Repeat? Phillies Will Get Their Chance

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This team is on a mission to lay to rest ghosts of post season’s past. First they lay to rest the agony of the ’77-’78 teams who lost 2 in a row to LA by returning the favor. Now they are going to lay to rest the ghost from 1950 and beat the Yuckees in the series.

Going into this series against the Dodgers we all worried about the Bullpen, the hitting with guys in scoring posistion, the starters. ABout the only thing we didn’t worry about was our defense. In the end, it was only defensively that LA was better then us. Starters outpitched LA, the Pen was reminicent of last year, you couldn’t pitch to Howard (how many clutch hits?) and you couldn’t pitch around Howard (Jayson!!) Coooooch thought he was Jonny Bench for the post season so far, and Utley just gets on base somehow all the time. Bring on the Yuckees. It’s about time the American league learned what the NL is really all about!!

Well Harry, we’re almost there! I thought everyone would like to see how our friend T.J. Simmers from the LA Times start off his article tonight. From Philadelphia

City officials spent the day greasing the light poles, street lights and nearby trees knowing Vicente Padilla was pitching for the Dodgers and the drunken uglies here would go stupid once the Phillies clinched the pennant.

So congrats to all you drunken uglies. I’ve never felt so proud. Bring on the Bronx.

Un-f-ing-believable!! That was without a doubt, the most exciting, electric, fantastic game I’ve EVER been to. Even when Cole gave up the homer in the 1st, I just knew the Phils would win. Werth’s homer in the bottom of the first felt like we won the World Series.
My voice is still hoarse form all the “You took steroids”, “Take a shower” and “Beat LA” chants thrown Manny’s way. What a punk. Couldn’t even attempt to hustle to 1st base on the dribbler to Durbin.
He and the rest of LA deserve each other. They have no heart, no desire, no love of the game. This is OUR time, OUR team, OUR championship. Bring on the bronx!!

YAHOO!!!!!!!!!! This is just an amazing team! Our fans are the best. “Take a shower” has to be one of the best chant/taunts ever!

Can’t wait to take on the Bronx Bombers! GO PHILS!

Hagen in his piece in the Inky says, “Here’s one more: Sources indicated that the Phillies were concerned that the lefthander has been tipping his pitches by the placement of his wrist. As a result, he was supposed to use a larger model of his black TPK glove for his start in Game 5 last night. The idea was that it would help disguise the telltale sign” If true, get to work guys. We are going to need him as we bet NY 4-2. Yep, I predict Phillies in 6.

Assuming the Yuckees beat LA, here’s a thought. With the first 2 games in NY using the DH and the next 2 in Phila with the pitcher hitting, do the Yucks hold CC back until game 3 to get his bat in the lineup? (He may be the only NY pitcher ever to have held a bat). Do the Phillies take this into consideration as well? Lee is a pretty good hitter, Hamels isn’t

f-i-j, the Yankees didn’t pay CC all that money for his bat. I bet they plan to use him three times in the WS, just like they planned in the ALCS. And are you seriously suggesting holding Lee back for game 3? What are you smoking?
Take a shower. Manny’s waiting for you.

I figure we go: Lee, Pedro, Hamels, Blanton, Lee, Pedro and down broad Street again. If CC goes 3 times (and remember, we beat him up pretty good last postseason) he goes, 1 in NY, 4 in CBP, and 7 (not to be needed). Just reminding everyone that the yankee pitcher’s don’t hit. that’s extra energy, time not sitting on bench, and it screws up their normal line-up. We, on teh other hand, just put Frnacisco in Left and move Rauuuul to DH when in NY. Get your parade outfits ready

I wouldn’t write off CC so soon. He is not the same guy we faced last season, when he was pitching on 3 days for about the 100th time in a row. He has a week to rest up. I think he will be set up to pitch 1,4,7, he’s pretty good.
My biggest concern is Hamels, I’m not sure I pitch him in game 2, his fastball, changeup ain’t cutting it anymore. He better learn a curve, slider or cutter soon, depending on just 2 pitches isn’t working for him anymore. Just like it didn’t work for Kendrick.
I see a 6 game slugfest, with both bullpens seeing a lot of time and hope we don’t see Mariano more than one game.

Pitch Pedo in 2. As someone said, Hola Yankees, Daddy’s home…… Hamels at home followed by Blanton at home using the bat. Then Lee in 5 and we worry about 6 depending on who’s up 3-2

Hamels is a big concern, especially with the dimensions of Yankee stadium. Hamels is injured or just has a dead arm, he needs to speak up and not hurt the team. I know Cholly won’t do it, but start Happ in Hamels place.

I don’t know who is writing off CC, but it’s not me. He will be ready and rested. But so will Cliff Lee, although I don’t think Charlie would go to a three man rotation. I expect Lee, Martinez, Blanton and Hamels. The Yankees have a bunch of switch hitters and lefties, but A-Rod and Jeter hit righty, so go with Blanton before Hamels. I frankly wouldn’t even have Hamels in the rotation, but we all know how Charlie sticks with his guys.

Mariano is the best closer of all time, but this isn’t 2005. He’s good but he ain’t that guy anymore. AL players are all intimidated by him, but the Phillies aren’t intimidated by anybody.

To paraphrase John Sterling…

The Yankees Suck!!! THEEEEEE Yankees Suck!!!

I have NO voice this morning!!! It was just as much fun…..heck, even MORE fun…..chanting “Beat LA” and booing Manny, than it was cheering for our Fightins’! This game *might* beat the ’07 Division win, as the most exciting game I’ve ever been to!
Now bring on the Yankees!!! We ain’t scared!

John Heyman has this to say about Lidge today. Very interesting. “Phillies closer Brad Lidge revealed that there are two differences that have enabled him to regain his form: 1) with his knee feeling better, he was able to get back to his old mechanics (for a while, he altered his windup to lessen the knee pain, he said); and 2) Stairs detected a flaw in his mechanics that enabled hitters to see the ball too well and soon:

Who was it saying he was tipping pitches about 2 months ago on this blog? (not me). Also great to see hoqw veterans like Stairs contribute off the field even if they are slumping on field.

I found it a little ironic, that the two leading NLCS MVP candidates, Howard and Chooch, went hitless last night. This team has always carried each other on their backs!
Sure hope Chase turns it around in the WS. I agree with Mitch Williams. He might be playing injured.
Something nice…..For every HR in the Post-season, MLB donates $1000 to a cancer organization. Between the Phils and Dodgers, they made $7000 last night!

I loved how they were talking about the Dodgers pitching around Howard in teh first last night, just to watch Werth launch a 3 run HR. So much for that idea lmfao. Our line-up is definately the best offensively in baseball right now

Norma: Glad you were at the game bringing the Fightins a bit of extra luck. Nice also to hear about MLB’s donation to cancer.

FIJ: I heard Heyman’s analysis on MLB’s pre game show. Loved how Stairs was the person who made the light bulb go off. Maybe Lidge needed a non-pitching perspective.

I think last night’s win was a bit less dramatic than I expected (please don’t get me wrong it was great to see them blow-out LA). Mainly because Monday night’s come from behind win was so historic this was just seemed to be a formality that had to be done. Plus as Howard and others have said “4” more “W”s and then onto Broad Street!

Gotta give the offensive edge to the Yankees right now. Phils are a close 2nd though.

Phylan, The Yucks have a good offense, I’m not denying that, but with the way the Phillies are hitting, how do you figure they’re better? from 1-8 all the Phils are contributing perfectly. even those who aren’t hitting for average are knocking in runs or getting on base. Hell, even Lee is batting over .300. Gonna be a slugfest with NY

Also if any of you are really worried about giving Hamels the 2nd game of the World Series, take a looksee at this article: (part of it is hidden to non-subscribers but let me know if you want the full text). This guy is dead on about Hamels’ season. He had a rough start last night because he left a few balls up, but in the end it was 3 runs in off solo shots in 4 1/3 innings. Charlie pulled him before we had a chance to see if he would recover.
Happ, meanwhile, has seen his insane luckiness from the regular season normalize lately and has had a corresponding dip in production. I would rather keep him in the pen.

I agree Happ’s best suited for the pen at this point. I was listening to WIP this afternoon and they were speculating whether Happ might be spent or have pitched his limit of innings by this point. Or it could be from being hit in the knee he’s a bit timid.

Happ has been coming out of the pen, starting, going back to the pen, etc. hard to keep a rhythm this way. despite this he’s been brilliant. I keep him in the pen, though, because the lack of healthy LHP we need him there more then we need Blanton there. Hamels has only made a few mistakes in each of his last games, true, but a few mistakes can cost you a ball game. Charlie was right to pull him. We didn’t want to have to go back to LA. Post season isn’t the time to allow people time to work out issues

norma: I sent my friend an e-mail with my Top 5 Games that we’ve been to at CBP. Last night was definitely #1.

5. Opener April 15, 2004.

4. July 6, 2009 22-run game with a 10-run first inning and a Werth Slam to ice the cake. Not a big game or anything, just fun to watch.

3. October 2, 2008. CC Sabathia meltdown in last year’s LCS. Victorino Slam and Myers walk.

2. September 30, 2007 Division clincher. J-Roll’s 20th triple and scoreboard-watching the Mets self-destruct. It doesn’t get much better, unless you have to move a TV afterward.

1. Last night’s game.

f_i_j I’m not saying it was necessarily a bad decision to pull him I’m just saying we won’t know whether he would’ve pulled it together. In any case my main point is that Hamels is the guy I want out there pitching for my team in game 2, no question.

Phylan, I would pitch Pedro in gme 2. here’s why: With the game on the road, I think that Pedro will be better able to turn the circus off and concentrate. Him starting, again, in Yankee stadium, even the new one, will remind NY and their fans of the previous times he pitched to them in Post season, mainly as Red Sox. Also, with the off days as they are, even if Hamels goes in game 3, he’s ready to come back in game 6. If he pitches game 2 he still is only ready again in game 6 so no difference there. I like Lee/Pedro/Hamels/Blanton/Lee/Pedro or Cole/Pedro or Cole

Oh and f_i_j re: the offenses, in the regular season the Yankees scored 95 more runs than the Phillies, in a tougher league. As a team they batted .283/.362/.478 to the Phillies’ .258/.334/.447. I’m not saying the Phillies offense can’t compete, and I think the Phils have a good shot at winning this thing, I’m just saying the Yankees have the higher-powered offense.

phylan: A tougher league – probably. The DH – definitely. Could account for the 3% difference in their batting averages and the extra runs scored.
The Yankees had 1604 hits to the Phils’ 1439. 165 hits sounds like a decent DH to me.

Given that we’re going to play at least 2 and possibly 4 games with the DH, what do you do with the roster? I assume Raul will DH, and we’ll play Francisco in LF. DO you bring up Mayberry as an extra OF, given that Stairs can’t run, Dobbs is still too hurt to play the OF, and Brunlett gives no offense at all? What about pitching? Do you keep it as it was with the Dodgers, bring back Kendrick, Myers? thoughts people?

Hits are a funky thing though, all kinds of things that can affect what are hits and what aren’t. I tend to stick to the OBP and SLG for that reason. In any case I’ll give you the DH. So check out their OPS+ (it’s the team’s OPS divided by the league OPS times 100). This way you get a number that shows the team’s offense relative to their league (AL or NL) and adjusted for their home park, to factor out distorting effects like the DH. The Phils OPS+ as a team was 102, the Yanks was 119. It’s an edge, that’s all I’m saying.

I agree that comparing the Phillies regular season with that of the Yankees, paticularly in the power numbers, is the difference between having a pitcher hitting or having a decent DH And when comparing all MLB teams, the three or four of teams which produced better than the Phillis in this category or that category were almost invariably AL teams. Even in homeruns, the Yankees only hit 20 more than the Phillies, again the production of a decent DH.

It may be the American League is “tougher” than the National League is. All that I know is NL pitching is statistically superior year after year, the flip side of not having a DH. But as the TBS announcers observed, the Phillies are built like an American League team. And, the tipping point may very well be the one game constituting home field advantage.

Hey, sis, great seeing you behind the dugout in the photo above…now I guess I have to believe you! Great reading all of the awesome comments from the regular posters…makes me feel connected. Keep the slugfest going. I’m thrilled to hear about the MLB donations to cancer organizations. God bless them all! Our Fightins were screamin’ good last night — for me it was Jayson’s HR and then Vic’s later on plus M.D.Madson’s showdown w/Blake in the 8th that primed the showers for Manny and crew. Sometimes it’s just hard to put into words how remarkable this TEAM is — my daughter had the camera out waiting for me to go ballistic when they actually won it last night — but I could only sit there and quietly watch the celebration is awe — it was THAT good. She told me later that she thinks God has his hand on this team for a purpose — outta the mouth of babes! Keep up the great posts guys and gals…I truly look forward to reading them every day…feels like ‘ohana.

Actually the overall competition is higher in the American League; when pitchers move from the AL to the NL they typically see a half a run to a run shaved off their ERA. It’s been this way for a few years, for no particular reason.

Dodgers scored more runs then us also in the regualr season. helped them out a whole lot in playoffs, though. That’s all I’m saying

Actually the Dodgers scored 40 less runs than the Phils. And crazy stuff happens in the playoffs, nobody is disputing that, because it’s a ridiculously small sample size of max 7 games per series. The point is when you say “better offense” I tend to think “more productive” and I think the Yankees qualify there. But like I said, not by a whole lot.

I think that the Yankees will suffer greatly by having to bat pitchers in games 3-4 while the Phillies will benifit from having the DH ( Raul as DH means better fielding Francisco in OF). This is a major benifit for NL teams. I also think the psycology of knowing we beat up on CC last year is going to be HUGE for the Phillies in game 1

Need to have Myers on roster just to hit against CC again LMFAO

American League teams play in NL stadiums all the time in interleague play and vice versa, I don’t see why it would benefit the Phillies in either case since they will also have to bat their pitcher at CBP, and the Yankees will also have the DH at NYS.

Phillies don’t have a shot. Yankees in 4. Best organization in the history of sports

Because the strategy of having your pitcher hitting, and when to use PH etc is harder then just send up DH instead and out pitchers are used to hitting, theirs aren’t while our hitter are as used to hitting as theirs are. We add a bat, they lose a bat

The difference in the hitting abilities of our pitchers and theirs is not going to make a damned bit of difference in this series between the two highest scoring teams in their respective leagues. And every starter on the Yankees staff has pitched in the NL before, CC for the shortest amount of time. Joe Girardi used to manage the Marlins, he knows how to pinch hit. We are “adding a bat” when we go to NYS but so do they. We “lose a bat” coming back to CBP just like they are.

No need to break things down to these guys phylan. Phillie sports fans are about as knowledgeable as ’09 Brad Lidge is clutch. Don;t waist your time. They will get served a nice dose of reality this WS, and then fall back into obscurity as the NL east beefs up in competition.

Yankees fans raus

Except for the ’07 Division win, my top 5 all happened this year.

5. TWO of Howard’s Grand Slams
4. Chase’s inside-the-park HR.
3. Lee’s complete game shut-out
2. ’07 Division win

Hey tcdi33 , IF the yankees are the Best organization ” in the history of sports” : Why do they have to go out and buy and trade for players instead of developing their own? Why have not the yankees won a World series since 2000? Why did the yankees choke like Dogs ( including Derek Jeter) by losing 4 straight to the red Sox in the 2004 ALCS? Why did they lose 2 of 3 vs the phillies in their HOME park this year? Hmmmm.

But then, I guess I should try a little harder to recall how arrogant and insecure yankee fans are. Shame on me.

– ‘Phillies don’t have a shot. Yankees in 4. Best organization in the history of sports’ By on October 22, 2009 4:43 PM

Hey todi33 – why don’t ask those amazing met fans who said the same thing in 2007 and 2008 – ask them how their playoff ended up and what team SQUASHED their playoff hopes..

The Phillies are baseball’s 2008 WFC & will be that way until the last out of the last game of the 2009 w/s –

Given the way the PHils conduct their baseball I say 2009 WFC!!

But until the of the w/s – you have your view and i have my mine.. and shut up!!!


Also tcd133……..The Fightins managed to clinch the NLCS in 5 games the Yankees…..NOT!


Hey tcd, what will the yankees do if they can’t get past the Angels? Buy the AL West?

phylan, the point about the DH is not who gets one and who doesn’t get one; of course both teams will get one in the AL stadium and NOT get one at CBP. The issue is that the offensive stats of the Phils this year are calculated without a DH, whereas those of the Yankees are calculated with a DH. Historically, the NL DHs have suckt in the WS, including the Phils last year. To me, this is the X-Factor in the WS for the Phils. If Ibanez/Stairs/Dobbs/ whoever can produce, I think the Phils can take this series in 6 games. If they don’t produce, I don’t see how the Phils can beat them. Of course, I thought the same thing last year and the Phils managed to pull it off. BTW, is there a SABERmetric equation that filters out the DH bias when comparing AL and NL offenses?

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