … We haven’t gotten together on it yet. A day at a time. That’s how we’ve been playing for the last three or four years.”

Manuel had Happ and Blanton in the bullpen Wednesday in Game 1. Happ warmed up in the ninth inning in case left-hander Cliff Lee started to struggled. Happ and Blanton will be in the bullpen again in Game 2. Martinez will not be in the bullpen, which indicates the Phillies are holding him back in case they end up using Happ or Blanton to the point they are not able to pitch this weekend. Martinez has pitched just once since Sept. 19, and that was just four innings Sept. 30 against the Houston Astros.

“I think Pedro has thrown enough where he’s capable of going out there and throwing definitely 90 to 100 pitches,” Manuel said. “I can see Pedro getting in a game.”


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Cole Hamels has been 100% consistant this whole year when it comes to pitching in day games. 0-6 before this game. I’m not surprised. But I AM shocked that the Phils can’t match the Rockies run for run. Aaron Cook can’t be that good. He’s not Chris Carpenter. He just came off the DL a week ago. Jimenez is a MUCH better pitcher and they lit him up. Could someone who is wathching the game explain?….

I’ve been begging for the Phils to make one of their famous come-from-behind wins. I posted here a week or so ago that I thought that the ability to come from behind and win a game was the only thing missing from this year’s Phils. I guess we’ll see if they still have it. GO PHILS!!

I’m shocked that Charlie used both Blanton and Happ in relief. I guess he figures one of them can still start Sunday if they don’t throw too many pitches. Of course Happ may be hurt now. *********…

I hope Happ’s injury isn’t serious. BTW, the ESPN Radio guys just announced that Cole’s wife went into labor, is that true?

PA announcer just said that Happ has a lower leg contusion, x-rays negative. eric: the answer to your second question is on the front page of the blog🙂

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