Baby, It's Cold Outside

If it is warmer than last night, it’s probably by only a few degress.

It’s still really, really cold outside.

Here’s a few things from before Game 3:

  • Cole Hamels is working out in Philadelphia in preparation for a potential Game 5 start. “He’ll be ready to pitch,” Charlie Manuel said. “That’s no problem.”
  • Manuel is keeping Jayson Werth in between Ryan Howard and Raul Ibanez in the Phillies lineup. “(Franklin) Morales is a hard thrower,” Manuel said. “And when he comes in to pitch and yo’uve got three left-handed hitters standing there and he’s throwing in the upper 90s … if he’s in a groove, I like to offset those with at least one right-handed hitter, and that’s Werth.”
  • Manuel said Chan Ho Park would have a good chance to pitch in the NLCS, if the Phillies get that far.
  • On hearing there are heaters in the Colorado dugout, Manuel said, “Rockies got ’em, we better have ’em.”
  • On Brad Lidge‘s role in the bullpen, Manuel said, “I don’t foresee putting Brad Lidge in early. I do foresee putting him in late. That’s one of the reason why we’ve got Blanton down there, too. We want somebody when we get to the seventh inning, we want to be able to go through the seventh, eighth, ninth innings with Blanton, (Ryan) Madson and Lidge. Might not be in that order, but you won’t see hin in the seventh.”


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Is Charlie Manuel a genius, or what? Using Madson when he did was the move of the game, using his best reliever in a tight spot instead of holding him till the endgame. Even Madson was surprised that he got the call. I gues his blind faith in Lidge allowed him to do it, but I’m not questioning Charlie anymore.

Yep, using Madson was a great move and Durbin did a great job in the eighth. I almost threw up when Lidge stepped on the mound in the 9th, but all is good for now – Tulo just missed that pitch.

While bringing in Madson worked out great, it wasn’t planned. He wasn’t even warming up. Eyre was in and if he hadn’t sprained his ankle I guess he would have finished out the inning, leaving Madson to pitch either the 8th or the 9th. In any case, the true hero of the game is Utley and his steal of 1st–hitting the ball off his leg and running it out knowing he ump couldn’t see what happened. Turned a foul ball into a single and allowed Ryan to get the GWRBI. Tonight it’s Lee. I’m highly confident. Why is it, though that all the other series ended in sweeps? Can’t they get good match-ups? See what happens when you put the Phillies out of prime time, they give you the best baseball–what a game it was

Was sorta glad I slept through most of the game?! I did wake up at around midnight and checked to see what the score was and was surprised it was only the 5th inning!

I still can’t believe they played in such frigid conditions. Those Rockies fans deserve a lot of credit for sitting in the stands. There the ones who got screwed by the lousy start time.

I know some folks hate this term: but can you believe how much small ball our Fightins are playing during this playoff run? I think we only have a couple of HRs. Also how about Chooch! Once again having a stellar post season.

PLEASE OH PLEASE LET THEM CLINCH TONIGHT! Don’t think I could stand a game 5 even with it being @ home.

f-i-j, Charlie may have wanted to get through the seventh with Eyre, but it didn’t work out. He knew he needed his best pitcher in that spot and he went for it. That is what managers used to do before all the specialization infested the sport.
I remember reading an interview with Gossage when he was voted to the HOF, and he said that he was always called into he game in tight spots, no matter what inning it was. Charlie went ‘old-time’ on them and it worked.

I agree Phan, it was teh right move at the right time. Just like him telling Lidge not to wory if he walked the Rox’ big guy who has killed us. I am surprized at how he’s using the pitching staff, but pleasently surprized. Did anyone else notice that our starting 8 are all hitting above .300 for the series except JRoll?

I know this is horrible but part of me wanted Lidge to blow it so that Charlie would never go to him again and he wouldn’t blow an even bigger one in the NLCS or WS. I know, it’s stupid and irrational but one championship didn’t change the mindset established by a lifetime of Philly sports failures.

Let’s go Lee!

It’s a new season and new Lidge, zach, the meatball that Tulowitzki missed notwithstanding. In Charlie We Trust!!

zach58, hang in there, Buddy. We all have the same struggles. Keep fighting the negativity. Once the baseball season is over, we’ll be drowning in it from following the Eagles, Flyers, and Sixers. GO PHILS!!

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