Travel Day, Park to Join Roster?

nlds 1012 b.jpgThis is no time to rest.

Most of the the Phillies flew last night from Denver to Philadelphia after they clinched the NLDS. I’d tell you what happened, but I’m sure you might have seen highlights. Anyway, many players remained in Denver to fly to Los Angeles on their own today. But the rest of the team is scheduled to fly to Los Angeles tonight for a workout tomorrow at Dodger Stadium.

Game 1 of the NLCS is Thursday.

The Phillies have not announced their Game 1 starter, but it has to be Cole Hamels. He is well rested, and has had tremendous success against the Dodgers. He threw a shutout against them at Dodger Stadium on June 4, went 2-0 with a 1.93 ERA in two starts against them in last year’s NLCS to earn series MVP honors and is 2-0 with a 1.50 ERA in four career regular-season starts against them.

That decision should be easy, but there will be more difficult decisions ahead.

Chan Ho Park threw a bullpen session yesterday in Clearwater, Fla. Ruben Amaro Jr. said today that Park will be travelling with the team to Los Angeles, which means he is in the running for a roster spot, although Amaro said no roster decisions will be finalized until Thursday.

But to add Park, the Phillies would have to remove somebody. Who? The bullpen currently includes Brad Lidge, Ryan Madson, Joe Blanton, J.A. Happ, Pedro Martinez, Scott Eyre, Chad Durbin, Brett Myers, Antonio Bastardo and Kyle Kendrick. I included Blanton, Happ and Martinez in there because who knows how Manuel will use them against the Dodgers?

“I think if we were to advance we’re definitely going to sit and talk about our roster,” Manuel said before Game 4 of the NLDS. “If there are things that we feel like we need to change, of course we will. The whole thing about it is we want to get the best 25 guys we possibly can have to help us win. If there’s a chance we can change our roster and better our club or something … then that’s what we’ll do.”

The Phillies also must decide who starts Game 2. Lee would be unavailable, unless they bring him back on short rest. If they don’t do that, it would be Blanton, Happ or Martinez.


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Todd, hope you’re getting your laundry done!!
as for pitching: I figure it’s gotta be:
Game 1 Hamles
Game 2 Happ
off day
game 3 Lee
game 4 Blanton or Pedro
off day
Game 5 Hamels
off day
game 6 Lee
game 7 Pedro/Happ/Blanton

To make room for Park, the obvious person to cut is kendrick who is there to go multi innings which is exactly what Park does. bastardo is a lefty so he stays

Brad Lidge was one of those Phillies that came home! He was spotted in downtown Haddonfield, NJ with his wife! My friend, Tina took this picture. She said that he was really down to earth!!

Also, Charlie Manuel (who also lives in Haddonfield, NJ) was spotted at a local diner near town. When he got up to leave, the entire diner clapped and cheered for him!!

We love and believe in our Phillies!!

f.i.j.: I’d only question whether you’d want to commit to Pedro in game 4 when it could be a pivotal game and the guy has only pitched twice (7 innings) since September 19. And even at that he wasn’t very effective, giving up 13 hits and 6 runs in those 7 innings. I think that snow-out was the worst thing for his postseason aspirations. I wouldn’t pass over Blanton to use him, that’s for sure.

From previous thread…..

Karen………It’s all about the *high profile* teams, when it comes to the WS. Better for marketing, Tv ads, etc. The Phils have always been a step-child. Makes no difference that we’re the World F***ing Champs. Nobody was interested in last years WS, either. Boooo is right! On a more positive note, my son said ESPN is predicting the Phils win the WS in 7 games!

karen: It’s kind of a self-fulfilling propecy though, isn’t it? They put the alledgedly unpopular teams on in the afternoon or late at night, so of course they don’t pull the ratings. Maybe there would be more Phillies, Angels and Twins fans if their games were on when people (kids) could actually watch them?
I’m not saying they’d ever be as popular as the blessed Yankees, but at least then we wouldn’t have to listen to the networks moan when the Yankees aren’t in the playoffs or get kicked out, like I hope happens soon.
Then, all of a sudden they wind up with a Phillies/Angels WS and complain, when all along it’s the networks’ fault for not putting more games on.

Hopefully we’ll get to see Pedro pitch this series.

According to ESPN, Martinez has pitched reasonably well against the LAD’s lineup.

muleman, a very similar problem is happening in FIFA soccer. the only proposed (and logical) solution is a salary cap.

doesn’t seem likely that it’ll happen in the near future.

IMO, even if the phillies repeat they still won’t get the primetime game slots since they still no Yankees or Dodgers, etc

ReclinerGM has their NLCS preview up – they nailed the NLDS prediction – hopefully they are right again…

I was surprised and glad at the start times for the NLCS…..8:00 pm EST for all the games except Friday. I thought they might be later for the first couple since they’re playing in LA.

I don’t care who the Phils might play in WS. Just hoping they get to the big dance again. A Phils/Angels series would be just as much fun as Yanks. It would be interesting to see where Sarge’s loyalty would be if the Phils played the Angels.

For those of you interested in the numbers, here they are:

Sunday’s Yankees/Twins game got 4.1 million households and 6,791,000 viewers. Sunday’s Phils/Rockies game got 2.7 million households and 4,087,000 viewers. God knows how many were left after 2:00am.

Wednesday’s Yankees/Twins game got 4.3 million households and Friday’s Yankees/Twins game got 4.1 million. Pretty consistent numbers. So, even with the 3 hour difference in start times, the ratings numbers are significant. I would guess that the Phils would gain some viewers, but it’s hard to imagine them getting anywhere near the Yankees’ numbers, which is why we get short shrift from the networks when the Yankees are playing.

It’s all about ad revenue, and the numbers don’t lie.

Thank goodness that the two series are on different networks, or the Phillies would have gotten stiffed again with the start times. TBS is paying just as much money as FOX for this round and they obviously stood their ground for their share of the prime-time pie.

phan: Check the numbers I just posted (at 11:09) and you’ll see that the “prime time pie” is pretty much going to the Yankees. Their games were in the top 5 of cable shows for the week. That’s hard to argue, World F***ing Champions or not.

The only Phillies game in the top 25 was their Sunday night late show at #19. They barely beat out NCIS and SpongeBob and were beaten by Monk.

Now that I think about it, it has more to do with the fact that with exception of Monday’s game, the two series alternate days played.

Wrong, muleman. The Phillies will be the prime-time game on Monday and the Yankees/Angels are in the afternoon. I’m sure it is because the Phillies are playing in the afternoon on Friday and the networks have to share prime-time.
But if only one network was showing the games, I’m sure that the Philies would get screwed.

Muleman: the reason I tend to think Pedro will pitch game 4 is that Blanton will be used out of the Pen as middle inning guy. Also, Blanton can always take over for Pedro like he did from Happ while Martinez doesn’t seem to be a guy to come out of the Pen since his first inning is his worst inning. We MUST take game 1 with Cole pitching. I don’t want to be down 0-1 and have to pitch Happ in a must win situation on the road

karen: That has everything to do with it. Any time there is a day with 2 games, count on the Phils being the early day game. It doesn’t have anything to do with Fox “standing their ground” but everything to do with the New York Yankees. Sorry, but it is what it is.

Why did my most recent post end up before the post I was answering?

phan: And the Phils get prime time for a potential game 7 on Saturday, but it’s game 7, so you’d figure they’d have to be brain dead to not schedule it for 8:00. Yankees game 7 would be Sunday.
Still, it’s interesting that twice as many people are watching the Yankees than the Phils, regardless of start times. I’ll be curious to see the numbers for this coming week and next, but I suspect it will be more of the same.

I wasn’t commenting on the ratings, muleman. I’m just saying that the networks have to share prime-time.
But the Monday game is not on there (because the week ended on Sunday), and is that just prime-time? Because the other two Phillies games were in the afternoon.

phan: Yes, those are prime time ratings only. But I can’t imagine the afternoon games doing any big numbers. That’s why it will be a more accurate gauge of the Phils’ popularity (and the Dodgers’) to compare their prime-time numbers.

f.i.j.: If Park is healthy I’d rather have him do the middle innings than Blanton. It gets back to the fact that I’d rather have Blanton pitch 7 innings than one or two. I have no idea what they’ll get out of Pedro at this point, and it will likely be an “all hands on deck” affair if they run him out there. When it comes to the LCS, I’m not a risk-taker.

How do you get from Colorado to LA?

Take Huston Street.

Baseball has a bigger problem if the ratings for the Twins-Yankees game is some sort of “Gold Standard”. The Twins/Yankees game for Sunday was seen by 2.21% of Americans

pherris: It is a gold standard, when you consider that Favre’s game against the Vikings set a cable record with something like 31 million viewers (10% of Americans). There are too many choices, and the numbers are diluted.
“Dancing with the Stars” is pretty popular and that’s viewed by about 6% of Americans. You can’t go by 310 million people, you have to go by sports, and specifically baseball fans. That’s your target audience.

Overall baseball attendance was down in 2009 too, by the way, economic conditions notwithstanding.

You are wrong to conclude that the ratings you cited go by sports alone. It includes all of the knucklehead who want to watch “Dancing With The Stars” as well. You are cherry picking when you only consider sports viewers. The object is to draw the most viewers not only the sports viewers. In this regard, MLB is an abysmal failure. Hence, scheduling the Yankmees in better slots than the Phillies is BS.

personally I don’t care who else is watching what I want to watch, as long as I can watch it at a convinient time. The only time not convinient to Phillie phans in Phila is the fri game (which is the best time for me). Who cares why it is, but isn’t 8:00PM a good time for all of you? I know none of you care that it’s 2:00am for me.

pherris: With all due respect, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Ratings are all about “cherry picking” and sports especially. Believe it or not, not everyone is a baseball fan or even a sports fan. You can’t expect people who aren’t sports fans to watch sports, it’s that simple. Baseball is a success with baseball fans and sports fans in general.
You’re not going to be able to get non-sports fans to watch sports. Do you comprehend that simple statement? Just like I won’t watch “Dancing” most people don’t watch sports. It’s simple demographics.
Check the numbers in Philadelphia and Denver and you’ll get a different viewpoint, but it’s still probably only about 30% of potential viewers in total.

There are 310 million people in the country, and you can’t judge ANY program by every potential viewer. Calling people who watch “Dancing with the Stars” knuckleheads shows what you know. The networks know exactly whom they are targeting with advertising. They show product-specific ads for each program.
I really don’t have the time and energy to give you a lesson on TV and marketing, so let’s just agree that you’re wrong and drop it.

You are right muleman. MLB ratings compared to other offerings are not great, but the networks know that going in and still offer the sun and the moon for the rights. Sports viewers are a generally upscale demographic that marketing people value a great deal.

Back to baseball for a moment: I saw Scott Eyre interviewed after the CO game talking about Howard and how big his hit was. He said he’s such an amazing player and remembered earlier in the season when he had the 104 fever, was at the hospital the night before, came into the game to pinch hit and hit a HR. He’s really amazing!

Condescending much? I doubt that you can give me a lesson on anything. The object is to get the most viewers, sports fans or not sports fans. It is like Faux News crowing about its great ratings. So what, it’s like preaching to the choir. The object should be to increase the base and in this case to get more viewers interested and hooked on baseball. And yes, those who view “Dancing With the Stars” are knuckleheads just as those who watch Faux News are mouth breathers and/or knuckle draggers.

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