Martinez to Start Game 2

pedro 0812.jpgCharlie Manuel
tipped his hand earlier today when he said Joe Blanton and J.A. Happ will be available in the bullpen in Games 1 and 2 of the NLCS.

We know Cole Hamels is starting Game 1 tomorrow night, and we know Cliff Lee is starting Game 3 on Sunday, even though the Phillies have not announced it.

That left Martinez, who a team source said tonight will start Game 2 on Friday.

What is interesting about Martinez is the differences in opinion between Manuel and Rich Dubee and Martinez about his readiness to pitch.


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Charlie does realize it doesn’t snow in LA, right? He can’t list Pedro and then after a snow out change to Happ. I guess I was wrong thinking that Happ would go in game 2

Not that it matters much but the NY Times & Ken Rosenthal are picking the Phils to win the NLCS in 6. The Daily News also “endorsed” a Phils victory of the series. Lets hope they’re all right!


Pedro is going to step up big time. That’s who he is.

I actually like the Phillie’s chances in this series. I figure that Cole should be really pumped tonight and is a better pitcher then Kershaw. Even if he somehow comes up short with Happ and Blanton ready we’re cool.

Tomorrow with Pedro going against Padilla it will come down to who’s middle inning guys are better. Pedro will pitch, hopefully 6 but probably only 5 innings. Again I’ll take Happ and Blanton, or Park, against who ever the Dodgers can throw at us.

Game 3 is Lee. I don’t care who goes against him, he’s hotter tehn hell right now.

Game 4 we loose, as it’s either Blanton or Happ after they’ve pitched in relief already

Game 5 is Hamels again followed in game 6 by Lee.

I figure Phillies in 6.

needs to remember that you spell it lose and not loose (it’s because it happens so infrequently that I can’t spell it)

Yes the Dodgers are improved. Therefore, it will take the Phillies 6 games to knock them off rather than the 5 games it took last year. The only thing I ask is that the 2 the Dodgers take not be the first two.

I am not sure it matters who pitches game 2, they will be on a short leash, plus I am guessing Charlie belives we can hit Padilla more than they can hit Martinez…7 hours to go…
Outside the Phillies looking In

Pherris: I figure we take games 1, 3,5 and 6 (cole wins twice as does Lee) losing in games 2-4 when Pedro and Blanton go. Hopefully I’m wrong and we win them all, but, as you said, the Dodgers are improved over last year. Wonder if Shane hits another GS and what the reaction will be when Stairs comes in to pinch hit for the first time…

I’m worried that Lee isn’t starting until Game 3. We need to take at least one of these games in LA and Hamels is not the Hamels of October ’08. I do like Charlie’s decision to start Pedro in Game 2, mainly because Happ could be the key to the bullpen this series. Still, Pedro’s a total crapshoot at this point, not having pitched in a game in so long. The first couple innings tomorrow could be ugly.

Whiel Hamels isn’t the same as he was last year, Kershaw isn’t a major concern. He’s young, easily rattled, etc. If we get an early rally going, or make him go deep in counts early we’ll be fine tonight. All we really need from Hamels is to give us 6-7 innings and hold the Dodgers to under 4 runs. We don’t need an all star preformance in order to win. Rockies are a better team right now, then the Dodgers are, and we all know what happened to them

I just can’t see this being good, i would so prefer Blanton, I don’t care what he gives you out of the bullpen, he’s a workhorse starter and that’s where he should stay. Besides, if the Phillies needed a longman out of the bullpen they could use Kendrick, who hasn’t been that bad, oh right, they got rid of him too, and kept Bastardo, phenominal idea. I’m incredibly disappointed with these moves.

If some of you guys think the Dodgers are better this year because they have basically the same team as last year but with more experience THEN so do the PHILS!! DeWitt has been replaced by the O-Dawg/ Belliard, which is an upgrade until you remember that Blake had a 3-run triple in the one game that the Phils lost to the Dodgers in last year’s NLCS. Manny without PEDs is like Superman with Kryptonite. If you think their pitching is better this year, I’d have to disagree. Kuroda was 100% healthy last year; he definitely won’t be near 100% this weekend. And going into the playoffs last year, Derek Lowe and Chad Billingsley were their best pitchers and the Phils lit them up. If the Phils show the same plate discipline that they exhibited in Colorado, Kershaw won’t last 4 innings. If Padilla gets the same wiiiiiiiiiide strikezone that the umps gave him in St. Louis, we’re in trouble. He scares me the most because he will purposely throw a 95-97 mph fastball right at the other team’s best hitters in the name of driving them away from the plate. He nailed Mark Texiera twice in one game and laughed about it in the dugout.Chase Utley beware!!!!! I see no reason why the Phils can’t take the Dodgers in 5 games if they play anything like they did against Colorado.

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