Some Odds and Ends Before Game 2

pen.jpgIt’s got to be the pen.

Charlie Manuel is a bit superstitious. Since last season he has been using the same orange-topped pens from Le Parker Meridien Hotel in New York to write out his lineup cards.

“I started using those last year because we started winning games,” he said. “It’s just a pen.”


Manuel gave each player a rubber duck before Game 1 of last year’s World Series. It was based off something Chase Utley likes to say when he feels his team is right: “Get that rubber duck out of your (butt).”

Manuel said he bought no rubber ducks this year, but he would order them if he feels they need them.

Based off Game 1, it doesn’t look like they do.


Jay-Z and Alicia Keys will be performing “Empire State of Mind” before Game 2 tonight. Tired of that song yet? I’m sure you’ve seen it, but here is the NeeKo version.


The Onion: Phillies Hope to End 364-Day World Series Drought. Someecards: Let’s terrify Yankees fans this Halloween by dressing up as Cliff Lee.


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Great title for an intriguing post, Todd. We’re counting on our “pen” in the outfield to come through with flying colors today too…and we’ll all enjoy Pedro being Pedro…sure do love the old goat! Looking forward to another win today and then a homecoming to make Jimmy’s prediction in five (or six, depending…) come true.

What is an “Empire State of Mind” ? Is it that dazed look on the faces of the Yankee fans in last night’s game? Is it trash talking and bragging about the past just because that’s all you have left? Is it having your head so high in the clouds that you can’t recognize or deal with reality? I give up…

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