Game 2 Lineup

Here is your Phillies lineup for Game 2 of the World Series:

  1. Jimmy Rollins, SS
  2. Shane Victorino, CF
  3. Chase Utley, 2B
  4. Ryan Howard, 1B
  5. Jayson Werth, RF
  6. Raul Ibanez, LF
  7. Matt Stairs, DH
  8. Pedro Feliz, 3B
  9. Carlos Ruiz, C

Pedro Martinez is on the mound.

The Yankees have Jose Molina behind the plate instead of Jorge Posada. They also have Jerry Hairston Jr. in right field in place of Nick Swisher. Otherwise their lineup remains the same.


Greg Dobbs has the flu, and Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said Dobbs has been sent home. The Phillies do not seem to think the flu is too serious, and are not considering removing him from the 25-man roster. If they did that, Dobbs would be ineligible for the remainder of the season.


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Hopefully Stairs will shake one outta here tonite.

nice backwards post….again!

Girardi is pretty dumb to take Posada’s bat out of the lineup, and Hairston in for Swisher is a bad move even given Swisher’s slump. DH’ing Stairs tonight is questionable though, I don’t like it. Stairs has been shaky this year, and Francisco is actually slightly BETTER in his career against RHPs. I wonder if Charlie knows that.

maybe we all need to synchronoze the clocks on our computers…lol!

I’m glad Dobbs has the flu if Charlie was considering DH’ing him over Matty Stairs. Getting to Burnett early tonight is going to be key, can’t let him gain confidence the first time through the order. Would be nice to see Jimmy show some patience at the plate tonight, but I’ve been asking for that all season…

I agree, but Stairs has just not done much to merit starting him over Francisco, knowing that Francisco doesn’t have a lefty/righty split. He has managed to draw some walks lately (even aside from Broxton shi**ing his pants) so maybe that’ll help against Burnett, who can be wild.

The “I agree” was in re: jensenohana’s post by the way, things are really screwy in the MLB comments sections.

So basically, when the Yankees should be looking to take advantage of 1) having a good DH (versus the stop-gap measures that NL teams have to employ) and 2) superior AL lineup (I’m a huge Phill’s fan and even I will conceed their line-up is stronger 1-9 (over a 162 game season)), Girardi has basically converted his team into an NL line-up… at home…

So basically, when the Yankees should be looking to take advantage of 1) having a good DH (versus the stop-gap measures that NL teams have to employ) and 2) superior AL lineup (I’m a huge Phill’s fan and even I will conceed their line-up is stronger 1-9 (over a 162 game season)), Girardi has basically converted his team into an NL line-up… at home…

phylan, the reason Molina is catching is known to everyone who follows baseball outside of Philly. The actual game that resulted in the fall out between Posada and Burnett was nationally televised and I had the “pleasure” of watching it. Burnett got jacked up and he blamed it on Posada’s pitch-calling. On any other team in MLB, this would be considered bad clubhouse chemistry or divisive, but the media is reluctant to point out anything negative about “America’s Team”. No matter how you look at it, Molina for Posada or Matsuda is a super-downgrade in the Yankee offense. This will only help Pedro when he pitches tonight. Jason Werth should be ready to throw Molina out at first.

The problem with Stairs is that Bruntlett can only pinch run for him once.

I suspect that when the Phils’ bats get to Burnett (3-4 inning?), poor Molina will be replaced by Posada when Burnett leaves the game. There is no loyalty or trust for non-star players in the Yankee organization. They are all pawns to be sacrificed for the more important pieces. Thank God Charlie knows how to treat all the players on his roster with respect, even Bruntlett.

erichh1, believe it or not, I do follow baseball outside of Philadelphia, but thanks for the condescension. I am aware that Girardi considers Molina Burnett’s personal catcher, based in part on silly small sample size splits in Burnett’s numbers between Posada and Molina, but my point is that it’s a stupid reason to remove Posada’s bat from the lineup.

I mean even leaving offense aside, the whole principle of personal catchers is silly. Perhaps with the exception of knuckleballers.

I’ll take a manager who can properly leverage his players over loyalty every day and twice on Sunday. Loyalty brought Brad Lidge’s abysmal regular season to bear on the Phils win-loss record for all of 2009.

I ignore the human element of the game because I believe it has very little or no effect on the game (which I’m sure you would disagree with me on). Despite this, I’m still aware of all of the “human element” talking points that get tossed around, like Burnett/Molina.

phylan, sorry about the condescension. I trust you for stats and sabermetric stuff, but you often ignore the human element of the game. Burnett is a prima donna. He hates Posada and doesn’t trust him. Girardi knows his offense will suffer, but he’s the Yankees’ manager and managing EGOS is part of the job. Besides, Posada can still DH unless Godzilla is penciled in.

It’s so nice to see phylan and erichh fighting amongst themselves rather than in their United Front against me. Refreshing.

Meanwhile, what’s this “human element” you’re arguing about? Isn’t that going against your luck standpoint and the random sequence of events that you think baseball is built upon? How lucky Cliff Lee was last night, eh?

OK, now you two can go back to bashing me and my ridiculous viewpoint about how baseball is about great players and how others aren’t as great – regardless of luck or other happenstance that you would apply to your world.
Ten strikeouts and no walks and no earned runs. Luck.

When did I say Cliff Lee was lucky last night? Oh, right, I didn’t, you’re just a simpering idiot who is either incapable of understanding the accepted principle of BABIP and luck or are pretending not to because you have no argument against it. Cliff Lee excelled last night in the three outcomes that pitchers have (very nearly) complete control over – walks, strikeouts, and avoiding fly balls. But hey you’re just going to ignore this too and prattle on about Robin Roberts and Ty Cobb because you’re a ******* invalid.

I’ve said it before, muleman’s a troll, just ignore him.

Yeah, that’s some advice I’m going to take.

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