Myers Off NLCS Roster, Park On

myers closer.jpgBrett Myers
said tonight that the Phillies have told him he is not on the NLCS roster.

“I’m (ticked),” he said.

Chan Ho Park will take his place, a team source said. Park has not pitched since Sept. 16 because of a strained right hamstring, but Park said he feels healthy. Myers said he had a feeling he would not be on the NLCS roster once the Phillies did not pitch him in Games 3 or 4 of the NLDS against the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field.

Myers said he had nothing else to say, but the normally boisterous right-hander sounded hurt by the decision.

The Phillies also have decided to carry 11 pitchers in the NLCS, instead of the 12 they had in the NLDS.

Eric Bruntlett will be on the roster. He replaces Kyle Kendrick.


The source also said Martinez will be starting Game 2 on Friday.

Pedro vs. Padilla!



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Signal that he is no longer in their plans for this year and next? We’ll need what he might have gotten next year to sign Lee long term. I’m OK with leaving him off, hasn’t been very effective anyway. Curious on why Kendrick remains. Cairo and Bastardo make the cut?

Sorry, missed the Kendrick / Bruntlett part.

Hey Brett. You are, “Boom. Outta here!”

I think this has more to do with the fact that Myers can’t go for more than an inning, whereas Park can. It also tells me they have faith in Brad Lidge. Question, can Myers be put on the WS roster, should it come to that? Or is that not possible?

To be eligible for a team’s playoff roster a player must be on either a)the 25 man active roster, b)the disabled list, c)the bereavement list, d)the suspended list as of August 31st at midnight. They can reset the roster using these eligible players before every round of the playoffs. If a player is hurt during a series and is replaced, that player cannot be used again in later rounds.
Myers is eligible for the WS, but I doubt that he would be on the roster unless another pitcher got hurt. He hasn’t pitched much, and he hasn’t pitched very well when given the chance. I don’t have a problem with the move. Park is a more important piece and Bruntlett will keep them from having to use a pitcher to run again.

Bruntlett???? Gah.

The crazy thing is that Brett Myers has better post-season batting stats than Bruntlett does. lol

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