Feeling Better, Moyer Rejoins Teammates

moyer 0513.jpgJamie Moyer
is back at the ballpark with his Phillies teammates.

He spent three nights in the hospital last week with a blood infection following surgery to repair tendons in his left groin and abdomen. He watched Game 1 of the NLDS against the Rockies at the Bank on Oct. 7, five days after he had surgery. That day he started to have back pain and a fever. He checked himself into the hospital and blood tests discovered the infection.

“I feel pretty good now,” he said today before Game 3 of the NLCS. “I started my rehab yesterday. I’m able to walk on the treadmill and do some easy and light leg exercises. Infection or no infection, that’s where I would have started, so I only started a couple days later than expected. I feel like I’m moving forward.  I feel much better.”

But Moyer is not fully recovered. He has a pick line in his right arm, which he must have through next weekend. The line is connected to a device that he carries in a bag around his waist. Think of it as a slightly bigger fanny pack.

“It’s one day at a time at this point,” Moyer said.

MLB.com teammate T.R. Sullivan found this interesting stat about Moyer. He is tied for fifth amongst active pitchers with eight postseason starts. Here is the rest of that list:

  1. Andy Pettitte, 36.
  2. Tom Glavine, 35.
  3. Randy Johnson, 16.
  4. Mike Hampton, 10.
  5. Moyer and Cole Hamels, 8.


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The issue, as I confront a disgusting Eagles performance and anticipate a Phillies win: Is he on the roster next year?

how the hell is glavine still considered active?

Provided Cole Hamels stays healthy and learns to keep his composure, he should have a decent shot at moving towards the top of that list.

Anyone else noticing the commentators’ huge change of tone tonight regarding the Phillies performance and chances this series?

Could we have possibly found a WORSE photo of him for this article? Jamie-you’re a class act, a great coach and mentor for your teammates. I’m glad you’re in the dugout again, even if it’s for coaching and morale boosting. Get strong-and we’ll all see you on the mound next spring!

I suppose not, I just expected jabs here and there as with games 1 and 2. Pretty bush league of me. Forgive me – long time reader, just started commenting very recently.

nowhere: You’re exhibiting the Philadelphia fans’ penchant for thinking the world is against us. Relax. They’re at home, winning big and taking a lead in the series. Did you expect the announcers to talk up the Dodgers?

No one thinks the world is against the Phillies but the knuckleheads on TBS could have ceased their inane chatter long enough to comment after game #2 on the fact the Phillies obtained what they needed to obtain by winning one in LA and have homefield in a series down to best of 5. Just saying it would have been nice.

Anything out there indicating Moyer blames his injury on how he was used down the stretch?

I agree, bthsw, my sentiments exactly…and muleman, I think Moyer is too valuable to this team to not be on the roster next year…it’s great to see him in the dugout talking story with his teammates. I just got back from a week in PA and got to see the last game of the season (Fan Appreciation Day) and Game 2 of the NLDS…what a great experience both games were. The fans were truly treated to a masterpiece today! Enjoy the series everyone.

I noticed Jamie was in the dugout last night. He could have gone to the pen and watched the game from there. This kind of told me that Jamie’s heart is the heart of a starter and that he has every intention of fulfilling his contract obligations for next season. Just seeing him gives me encouragement as a Phan. And my money is on Jamie returning to the Phils as a starter next year. KEEP UP THE GOOD REHABING JAMIE!! GO PHILS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jamie just needs to retire. Of course he will not because he has the Phillies on the hook for millions of dollars. A true Christian attitude.

Very well said, erichh1. Must have been stinkin’ hard for him to resist the urge to pile on top of Jimmy along with everyone else! What an incredible game! Looking forward to Wednesday.

I, too was glad to see Jamie in the dugout supporting the team. I was happy to see that he is doing so well.
I must correct you about the “pick line”, it should be PICC line. It is a Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter. Think of it as a long IV. Jamie gets his antibiotics (in the belly bag, no doubt) through that access. Here’s hoping that he continues on the mend and will keep contributing to the Phillies for a long time.

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