Pedro Talks About Game 2

pedro street clothes.jpgPedro Martinez
is starting tomorrow in Game 2 of the NLCS. He met with reporters this afternoon. Here is some of what he had to say:

QUESTION: What would it mean for you to take the mound in this stadium tomorrow night? I don’t want to make you feel old, but it was 17 years ago when you made your debut.
PEDRO MARTINEZ:  It’s going to be special, especially bringing back memories about my start here. I was born in this place, and I hope this is not the last one that I pitch here, but if it is, it would be a great joy to actually do it in the same place I started.

QUESTION: Charlie mentioned that you had pulled a muscle in your neck or your shoulder against the Braves last month. Can you expand a little bit about that and how you feel in regards to that injury?
PEDRO MARTINEZ: Well, everybody thought it was my neck, but in reality, after seeing a chiropractor it was one of my ribs popped out when I was swinging the bat. He says that it’s something really common; you can actually pop one of your ribs out actually sneezing. But it’s something that never happened to me. It was the first time. Everything on the right side stiffened up, and I wasn’t able to continue. But after adjusting my rib and putting it back in place, I felt fine. I have been able to pitch, even though I haven’t done it much. I was able to bounce back, and everything is back to normal.

QUESTION: What will be your feelings be like tomorrow night when Manny steps into that batter’s box? You guys have had such a great relationship. What will your emotions be like, and are you the one pitcher that probably knows how to pitch him better than anybody else?
PEDRO MARTINEZ: Well, nobody can say I know how to pitch Manny. Manny is such a great hitter, and he’s someone that makes adjustments as he sees the game develop. You know, I have a very good relationship with Manny. We are actually like brothers. But we’re both professionals, and we belong to different teams. So we’re going to have to go out there, do the best that we can to help our team win, and actually leave it at that in the field. But once the game is over, I hope he comes over and gives me the same real hug he always gives me and the same jokes.

QUESTION: Charlie said that he thought you looked pretty good in your simulated game, but yesterday I believe you used the word erratic. What did you think was erratic about the couple innings you pitched?
PEDRO MARTINEZ: Normally I have good command of my pitches, and yesterday I didn’t have it, even though yesterday I felt a little bit better about it. Today I’m expecting the same thing and tomorrow even better because I’m going to get more chances to actually sleep and actually do a little bit of flat ground and flip the ball around, and now I know I’m going to go into a game. Actually the adrenaline of the game will probably help me out a little bit to regain command and concentration about the things that I have to do. But it was a tough day Tuesday. I did the two innings. We had just landed from Colorado in Philadelphia. I only got like three hours of sleep, and you’re right back into the field. The cold weather over there in Colorado, we didn’t get to stretch very well. I didn’t get to throw at all. It was really difficult. Everything was working against that day. But here the weather is a lot more comfortable. Everything seems to be more comfortable. So I’m expecting better results.


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Pedro is the MAN!!!

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