Blanton to Start Game 4

blanton.jpgIt’s official: Joe Blanton will start Game 4 of the NLCS.

“I’m ready to do my job, whatever they ask me to do,” he said today. “If they ask me, I’m ready. I’ll do whatever.”

Blanton is 1-0 with a 2.88 ERA in four career regular starts against the Dodgers. He allowed one run and five hits in six innings in a no-decision against the Dodgers at Dodger Stadium on June 6. He allowed three runs in five innings last year in Game 4 of the NLCS against the Dodgers.

“I liked the fact we could keep J.A. (Happ) in the bullpen, especially on some left handed hitters, but at the same time Joe has pitched pretty good against the Dodgers,” Charlie Manuel said. “And yesterday I think Pedro Martinez showed if you can change speeds and things like that and mix in your fastball and locate good, that you can have success against them.  And I think Blanton, not only is he a very aggressive pitcher, but he’s that type of pitcher. I think that he’s a good fit.”


J.C. Romero said he had successful surgery on his left elbow, and expects be ready by the beginning of spring training. Romero said the tear in an elbow ligament was bigger than anticipated, but he felt fortunate to have the surgery when he did before it got worse.

“My doctor said he couldn’t explain how I was throwing a week before my surgery,” Romero said.


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HEAL UP J.C. we’ll need you to three-peat next year!!

FIJ, character ON and OFF the field is what the Phils should be striving for without compromise. No one player has the right to let their personal life cast a bad light on the team or negatively impact team chemistry. I forgave Brett for hitting his wife a few years back, but I never stopped believing that that incident happened as a result of a deeply embedded character flaw: what kind of guy hits a woman for any reason? He had been a model citizen until his reaction at getting left of the NLCS roster. If he had reacted differently, I would’ve posted differently As it is you can add my name to your “call out” list.

I think Brett’s reaction is very normal. Of course he’s disappointed. However I think he might have come back too soon from his surgery and with that was not at all effective. He did however show a sense of humor when he said “Well I thought they’d at least keep for my bat.”

Brett should relax. It’s not like they banished him like Adam Eaton. I’m sure Brett will get to spray champagne and ride in the parade.

We won’t have a parade unless Chuck Knoblauch can learn to throw again.

Does anyone think that Chollie would consider DHing him in the WS if he makes another throwing error?

Karen, I agree with you. Brett hurt his hip and was told he was done for the year. He could have taken it easy in re-hab etc. Instead, and I believe partially because he saw the shape of our pen and how Lidge was failing, worked his *** off to get back in playing condiditon for end of season. Then, Charlie and dufuss the pitching coach run him out there as if nothing happened and caused him to strain the arm. He still rehabbed again and came back. Had one bad outing and was told, “thanks, but no thanks” I’d be a bit ********** as well.

Maybe if Brett hadn’t interrupted his rehab by getting drunk and ‘hitting his head on a car door’ (yeah, right!) he would have been able to come back sooner and work his way into the bullpen rotation.
Don’t blame Charlie and the pitching coach because Brett is an immature knucklehead.

I just found out I am going tonight. Somebody bugged out because of the cold. Psyched.

Ok, so I just read an article on and a Dodgers coach was talking about the psychological factor of tonight’s game. The role that the fans at last year’s NLCS games at CBP played in helping the Phils was acknowledged. This Dodgers coach actually said that part of their strategy this year is to get the Phils fans to turn on the home team and he predicted that this will work because of the fans unease about the bullpen and Lidge. Do you believe it?
Also, not to whine but in regards to that Yankees win last night, why do things always seem to go their way?!

I don’t believe it. I’ve been to 20+ games this season, and never witnessed any negative energy. Even when Lidge took the mound. Phillies fans are not only great, they’re smart. We know the team thrives on positive vibes, and we don’t let them down! Now when we’re home, watching on TV, that’s a different story. LOL!

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