Game 4 Deja Vu

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OK, it’s late, I’ve been writing like crazy, you know what happened. Let’s call it a night, and regroup tomorrow.


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What a game!! Thankfully the Angles finished beating the Yanks so I could watch the game from teh top of the third. I missed Howard breaking the record, but got to see the rest. Ruiz, Howard and Rollins all came through. Does anyone else think we won’t need to go back to smogsville? Hamels ends his draught and wraps this up on Wed. YOu called it Todd, Phillies in 5!!!

This has to be one of the best Phillies wins ever. The crowd at the ballpark was awesome last night. They hinged on every pitch and were into this game. There were people five and six deep around the park who were standing and watching this game, and not just on the first level.

You couldn’t ask for a better finish, the Phillies were only one out away from the Dodgers tying this game and putting it even.

I am speechless after last night’s game. Words can not describe how amazing this team is.

I’m with Ricky Bo and Hamels gets it done tomorrow night. He’s got big shoes to fill after the stellar pitching starts that have come before him (alright Blanton was just okay).


What an unbelievable game. I LOVE that top photo of Jimmy. He looks half excited, half scared about the mugging he’s about to get. High comedy. GO PHILS!

I’ve never followed a team that has this kind of heart. I think it all starts with Charlie; he believes in them and, in turn, they all believe in each other. I mean really, Brad Lidge?
Hard to believe, Harry!

Hamels needs a big game to get it ready for the WS. He should be ready for game 2 I hope with Lee going game 1

Don’t get ahead of yourself, f-i-j. I’ll worry about the WS rotation when they win 4 games in the NLCS.

I still can’t believe it, I had to watch Sportscenter this morning to make sure it really happened. The team was dead in the water, I have no words, I jumped out of my seat and woke up everybody by yelling. So much like the Rox game where Werth delivered – so good to see different people stepping up. Let’s hope Hamels shows up tomorrow and the Dodgers are buried.

That should be on Wed night Phan. They have outplayed the Dodgers in all 4 games so far

I don’t know if you were aware of this but, right before Rollins’ game winner, had posted that the Dodgers had won and tied the series 2-2, with all kinds of pictures showing all the Dodgers highlights. They should be ashamed of themselves for disrespecting the Phillies and their fans.

One thing lost in all of the hoopla over Rollins hit was that the bleaguered bull pen didn’t give up any runs. Park, Eyre, Madson & Lidge all were terrific. Just awesome!

That photo of Jimmy is priceless…joy AND knowing he’s about to get pancaked! Great game played with sheer will and determination — the guts of this TEAM is/are tremendous. Who else is looking forward to a Phillies/Angels matchup next week?….they are playing for more than a W — they are playing for HK and #34.

What a great game! I’ve been saying for a long time now that J-Roll is a low-ball hitter, and last night’s double into the gap just proves my point. Now if Milt and Cholly can just get him, as well as Shane, Chase, Rhyno, and Jayson, to lay off the high cheese. To paraphrase Sarge, hit low fastballs and high breaking balls, not the other way around…Having all of these days off (for TV purposes) is just plain wrong. It allows the teams with shallower rotations to get back to their top 3 starters on full rest quicker, while the teams with the deeper starting rotations don’t get to take advantage of their better pitching personnel decisions.

wasn’t lost. Just not as exciting lol

thought i’d throw them a bone since they’ve had a tough year🙂

actually no days off for tv with this series. They get one day for travel between coasts, which is reasonable. The problem is tht instead of starting the next series 2 days after the end of previous serries, they’ll wait until the 7th game would have been played.

no days off for TV? What is today?

Today is what’s left over from the old 2-2-1-1-1 arrngement as apposed to the new 2-3-2 set up. they used to go 2 games at one park, 2 at other and then go back and forth for last three. the new way reduces travel, but they kept the off day. Not bad for us as it lets Cole go on regular rest and Lee in game 6.

Happ won the Sporting News ROY award I saw (not the real one, but the one based on player’s votes. Way to go J.A.

Today is a manufactured day off to accommodate the networks, plain and simple. They started doing it a couple of years ago in the LCS’s. They don’t do it in the WS because there is no conflict. It has nothing to do with any change in the formats. MLB has always had a 2-3-2 format and there was always 2 scheduled travel days. This isn’t the NBA.

Nice to see the MLB site saying the Dodgers were squeezed by the ump ( The ump squeezed both sides and look back and ask Happ if that first pitch he threw in game 1 was a strike – right down the middle. Insane to try to say one team got the reward.

There’s a screen shot going around the internet of the main page during the ninth inning last night, declaring the Dodgers winners and tying the series 2-2. I’ve seen it, but I don’t knowhow to post a jpeg on this site. Talk about disprespect!
Hey Todd, can you confirm that this happened?

this is the screenshot floating around

I guess the embedding didn’t work.

here’s the link

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