Chooooch, Rauuuul, Chan Ho and More In Game 1

chooch 1014 b.jpgSome quick hits after the Phillies’ 8-6 victory over Los Angeles in Game 1 of the NLCS:

  • Since the NLCS moved to a seven-game format in 1985, the team taking a 1-0 lead has won 16 of 23 series, including 14 of the previous 16. Eight of the 10 NL teams that took a 1-0 lead on the road have reached the World Series, including the last seven.
  • In the NLCS and ALCS since ’85, the Game 1 winner is 28-18.
  • Carlos Ruiz hit a three-run homer in the fifth against Clayton Kershaw to make it 3-1. Ruiz, a career .246 hitter in the regular season, has hit .354 (17-for-48) with three doubles, two home runs, 10 RBIs and eight walks in his last 15 playoff games. “He likes the bright lights,” Ryan Howard said.
  • Howard smacked a two-run double to right field in the fifth to give the Phillies a 5-1 lead. It was Howard’s 17th and 18th RBIs in the postseason, which set a Phillies playoff record. Howard has 18 RBIs in 22 postseason games. Mike Schmidt had 16 RBIs in 32 postseason games.
  • Dodgers left-hander George Sherrill has allowed just two home runs to left-handed hitters the past two seasons: June 14, 2008, against Adam LaRoche and last night to Raul Ibanez. “I think that was a shock for everybody, especially the walks, which really hasn’t been something that he has done a lot of,” Dodgers manager Joe Torre said of Sherrill. “You know, that was a blow.”
  • Cole Hamels allowed four runs in 5 1/3 innings. He got rattled in the fifth when Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley could not turn a double play. Manny Ramirez followed and hit a 2-0 changeup for a two-run home run to cut the lead to 5-4. “It’s tough because you’re battling,” Hamels said. “I got exactly what I wanted and unfortunately the results didn’t happen. It takes a lot out of you because these guys are very tough hitters, so when you do get them in a situation where you can seal the deal, it takes a lot to really get through that. I really thought we had that. It’s the process I’ve had to go through all year – learning how to deal with my emotions and learning to control them and forgetting about what just happened.”
  • Hamels went 4-0 with a 1.80 ERA in five postseason starts last year. He is 1-1 with a 6.97 ERA in two starts this postseason, but sounded upbeat after the game. Everybody in the clubhouse thought Hamels had thrown much better than his line indicated, for what that’s worth.
  • Chan Ho Park pitched great. He entered the game in the seventh inning with a runner on second and no outs. He got Ramirez to ground out to Pedro Feliz to keep Andre Ethier at second. He struck out Matt Kemp and got Casey Blake to ground out to Utley to end the inning. It was the pitching performance of the night. “I thought he was outstanding,” Rich Dubee said. Charlie Manuel and Dubee said they did not consider sending Park back out to start the eighth. They had Ryan Madson rested, and did not want Park going out throwing 50 pitches his first time back since Sept. 16.


Random thought: I’m looking forward to seeing Pedro Martinez pitch today in Game 2.


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I just got done e-mailing my daily love note to TJ Simmers from the LA times.
I felt like I was listening to Joe Buck tonight on TBS. These guys wanted LA to win in the worst way. Caray wants to be his dad, Martinez has an annoying voice, and Darling, a pro New York guy is pretty fair on SNY when the Mets play the Phillies.

I love this pitch track they use. There were a lot of borderline pitches that could have gone either way. Marsh had a tight strike zone, but appeared to be consistently bad.

So, Ramirez is batting and strike three was clearly down the middle, but called a ball. He ended up popping out to Utley. No comment about strike three. Not even a close pitch.

Howard is up the next inning and after a few borderline pitches, Buckhead Martinez mentioned that he should have struck out twice in that at bat. It’s subtle, but annoying.

Chooch deserves a lot more credit than he gets.

Friday, I wont have to listen to these morons as I will be sitting in the all you can eat section with my daughter. I’m sure I will be eating for two.

Am I the only one tired of hearing about Cole talk about his emotional state? Cripes, grow a pair and shut up already. I guess next year he’ll want a psychologist to travel with the team. Glad to see Ricky Bo and Daultion rip him for showing up Jimmy and Chase on the misplay with his histronics after the error. I remember Kendrick being ripped by Dubee for his emotional outbursts, wonder if they will give this budding prima donna the same treatment?

I;m re-posting what I wrote on the previous thread, because I think that Davegas, Philliesphans and whatever his name are, deserve to be called out every day from now until the end of time for their comments about Myers:

Thankfully, none of you are the manager or GM of the team. You’re letting his personality and off field antics cloud your judgement of him as a player. Think, two years ago he was the ace of the staff, yet willingly went to the bullpen when asked. Last year he was the #2 yet when asked to go to the minors to fix his mechanics did so willingly and game back with a purpose. This year, despite having an injury that everyone thought would end his season, he worled his *** off to be able to come back and be ready for the stretch and playoffs. He’s not to blame that Charlie and Dumhead, the pitching coach, misused him too early causing him an arm injury. Give me 25 players like Myers and I’ll bring you a WS parade every year, even with Philliesphans managing them. A bit of respect for a player who has only ever done what he was asked to do, whether he liked it, agreed with it, or not!

What is with the clock on the comments? Running 20 minutes fast.

CHOOOCH! Senor Octobre!! Loved Howard’s comments about how he likes the bright lights. Glad to see Chan Ho not missing a beat. Loved him checking his pulse in the dugout🙂

Also Lidge just might be resurrected. He wasn’t perfect. But he managed to get things done.

Hamels dirty look to Utley & Rollins wasn’t too cool. Understand the frustration, but he shouldn’t do that on the field. But the obnoxious award goes to Manny. The way he stands there and poses after he hit the HR was just stupid.

I know this is a pithy comment, sorry. Someone out there, maybe the Fightins or Philavania, needs to make a t-shirt with the theme of Chooch & Chan, with the obvious reference to those two lovable cinematic stoners.

In the non-pithy comment category, I’d like to remind everyone that you don’t have to suffer through biased TBS commentary. With a little Tivo pausing and shuffling you can sync up the TV so you can listen to Larry and Scott on AM WPHT. Since I’m way out of their coverage area, I just listen on my iPod Touch using MLB At Bat 2009.

‘Mad Dog’ was a ‘Bad Dog’ last night. Right now I trust Lidge more than the ‘bridge.
Manny is a classless creep. The pose was the least of if; he spit at Hamels and made a point to look into the Phillies dugout. Somebody should drop him on his pants today.

jimmymack….I, too, was thrilled that Mikey B, Ricky Bo, and Dutch, ripped into Cole during Post Game Live! Total lack of class. And he paid for it! These guys have had his back all season. Turning some great double-plays! Hope Chase or J.Roll *spoke* to him in the clubhouse, afterwards. Cole has turned into a complete diva since winning his WS MVP, last year!

F.I.J……..Thanks for your comments on Brett! My sentiments, exactly.

Karen……”Manny being Manny”! LOL!

Hey Norma – WOW! The guy who wrote that article is an idiot! Who hired this person as a journalist? should call me – I could take that guys job in a second.


Norma: Guess Hayes has a personal grudge against Utley and Rollins. Probably from telling him how lousy a writer he is and how little he understands about the game. If you want to know why Phila print newspapers are going bankrupt, it’s due to idiots who hire “Journalists” like this. What a bunch of crap

Norma, Hayes was brutal as the Phillies beat writer a few years ago. It was like he never played or watched baseball before he got the job. I had skipped over his piece, as I always do, but now that I’ve read it, you are right. He didn’t get it then, still doesn’t now. Premise that Jimmy and Chase should be able to turn a DP is valid, but the “it just isn’t fair” angle turned it into a deflection of Cole’s less than steller performance. More curious is that ALL of our “local” scribes seemed to ignore Cole’s gaffe. I assume they didn’t see the TV feed of his reaction or they did, but want to stay in good graces in the clubhouse. Hope it’s the former.

Hayes is bad but Bill Conlin is worse.

I agree that Conlin sometimes is out there, but he still writes some of the best columns you’ll ever read. I grew up reading him and nobody in the city has a bigger closet full of great stories. IMO, his evaluation of what’s on the farm is spot on. I still give him a big thumbs up and he will be always rank one of the best writers in the city, ever.

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