Going to New York

Here are a few things from today’s workout at the Bank:

  • Charlie Manuel expects to see CC Sabathia three times if the World Series goes seven games.
  • Raul Ibanez is going to DH Game 1, which would allow Ben Francisco to play left field. Matt Stairs or Greg Dobbs could DH Game 2 against A.J. Burnett.
  • Robin Roberts spoke about the 1950 World Series. He said back then he hated four things: Notre Dame, Michigan, the Yankees and Russia. That might be one of my top five answers to a question all year.
  • Manuel would not say who will pitch Game 2, but he sounds more and more like it’s going to be Pedro Martinez. Martinez went 2-0 with a 1.88 ERA in five starts at home this season. He went 3-1 with a 5.66 ERA in four starts on the road, not including the seven shutout innings he threw in Game 2 of the National League Championship Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium. He is 0-2 with a 5.93 ERA in his last five postseason appearances against the Yankees. But Martinez has experience. He won’t be intimidated. “We weigh all that,” Manuel said. “We try to weigh everything possible. I guess that’s the good part about my job. I’ve got quite a few people around and we discuss everything about the game. We discuss everything that you’re supposed to cover. There’s not a whole lot that we’re going to miss as far as what we want to do. But when I look at Pedro, Pedro has been in the big environment. He’s pitched about everywhere you can pitch. I don’t think nothing is going to really bother him or get him upset. I think we can pitch him in either ballpark, really. I don’t think it matters at all.”


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Todd, what are the odds of DHing Howard and playing Dobbs or stairs at 1st? (in game 2, obviously). I assume that Ibanez’s bat will be in every game either as a DH or as the LF

FIJ: Don’t think that’s a good idea. Dobbs still has a slight leg injury plus Howard’s defense this season has been excellent.

Why would you DH Howard? Howard is much better fielding first-baseman than either of those guys. People continue to talk about his defense like it’s lacking something, but it truly is much improved.

Howard’s D is much improved this year, no doubt. I was thinking about getting Dobbs and/or Stairs into the game, however. Since neither of them have been having success as a pinch hitter (which is what a DH is, esentially) I thought if they played the field as well they may have more luck.

That’s an interesting concept: Taking non-productive players and giving them more playing time. Neither Stairs nor Dobbs has played enough to warrant putting them in the field in something as meaningful as the World Series. This ain’t spring training.
Their lack of bench depth is a problem that should have been addressed at the trade deadline, but alas it’s too late to worry about now. Leave the lineup alone as much as possible.

I want my money players on the field 24/7. It ain’t broke.

I agree about money players etc. The issue is, we have to have a DH. Assuming he won’t use Francisco against Right handers, our left handed options are: Dobbs and Stairs (Bako won’t DH as he’s needed in case Cooch needs to come out (God FOrbid). Since either Stairs or Dobbs will play the question is are they best as the DH or playing in the field as well in an attempt to get them active and heaten up their bats. Personally, I’d DH the pitcher, but we can’t do that

Looks like we have a great World Series being set up with my Yanks and your Phils. Nice blog, and good luck over the next games.


Mike, Lookin forward to a great series and great fans on both sides. Your Yanks will lose, but they’ll at least give my Phillies a good hard series, unlike the Dodgers

For ONCE, be prepared to really see the 2 BEST teams play in the World Series. I’m thinking the Phils in 6 ( maybe 5 with some good fortune).

But if it goes 7 games ( which is possible) , the umpires will likely be somewhat intimidated by the NY crowd and surroundings so that the Yankees will get the benefit of most of the close calls resulting in a controversial Yankee championship. Sad but probably true.

Hey dolfanman,

There will be nothing controversial about this world series and the only ones intimidated by the NY crowd will be the Phillie fans and players. Also, the two best teams are not in the WS this year if you wanna base it on regular season performance. In fact, I’d say the Phillies were fourth at best. The Angels are better, the Cardinals are better, and probably the Red Sox also. The Phillie pen blows. You have on stud starter in Lee, and no one else impresses me. Yanks in 4, 5 if Philly gets any luck

I’m guessing that once the Yanks are 2 games down we will have heard the last from tcd133. A typical loudmouth who crawls back into his hole once he has nothing to crow about.

As for the Cardinals and Red Sox, they’re just a couple more overrated teams who benefit mostly from media attention and ignorant fans who listen to the media. The Cardinals aren’t nearly as deep offensively as the Phils, and outside of a couple of great starters, the rest of their staff is mediocre. And the Sox? Tons of hyperbole and regular ESPN coverage make them big time attention ****** and in the end, not much of a ballclub.

But we all know how intelligent Yankees fans are, since they invented the game in the Bronx, so I suppose we’ll just have to listen to you for another week or so until you skulk into your long off-season.

Fatheads like A-Rod will buy into the hype. They will disrespect the World F”ing Champions and it will be too late before they know what hit them.
This may only go 5.

Wow. Can’t say “attention who*es” on mlb blogs?

You guys were fortunate that you got to play the Rays last year. I won’t argue that Yankee fans aren’t as intelligent as Philly fans cause we all know Philly fans are the worst in America, and your claim is an easy, unsupported one. As for skulking back into a whole, you might be right about me being a loud mouth Yankee fan, but after the YANKEES win, my loud mouth will remind this site of it over and over. Philly doesn’t match up in any area with the Yankees. Philly lineup is very good. Yankees is the best. Philly starters are pretty good, Yankees top 3, are better. And as for the pen??? HAHAHAHHAHA, Lets just hope, for your sake anyway, that cliff Lee can pitch complete games in all of his starts.

That last comment by Phan52 proves my point that Philly fans don’t know sh**. The Yankees are a superior team, and for you to say Phils in 5, is rediculous.

I can’t wait till the Phillies lineup gets ahold of Phil ‘I-can’t-start’ Hughes and Joba ‘pitch-count’ Chamberlain. Watch Girardi take CC out after 6 innings to ‘rest’ him for game 4 and put those two clowns in the game. . What a mismatch. And AJ Burnett is bomb waiting ot explode. He might not make it through 2 innings.

Werth should steal home and then Pettitte will break down. Easy win for the Phils. Obviously, the trouble is in having Werth successfully steal home.
IIRC, two runners have stolen home against Pettitte, most recently Ellsburry. Again, IIRC, he wasn’t successful in those games afterward.

‘You did steroids’ chants will get to A-Roid a lot more than any ‘Who’s your daddy’ chants will get to Pedro. Pedro won’t even hear it. He’s been here before, A-Roid has not. The pressure on the ‘roider to perform will overwhelm him.

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