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You stole my line!!!!! LOL!
This team never, ever, gives up!!!

I want to take part in one of those ape-sh*t celebrations someday.

Carson, to paraphrase a Byrds song–“So you wanna be a (MLP PLayer)..take the time and learn how to play”–then you can be a MLB player, too

Can someone tell me who was teh series MVP?? No one mentions it in an article I’ve seen so far. I vote for Howard or Werth

I was so stressed out watching that game I thought I might pass out a few times…ha! Your title says it all…wow. What a game!


WTF?? NO MVP? Why not? They give one for the stupid all star game. What a crock of SH*T

f.i.j.: There is no MVP award for the series. I don’t know why. I’d have given it to Werth.

f.i.j.: Well, the first round is kind of strange. Technically, they didn’t win anything, they just got the ability to advance to the LCS where they can become National League Champions. So far, they’re still lowly “Division Champs.” 🙂

I don’t know why they don’t name an MVP. I’d think it would be an opportunity for more shameless marketing. “The Ford F150 MVP” or “The Kraft Big Cheese Award.” Something like that. Millions in missed ad revenue.

Bud? Are you there?

They don’t give MVP awards for the division series. Hard to pick one for this one anyway. That was an amazing two days in Colorado. Three really, when you think of the weather conditions that set it all up.

the “Luckily he didn’t blow one” award goes to Lidge
The “Mr. Clutch” award to Howard
the “clearly Worthy of all star status” award to Werth
the “best newcomer of the year” goes to Cliff Lee
The “best soccer player” award to Utley
The “Hey I can’t pitch too well today, but I’m a dad” award to Cole
The “Don’t try to figure out how and why I decided this or that” goes to Manuel

And the MVP (Most Valuable Philie) goes to Ruben Amaro Jr. for keeping this team together and brilliantly filling in the missing pieces before and during the season

I turned off the TV when Madson blew the save. Then was in the kitchen and turned on the radio because I thought this just might happen. I was really glad I did since I got to hear Franzke & LA call the final out.

MVP: Werth, Lee, Howard, J-Roll, Utley. It’s really hard to choose!

The Phils are a much better team than the Dodgers. Should be a good series.

Prediction: Yankees vs Phils WS????? (The NY Times said Yankees vs Dodgers would be better for baseball…….BOO!)

A repeat of the 1950 series for sure. We owe the Yuckees for that series. Predictions, Phillies over PA in 6, over Yuckees in 7

Remember how the “experts” gave the NL to the Cardinals? Just like last year when they gave it to the Cubs. The Dodgers beat both of them.
The Phils will have to get to the middle innings with a lead to minimize the Dodgers excellent bullpen. I’m not as over-confident as some. I expect the Phillies to win, though.

f.i.j.: Is there such a thing as a 59-year revenge match?

ask anyone who was a kid in 1950 and lived in Phila how much they like the Yucks (My father who was 6 at the time, still remembers it and has never let me forget it)

I had a four way conference call going from 8th inning on between 2 daughters and wife who’s visiting other daughter in Orange County, CA. I was getting feed about 5 seconds before everyone else, so my cursing watching Madson pitch kinda tipped them off. But I shut up during top of 9th and didn’t ruin it for them when we came back to win. I was sure Ryan went yard when he hit it, but watching him and Werth do it their way was even more fun. When Lidge came in to close it out, I learned that I can hold my breath for a looooong time, which will come in handy if I ever start to drown.

I can’t imagine what Charli Manuel has up his sleeve next but, whatever it is, I’m on board.

I’m probably all alone here, but I don’t feel the slightest bit of worry when Lidge comes into a game. I actually feel a sense of calm, as though the world is right and good things will happen.
Should I ever be captured and subjected to torture, I will try to recall these days and use those feelings to get me through.

It seems that Charlie has decided to use Lidge “situationally” rather than just the knee-jerk 9th inning “bring in the closer” bit.
It’s always struck me as odd that managers go through most of the game seeking out hitter/pitcher match-up’s, but when the 9th inning comes, they just roll out the closer and let them go regardless of the hitters coming up.

Maybe Charlie’s onto something?

Lidge will always make me nervous. Hell, he did last year in the postseason. His saves were rarely of the 1-2-3 outs variety in the second half of last season and the postseason. But he was able to stay ahead in the count most of the time and he definitely had some luck.

I agree muleman, that Charlie is on to something. What he did in the NL East clincher showed Lidge that he will still have some responsibility, and Lidge is a responsible guy. He does not want to let his teammates down and now he has some positive results to draw from.

phan: Lidge’s sense of responsibility is part of the reason I like him so much. He’s always trying to find the positives in his performance and never talks about his teammates in a negative way. It’s always his fault or his success, which is how it should be. That said, there are but a handful of closers who can provide 1-2-3 innings, so I don’t expect that out of anybody.
Even Rivera stumbled a bit against the Twins, and Papelbon had his problems.
There’s no reason why you can’t manage the 9th inning the way you manage the rest of the game – that is, find the match-up’s and bring guys in who have the best chance to succeed. Without a hall of fame caliber closer, maybe that’s the best option?

Lidge is going to have to be relied on because Charlie has made it clear that Madson is going to pitch at the critical junctures of the game. Sometimes it may be in the ninth, if they can get there. But most times Madson will probably be spent by the ninth.
Ninth inning, by committee. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Lidge start the inning and have Eyre come in to finish against a tough lefty.

Karen………It’s all about the *high profile* teams, when it comes to the WS. Better for marketing, Tv ads, etc. The Phils have always been a step-child. Makes no difference that we’re the World F***ing Champs. Nobody was interested in last years WS, either. Boooo is right! On a more positive note, my son said ESPN is predicting the Phils win the WS in 7 games!

FIJ……Why does the “best soccer player” award go to Chase?

Norma, FIJ’s soccer award was for the ball bouncing off Chase’s knee and him getting an infield single out of it.

JimmyMack, way to use new technology to your advantage!

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