Ibanez on CNN



Raul Ibanez, featured on CNN’s Latino in America.


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Very cool video presentation.

I remember him telling a story about his first spring training, where he overheard some scouts talking. One said, ‘are we going to need an interpreter for this guy Ibanez’? He stepped in and informed them, with absolutely no accent, that he was born in Manhattan and raised in Miami.

Thanks for posting this Todd,

If you get any video for our Panamanian hero Carlos Ruiz, please post it!


Great interview. Thanks for posting.

Seems we’re not the only ones who thought TBS’s announcers for the playoffs was lousy. Here’s a NY Times article on announcers for the post season. (Of course you gotta love Craig Sadler’s wardrobe!! LOL!!)


Hopefully we can sync up the radio broadcast to the Fox broadcast and avoid them both. I dread the thought of listening to McCarver again. He’s had a whole season to learn how to pronounce Ruiz, but he’ll still botch it. He makes me miss Chris Wheeler. And expect a Yankee lovefest…oh Jeter is so great, man is ARod on fire, boy isn’t Damon terific, wow, CC is Cy Young reborn, ad nausem, especially from Timmy.

All our Latin players are special. I miss having JC Romero in the pen, but I guess he’ll have to wait to pitch in next year’s WS!

I just noticed something about the Yankees: they only have 3 starters, which means if they are forced to play a 7th game and win it, they will have to start Burnett on 5 days rest after getting shelled or Pettitte on 3 days rest after losing on Saturday. Sabathia (Their best pitcher in the post-season) would have to pitch on three days rest again if he started Game 2 and then could only pitch twice in a 7-game series. If they win tomorrow, Sabathia will be lined up to start 3 games in the WS. Of course, if the Angels win, they will have all of the momentum in the world.

Come to think of it, we have the Sabathia-killer! The Flyin’ Hawaiian! I wonder if Sabathia would walk Shane the way Broxton walked Matt Stairs. lol

Todd, you have to come up with something interesting to blog. Otherwise, the Zo-zone will be a ghost town until Tuesday or so…..

There is something about Eric Bruntlett pinch running in an exciting playoff game that the Phils win. We all remember him scoring on the walkoff swinging bunt by Ruiz last year. And scoring the tying run on J-Roll’s game winning hit the other day cements his legacy in Phillies post-season lore. Charlie always seems to know these things. Most Phans thought Bruntlett was going to be a waste of a roster space, but Charlie knew things could happen just by having Bruntlett on base. I hope Bruntlett’s magical baserunning continues through to the WSC!

erichh1: you can’t forget Brunlett’s unassisted triple play. definitely one of the highlights of the ’09 season.

jimmymack: I muted the TV and had the radio on throughout the playoffs. They now seem to be in sync w/the TV. It makes for a much better game.

It is interesting that the Yankees even have to talk about using only three starters considering the size of their payroll. The urban legend is that the Yankees have this bottomless pit of money when the reality is they do not. This is not to say the Yankees do not have resources beyond every other team. Rather, it accentuates the fact that even the Yankees have limited resources and such constraints as the 40 man roster.

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