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granny hamner and yogi berra.jpgSo we’ve got ourselves a little Amtrak/Turnpike World Series.

I like it.

It’s Phillies vs. Yankees, and I couldn’t think of a better match up. If the Phillies want to build a legacy or a dynasty or whatever you want to call it, this is the team you want to beat. You want to beat the Yankees because they are the best baseball has to offer.


These teams have met just once before in the postseason: the 1950 World Series. The Yankees swept the Phillies in four games, but I don’t expect that to happen this time. I think the Phillies’ offense is too good not to put some runs on the board.

The above photo is Yogi Berra tagging out Granny Hamner at the plate in Game 4.


Charlie Manuel would not answer a question yesterday afternoon about Cole Hamels possibly starting Game 2. Manuel could have tipped his hand there. He could be leaning toward starting Pedro Martinez in Game 2. I thought Martinez might set up better to start Game 3 at Citizens Bank Park, but we know Martinez won’t be intimidated at Yankee Stadium. It will be interesting to see which way the Phillies go. We know it’s Cliff Lee in Game 1. We also know it’ll probably be Hamels or Martinez in Game 2 with the other likely pitching Game 3.

The Game 3 starter would line up to pitch Game 7, if necessary and if the Phillies don’t bring back Lee on short rest.


I’m picking the Phillies in six.


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My sister & her family got us a WS calendar last XMAS. Each month features a different player. This month is Brad Lidge. I keep thinking this good karma for our Fightins.

Todd: Your prediction was right on for the NLCS. Hope the trend continues!

This has the potential of being a classic WS. I’m psyched! I so hope Charlie goes with Pedro in Game 2. The entertainment value alone would be priceless. Plus I think he could pitch a helluva game.

It’s going to be a great series. Both teams are total teams with great line-ups, good starting pitching and bullpens which can shut everything down. The question is going to be who performs better and who makes the crucial mistakes. I pick the Phils in 6.
What kind of welcome will Hamels get at home? The one befitting Hamels of last year, or the one hamels of this year deserves??

I’d rather see Martinez in NY…Cole has not been good and gets intimidated too easily these days. Frankly, him pitching at all makes me nervous. Here’s hoping he can channel the Cole of 2008 for one more game.


Good point Jenn,
Cole Hamels is so easily intimidated. Strange after he performed so well in last years post season, and even after he had his first child a few weeks ago. Usually the birth of one’s first child causes them to man up. Not the case with Cole. But I don’t think it matters whether he faces the Yankees in NY or Philly. The simple magnitude of facing the greatest team in sports will cause him to fold up like a lawn chair. And Pedro??? Ha. Famously quoted as saying “The Yankees are my Daddy.” And they will be all the Phillies’ Daddy this world series. Just like 1950 baby, Evil Empire in 4 hahaha

tcd133: Took the Yankees 6 games to get past the Halos. Don’t think the Fightins will “fold up like a lawn chair” against the “Evil Empire”. I’m w/Todd Z: Phils in 6!

HAHA, Yea. The Angels are the 2nd best team in baseball behind the Yankees this year. National League is weak sauce. Go choke on a cheese steak Philadelphia. New York will establish it’s superiority in coming weeks.

TCD: does that stand for “This championship denied”? Because you aren’t going to be close to winning this series. The Phillies love hitting against CC–just ask the Brewers. Pedro has some fatherly issues to settle with his ungrateful “Children” and Hamels will be fine. Even if he’s not, we just bring on Blanton or Happ. In either case, you havent’ a prayer in hell. Phillies in 6.

HAHAHA, What in the world does someone in Jerusalem know about baseball?? None of what you said has any weight. Before the playoffs this year, anyone and everyone was saying how CC can’t perform in the playoffs. He’s the best pitcher in ’09 for the post season. And, these aren’t the brewers, these aren’t the Mets, these aren’t even the Dodgers. These are the New York Yankees. The best sports franchise in the history of the world. And you’ll soon know it too.

Let the trash talking begin! TCD of course, needs to update his references. If all he can bring to the discussion is the cheesesteak, then he should probably stick to the American League.
It always has and always will come down to pitching. They’re both powerhouse lineups (regardless of whatever “weak sauce” is) and I’ll take our guys any day.

Good job returning to the W.S. great season sorry to remind you that teams that make errors in our house loose.. I hope utley has been practicing.. hope for a great clean series and may the best team win it all atleast the title stays on the east coast..LOL….nice job on your page love the 1950 pic. of W.S.

While your history is impressive, it won’t help. This “someone in Jerusalem” was a baseball fan before you were even a warm tingly feeling in your father’s scrotem. CC has pitched good, so far against the Angles, but wait until he faces real hitters. our line-up has allstars from 2-6 and a former MVP as leadoff. You have a ‘roid using macho dude and the best egos money can buy. This isn’t even a contest

Sure CC may be a good pitcher, but we gave it to him in the playoffs last year and we will rePeat again this year. Cliff Lee went eight scoreless innings in his last start only allowing three hits. Lee has pitched against the Yankees nine times and knows what he is in for. And yes TCD these are not the Brewers, or the Mets, Or the Dodgers. These are the reigning world champions. The Philadelphia Phillies.

And who TCD, outside of ARod is going to keep up with the Phils bats?

ALCS Stats:
Texiera- .222
Jeter- .259
Cano- .261
Matsui- .238
Swisher- .150
Posada- .200.

That’s 2/3rds of your lineup not doing a whole lot. This ain’t no light, singles-hitting Angels team you’re about to face. In 4 1/3 innings, your top 2 setup men, Hughes and Chamberlain gave up 9 hits. To the Angels. And if it wasn’t for a Lidge blown save, we would have swept you guys in New York earlier this year.

Should be an awesome series.

I wonder how many non-Philly people are picking the Phillies over the Yankees. Not many, I have to guess.
The Yank’s starting pitching is better (CC and Lee are roughly equal; Brunett is pitching much better than Hamels; Pettite has an edge over Martinez; 4th starter is a wash). The Yanks lineup is better too, especially 7-8-DH. Both teams play well in the clutch and have shown an ability to comeback in games. Plus, Jeters has more “it” than Rollins… Urgh.

Well, lifetime Cliff Lee is 4-4 against the Yankees with a 5.02 ERA in 9 starts, with 62 hits over 52 innings. We’d better hope he’s more like the Phillies’ Cliff Lee than the Indians’.

This is that grand time of the year when a sports fan’s personality and culture are determined by which baseball team he roots for. Fascinating.

It’s also a good time to show that teams that are built rather than bought will perform better in the long run. Free agency is a great thing, but only for teams with money to spend. The rest have to rely on their brainpower and farm system, which can be left to die if ones checkbook is big enough. That isn’t necessarily baseball, it’s just finances.
Franchises that can charge $2,500 for a seat in the stands are almost as foolish as the people who pay to sit in them.

So, you can keep your giant cathedral of a stadium. I love my city and our BALLPARK and the players who inhabit it. New York’s bullying attitude is grating, and it just shows that someone can come from great power and wealth and still be a jackass.

I’ll second what muleman& other Phils fans have said. Plus I’ll take our Fightins win or lose any day! A truly classy organization. Just look at how they celebrated their pennant
win—with the FANS! Not just in the locker room….out on the field, toasting in the pen, paying tribute to Harry the K, accepting the NLCS trophy, etc.


I think that great picture you posted of the 1950 World Series is Berra tagging out Del Ennis, not Granny Hamner. I’ve seen this exact picture before with the incorrect caption that Berra tagged out Hamner as part of a double play in the 4th inning of game 4. That double play did happen, but Hamner was on first base at the time, while Ennis was on third, so there’s no way Hamner got doubled off at home. I know it’s hard to tell, but the guy sliding at home even looks more like Del Ennis than Granny Hamner.

Ironically, Hamner DID get tagged out at home by Berra in the series, in the 9th inning of game 3 with the score tied. There’s a photo of this play (different than the one you posted obviously) that I’ve seen a few times.

tcd133…”Before the playoffs this year, anyone and everyone was saying how CC can’t perform in the playoffs. He’s the best pitcher in ’09 for the post season.”

You would be right except Lee has been better. Look at the numbers not wins.


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