Game 3 is Postponed!

Major League Baseball has postponed Game 3 of the National League Division Series to 10:07 p.m. Sunday.

Game 4 will be played Monday at a time to be determined.

Good call. I woke up this morning, turned on the TV and the wacky weather man said game-time temperature would be 26 degrees. Twenty-six degrees! I then looked outside to find snow on the ground. Snow! You can’t play playoff baseball in that weather.

Check back later for more. I’m not sure if this changes pitching matchups.


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That’s interesting. There are ALDS games scheduled for 5:07 and 8:37 EDT, so maybe one (or both) of them can wrap up their series so we can get the Phils on at a decent time? Monday isn’t a holiday for everyone.

Glad to hear that a sensible decision was made to postpone today’s game. However are the next couple of days any better???

muleman: good thought! It was really ridiculous that these games in Denver were scheduled the way they were considering that Denver out of all the teams in the playoffs is likely to have the worse weather.

karen: Another reason to root for the Angels. There’s a good article by Phil Sheridan (surprise) in Saturday’s Inquirer about the scheduling nonsense that MLB puts us through. Of course, it’s all about TV and money.

Got that right…its all about the money. Speaking of which, did you all hear about that little girl who sued Ryan Howard for his 200th HR ball? Disgusting. Just ranted on my blog about the BAD parenting there…


Jenn…I did hear about the lawsuit. You know it’s all coming from the parents. What really irks me…….They could have easily refused to give up that ball, when it was initally caught. Although they probably had no idea it was Ryan’s 200th HR ball. But what took them so long?! I heard, that since it’s already in the Cooperstown, that the HOF gave it to them.

I’m heading over to check out your blog.

Bud Selig is the worst commissioner in the history of professional sports. Nobody has ever made it more about money and less about the players and fans than MLB during his tenure.

phan: I’m not a Selig fan either, but he’s a cog in a bigger machine. Almost every question has an answer of either TV or money. Sometimes both. Selig is merely feeding the monster that has been created over the years.

They’re so afraid of competition that they schedule games so that there’s no overlap. They wind up playing them until 1:00am EST and wonder why the audiences are dwindling.
True, Selig is bad, but part of the reason he’s still involved is that he doesn’t make waves. A stronger commissioner might say something. Playing a potential game 7 of the World Series on November 5 is ridiculous.
Read Sheridan’s column if you get a chance.

This is ridiculous,baseball at 9:30 pm,26 degrees why couln’t this game be played at 4 pm in the sunshine? Oh that would make sense. And the Yankees played under a dome. We as fans and viewers have to start to speak up and speak up loud.

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