Win Today, Go to LA

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A couple things about Game 3 last night;

  • Chase Utley hustled and made something happen out of nothing in the ninth inning. That’s why you run hard.
  • Who said the Phillies can’t play small ball? They’ve done a good job of doing the little things this series.
  • Charlie Manuel isn’t messing around, bringing Joe Blanton into the game in the fourth inning and Ryan Madson into the game in the seventh inning.
  • Scott Eyre has a mild sprain of his right ankle. He said he should be OK. In fact, he said there is no way he will not be able to pitch.
  • If this is the shot of confidence Brad Lidge needed, it could be a boost for the bullpen.


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Bleary eyed but happy with the win. This umpiring crew is brutal, both ways. Almost as bad as the announcers.
Zo, if they win tonight, will the team go directly to LA or fly back and forth again?

Chase Utley, you are the man! Except you made everybody’s heart leap a bit when you took second on the sac fly.

Why aren’t all the players wearing hats like J-Roll’s? I love that “Elmer Fudd” look very sensible on a 20 degree evening.

Chooch continuing to have a stellar post season. Glad to see Chase get some hits! Maybe he’s coming out of his slump.

As I said in a previous post, the Phils are really playing a lot of small ball this post season. I think we’ve only a couple of HRs. That’s very encouraging.

Evidently the TBS announcers have been awful for all the post season games. Read an article in the NY TImes critizing Chip Caray’s calls in the Yankees series.

I’m getting ready for a middle of teh night start. AS I understand it the game is at 6:07 Eastern which is 12:07 AM my time. Figure I’ll be in bed by 5:00 to get up at 6:00-the price we pay to watch our Phillies. (at least in LA the games will be early morning my time–watch with morning coffee)

I understand that the umps have been awful in all the series, not just the Philies-Rockies. Is there any real thought to changing how they decide who gets to ump in post season? I think my 7 year old could do better then some of the calls I’ve seen and heard about.

If some of the calls this postseason doesn’t get a discussion going about replay, nothing will. The calls are affecting outcome late in games.

I heard Steve Phillips this morning on 97.5 the Fanatic and he said that due to some umpire injuries there are guys getting assignments this round that should not be in the playoffs and they are the ones blowing the calls such as Jerry Meals last night and the left field umpire during the Yankees/Twins series that blew the call during game 2 on the hit by Joe Mauer. It gives good credence to adding instant replay for fair or foul calls at least during the playoffs.

while something needs to be done, replays aren’t the answer-and here’s why. Take the call blown in the Twins game. Runner on first, the ball hit down the line and ruled foul. Replay says it’s fair, where is the runner on first now? Would he have scored from first on that hit? Would the LF have thrown him out? Would he have been held?

replays are good only for HR’s where the ball is dead in any case and eitehr everyone scores, or no one does. How can you determine what would have happened to a live ball? What needs to be done is to reward/punish umpires for their ability to call plays correctly or not. Just as all players don’t make the sama amount, based on skill, pay umpires based on ability and not how many years they’ve been in the league. Let the players/managers/coaches and yes, other Umpires rate the umps and only the best make the post season. And lastly, get rid of the wasted bodies in the OF. no one needs umpires on the foul lines in teh outfield.

Utley’s play wasn’t bad umpiring, but a gret play by a great player. There is no way the ump makes that call unless Utley stops when the ball hits him telling the ump something happened. He couldn’t see it. I’m not 100% sure, however, that the throw didn’t beat him and that Helton’s foot wasn’t still on the bag.

“Chase Utley hustled and made something happen out of nothing in the ninth inning. That’s why you run hard.”……..You couldn’t have said this better, Todd!

I’m sooooo glad I stayed up to watch last night! What a GREAT game!

Agreed that replay isn’t the answer. They pay 2 extra umpires to do nothing but stand on the lines and call fair/foul. They don’t have to do anything else. How do they manage to screw that up?

Tonight’s 6pm start is a blessing. It’s ridiculous that they can’t put 2 games on at once. Apparently, it’s OK to put the run-over on TNT but not OK to cancel “NUMB3RS” and “Law & Order” for a week. Seriously, wouldn’t TNT get better ad revenue from playoff baseball than from some dopey repeat? It’s never about the fans, which is what rankles me. Oh well, we’re done with that nonsense now that the LCS is starting, right? Say yes.

They won today, they’re goin’ to LA. Hamels already has their lineup sweating with Deja Vu.

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