Howard Sets Postseason RBI Record

howard 1018.jpgRyan Howard
‘s seventh consecutive postseason game with a RBI broke a tie with Ivan Rodriguez (Marlins, 2003), Bernie Williams (Yankees, 1996) and Carlton Fisk (Red Sox, 1975) for the longest streak in a single postseason. Howard is one game shy of the all-time mark of eight held by Lou Gehrig (1928-32), set over multiple postseasons with the Yankees.

Howard currently is tied with Moose Skowron (Yankees, 1958-60) and Clyde Barnhart (Pirates, 1925-27) on the all-time list.

Howard tripled in the first inning tonight in Game 3 of the NLCS to score Shane Victorino and Chase Utley to give the Phillies a 2-0 lead.


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That was my first postseason game this year and the place was really rocking early. I can’t help believing the phans played a part in that first inning. Maybe Dodger fans should take note and get to the games on time.

Didn’t I read somewhere that the Dodgers were planning on “taking the Philly fans out of the game”? Gee, that idea kind of backfired, didn’t it? Giving up 4 runs in the first certainly quieted down the Bank lmfao.

I have a feeling that Blanton goes 7-8 and we win big tonight as well, closing the lid on this series. Cole will nail the lid shut on Wed

Despite the fact that the Phils had an 8-0 lead by the 6th inning, I still stayed up until the last out. Lee was phenomenal! The offense was equally phenomenal! Senor Octobre is my vote for MVP. Of course the Big Man could equally get those honors. Imagine his one game shy of LOU GEHRIG! Tonight he passes him🙂

Karen, he already owns the most consecutive games with an RBI in the SAME post season. Gehrig did his over two postseasons. The man is clearly MVP unless we somehow loose this series to these “want-to-bes”

It is “lose” not “loose”.

Thanks to everyone for their corrections. IT’s now 2:30 AM here and instead of being able to watch the game on the local ESPN staion I’m getting repeats of old NCAA basketball because, I assume, the stupid Yankees/Angels game is in extra innings and they won’t show the real game till that AAA thing is over. What a bunch of MLB crap. I’ve not a happy puppy

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