Happ in Game 3, Lee in Game 4, Hamels in Game 5

Charlie Manuel and J.A. Happ just spoke to reporters on a conference call, and Manuel announced that Cliff Lee would pitch Game 4 of the NLDS on Monday. It also seems very likely Cole Hamels would pitch Game 5 on Tuesday in Philadelphia, if necessary, although Manuel said Joe Blanton and Pedro Martinez would be possibilities to start Game 5.

Makes sense.

The Phillies have three quality left-handers and the Rockies struggle more against lefties. Lee will be pitching on normal rest. So would Hamels.


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If they win tonight, I would save Lee for a potential game 5. I think they could go with Pedro in game 4 and win with the Rockies back to the wall. JMO.

phan52, I think that would work best. IMO, I don’t think Hamels should be pitching anymore this series. If Happ wins, and the Rockies come back in game 4, I’d rather see Lee over Hamels, even if it means taking Hamels off his regular rest.

As entertaining as Martinez can be, Happ deserves the start. As I and many have said, he’s been a true team player all season and I’m sure he’ll shine in the spotlight tonight.

Was hoping they might change the game time since LA beat St. Louis, but alas no………….

I was hoping that as well, but I realized that they’d never put the West Coast game in the afternoon or move the Yankees game.

Glad Happ’s starting. 37 year old + bad neck + freezing conditions + biggest game of the year = Disaster. He’s been a good guy this year, and I think he’ll have a market in the offseason.

It’s 4:30 on Sunday and tomorrow’s game time is still “To be Determined.” How’d you like to be a ticket holder in Denver on a Sunday afternoon and not know what time your game is on Monday? Major League Baseball is just about as inconsiderate to their fans as any sport – ever.
It’s a shame that such a great game is so badly run.

It’s 4:07 tomorrow, but like they did with the Tuesday game, they could change the game time. That one was changed from 5:07 to 8:07. Odd that I’m rooting for the Yankees.

I’m seeing that it’s 4:07 OR 6:07 on Comcast tonight. Still undecided – typical.

Right now (5:08 Pacific time), mlb.com lists Monday’s game time as TBD. Ridiculous.

It strikes me as funny that yesterday’s 26 degrees was too cold to play baseball but today’s 33 degrees isn’t. This whole thing stinks. Let’s just hope they win in spite of MLB.

Yeah, this delay means that we basically have to start Pedro or Blanton in Game 1, if we win this one in 5. Can’t wait!

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