A Lost Opportunity

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 OK, I’m about to hop on the redeye back to Philly, but a couple thoughts about today’s 2-1 loss to the Dodgers in Game 2:

I did not have a problem with Charlie Manuel removing Pedro Martinez after seven innings, although I certainly would not have blinked had Manuel left him in. But had Martinez given up the lead in the eighth, everybody would have asked Manuel why he let Martinez continue to pitch, despite the fact he had reached his pitch count after not pitching in 17 days. They would have asked why Manuel wouldn’t start the inning with Chan Ho Park, who dominated the night before.

No, I think the Phillies lost this game because of three consecutive plays to start the eighth inning. The ball Pedro Feliz didn’t catch to get things started. The bunt that Park couldn’t reach. The double play Chase Utley botched. Manuel defended Feliz for not catching his ball. Feliz wouldn’t say if he should have caught it or not. The bunt was in no man’s land. It was hit perfectly. Utley admitted he made a bad throw. If Feliz or Utley make their plays — not both, just one of them — if the bunt is just a tad in either direction, the Phillies get out of that inning with the game no worse than tied. But the bunt was perfect and Feliz or Utley didn’t make their plays and they lost.

What did Pedro think?

“I felt pretty fresh,” Martinez said. “But at the same time, if you push it what happens the next time? I went 17 days without pitching. I’m not saying I’m going to get hurt, but after 17 days I think it was good enough. And I’m pretty sure everyone is good with the results.”


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So I just get home after flying back from an intense game where I had to duck a beer bottle being thrown at my head in the parking lot of Dodger stadium, and I start reading the blog where Jeff (f-i-j) accuses me of trashing Myers on something I posted yesterday. I challenge you to find a statement I posted in the past trashing Myers. I don’t have a personal problem with Myers as long a he can perform. What I said was tongue in cheek: If Myers sits in the front seat on the wagon at the parade, he’s gone. ie: Pat Burrell. So Jeff, if you’re going to call anyone out, as you stated you would do on a regular basis, do your research first. A lot of us have been on here since the days if the Inquirer and I don’t remember any personal attacks. The Myers article was posted by Todd. It just looks to me that the team wants to move on as they did with Burrell. If we get to the series and a pitcher gets hurt, Myers could still be put back on the roster. One thing I said all along is that if Myers has ANY thoughts of pitching for this club in the future, he needed to rehab THIS YEAR. After all that work to rehab, I would have a a hard time hiding my emotions if it was done to me. I post on this blog because of the fun camaraderie between other Phillies’ fans and the day I have to start looking over my shoulder for an incoming comment, it’s not fun.

Davegas: It’s possible that you weren’t agreeing weith the other two guys (who postede: “Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy”
and ” To be honest, I dont want Bret to come back and I’m pretty sure the Phillies people dont him back either”) but by posting a “goodbye Brett” Post you were linking up with them, in my mind. I think that we need to seperate what a player does off the field, for good or bad, and what they do on the field and for the team. That is what I was trying to say, and Myers. for good or bad on the field, has always been a true team player whose interests is winning and maiking and winning the playoffs. If I offended, or was wrong in my assesment of your desires re Myers, sorry. In the meantime, can you tell me WTF is wrong with Utley lately? DId he forget how to throw to 2nd or something?

BTW: Glad you managed to duck the bottle thrown by the assinine DOdgers fans. I have a feeling that they may want to think twice before showing up in CBP for games 3-5 to see their beloved blue loose three straight

Thought I was watching a nationally televised game when a Dodgers fanfest broke out. Not one of those dolts mentioned the significance of gaining a split in LA therefore getting homefield advantage. But, then again, since the Phillies have done so well on the road this year, their apparent little minds were probably confused enough to think the Phillies were suppose to have an “on the road advantage”. Only in America! But I must admit, there are losses and there are ugly losses.

Was that a tough loss yesteday? Absolutley. But I think we’ve seen this tram rebound from tough loses before. They’ve shown the ability to put this kinds of loses away and play good baseball. I still think Phillies have the upper hand in this series, and I would not be surprised if the Phillies close out this series at home.

I’m disappointed. As anybody here can guess, I have been on Pedro’s bandwagon since he got here and the rest of the team let him down yesterday, including Charlie. Defense, pitching, managing…all fails. That was a prime-time performance that they could have rode to an easy LCS, but now it’s gonna be a long slog. I still expect a win but that would have made it a lot easier.
As far as Myers is concerned f-i-j, is he going to be such a team guy that he will take a huge cut in pay to come back? Because that is what he is going to get, coming off a couple of suspect seasons that included a serious injury. Besides, if they need another pitcher, they saw the guy they need to sign yesterday.

Whether Myers will or wont’ take a pay cut is something we’ll only know durig the off season. However, I think it’s safe to say that even if he isn’t with the phillies next year, his salary will be less per year then now, as the market has crashed for pitchers excpet the likes of Lee, CC etc. Look at last years FA signings.

Not wanting to deal with possibnle rosters for next year in the middle of the NLCS, we definately have need of another set up/closer guy, and possibly a starter, regardless of Pedro’s status. How much you willing ot pay the 38 year old pedro next year?

Last night’s game was an incrediable disapointment (though I did think they’d loose the second game in LA). The problem wasnt charlie, or even the relief pitchers, but simply bad defence by Utley. If he turns the DP it’s 2 outs man on and we’re out of the inning with a tie game at worst. That said, I would have left Happ in to finish the inning and not play musical pitchers in order to asure a l/r match-up each time

I wouldn’t hesitate to pay Pedro 5 million dollars. That is what his asking price would probably be and I wouldn’t let anybody else have a shot at him. Not only can he still pitch, he appears to be a good guy to have around in a winning clubhouse. He would join a rotation of Lee, Hamels, Blanton and Happ, with Kendrick and Moyer in reserve. I actually expect Moyer to retire. It will be tough for a 47 year old to rehab from his surgery.
Everybody failed yesterday. The offense needs to score some runs when they get a gem like Pedro threw yesterday. Padilla is not Pedro. The defense obviously failed and the bullpen failed when you walk home the winning run. Charlie failed with the musical chairs and, frankly, I would have let Pedro start the eighth.

They had them down and they needed to step on their neck. Whatever, tomorrow is another day. I just hope this doesn’t carry over.

When did Chase Utley become Chuck Knoblauck

Hopefully, that great performance helps Pedro’s chances of resigning with the Phils next year. 5 mil may be a lot, but risking having to pitch against him, and he’ll probably only get better with more innings as he has this season.
Perhaps $4M and some incentives?
How much will Moyer make next year? He could be used in the pen next year if he doesn’t retire. He was effective there until his injury.

Regarding game 3, it’ll be interesting to see if Lee has pressure on him to pitch a CG, instead of leaving it to the pen to finish the game. Hopefully Pedro Feliz can start hitting to give the line up a boost.

A couple of those plays were pretty flucky. The bunt was hit just in the right spot, the miss to Pedro (Feliz) maybe have been due to the shadows. The double-play botch by Utley was somewhat unimaginable given what a talented defensive player he is. He must have just gotten the wrong footing. The play he missed in game 1 may have had to do with Rollins having a bit of trouble getting the ball out of his glove and maybe he rushed the throw.

It was a tough, tough loss. What a great pitchers duel! Martinez was better than expected. I think Charlie could’ve had him start the 8th w/Park warming in the pen. Madson has been unusually unreliable. Happ has looked a bit like a deer in headlights his last couple of relief appearances. I say start Blanton for game 4.

After watching Charlie trying to manage like Tony LaRussa by changing pitchers after every hitter, I have new appreciation for Cardinals fans. How do you put up with those incredibly long innings? Once again, I feel like Charlie is over-managing. The lefty-righty match-up thing is overrated, IMO. Every time you call in someone new from the bullpen, you roll the dice and hope that that pitcher has it that night. When you use 5 different pitchers in one inning, chances are at least one of those guys is going to be off his game that day, and that is fatal when you are tied or clinging to a 1 run lead. If a guy comes in a looks good, keep him in there.

If it is going to take $5million to sign Martinez for next year, I only have one thing to say – Adios!

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