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rollins media day.jpg
Jimmy Rollins
picked the Phillies in five.

We know he made that prediction on The Jay Leno Show, right? Just wanted to remind everybody in New York. I mean, Rollins absolutely believes the Phillies will win the World Series, but it’s not like he got in Mariano Rivera‘s face and told him that he had no chance. He rolled with a question from Jay Leno. No big deal.


It’s miserable at Yankee Stadium, but I keep hearing the rain is supposed to clear around 5 p.m. Maybe 6. Definitely no later than 7. Then again, I also have heard the game will be played in a very light drizzle. But the game will be played, I think.


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J-Roll’s a great prognosticator! He did predict a Phils/Yankees WS in February. Hope this one comes to fruition🙂

Way to go out on a limb, there, Zo.
My heart agrees with J-Ro, Phils in 5 to clinch at home. My brain says 7 game series, with Phils winning in a squeaker.

phan52: Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid is one of my favorite movies of all time. Great little diddy!

Raindrops keep fallin’ on their heads..
And Yankees fans eyes will soon be turnin’ red
Cryin’s all they’ll do
But they’ll never stop the rain by complainin’
Because we got Lee
Nothin’s worryin’ me….

Man I wish I was half as confident about this series as most of you are. Cannot wait until 8, this work day has been awful.

The secret to the Phils success last post-season against Sabathia was patience at the plate and fouling off Sabathia’s out-pitches until he threw one over the plate that they could hit. More than half the pitches that the Twins and the Angels swung at in their series against the Yanks were out of the strike zone. The Phils have to be patient at the plate, especially Jimmy and Shane.

I hope the” Selig Factor” doesn’t play into this year’s WS. He did his best to create game situations that would facilitate a loss for the Phils last year. Then, he got shocked and indignant when the Phans booed him at the trophy ceremony.

Just out of curiosity (and to pi$$ off muleman), do any Phans out there do anything special to bring LUCK to the Phils? You know, superstitious things like wearing your cap in-side-out or backwards? Keeping your black cat in the closet for the whole game?

The War Against the Evil Empire has begun. Let us take the first battle! GO PHILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

erichh1: “When you believe in things you don’t understand, then you suffer. Superstition ain’t the way.” – Stevie Wonder

Maybe you could stay locked up for the whole game? Wear your underpants backwards if you want. There’s no shortage of idiotic fan behavior to go around, so let’s hear all your dopey superstitions.

You clowns make baseball sound like poker. It’s about skill, you know, not just a draw of the cards or some random sequence of events.

Where’s the Yankee clown who was trolling around here the last couple of days?
Total domination. Pedro up next.

phylan & erichh: Phils win! I guess they got LUCKY, eh? Jacka$$es. There’s no luck involved when you can pitch like that. One down, three to go!

phan: I told you he wouldn’t show up.

Even idiotic postings from muleman don’t bother me now! What a beatdown. Cliff Lee is a legend!

muleman: great win! now go and read the previous thread for my response you pompous ***

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