It's Blanton in Game 4

Thumbnail image for blanton.jpgCharlie Manuel
announced today that Joe Blanton will pitch Game 4 of the World Series.

He decided Cliff Lee, who pitched brilliantly in Game 1, would not pitch on short rest for a few reasons. First, he has never pitched on short rest before and Manuel felt this is no time to experiment. Second, Lee has thrown a lot of innings this season and feels Lee would be more effective on normal rest.

“He hasn’t pitched on three days’ rest, although I talked to him and he told me he had, or I thought he did,” Manuel said. “I also like him in Game 5 because we’ve got an offday Tuesday. If it goes seven games or something, that would be on his bullpen day and he might be able to pitch or whatever … I don’t think he’s ready for it on three days’ rest. That’s really pushing him because he’s never done it before. If he had done it before like CC (Sabathia) has, and CC pitched consistently last year on three days’ rest. I think you’re taking a chance on really pushing him. He’s the kind of guy that he gets into the game and with his adrenaline going and everything, and definitely we don’t want to hurt him.

“And I think Blanton fits for us because I think we want to keep (J.A.) Happ in the bullpen, especially kind of in the middle where he could do some innings. Also Joe pitched last year in the World Series and he’s got a little bit more experience.”



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I don’ t see why Lee even needs rest, he didn’t even break a sweat on Game 1!😉

Joe Blanton, good. I glad Moyer is on the DL if for nothing else we would be seeing him next.

Would rather just go Lee on 3 days for 4 and 7. It’s the World Series, and it gives the Phillies the best chance of winning. He can handle it.

I’d set Lee up for another two starts. What he did to the Yanks in GM #1 was impressive.

I think its the right move. You’re still going to need pitchers for games 5 & 6. This way Lee is better rested for one those games. He’s also pitched alot of innings this season.

Rain in the forecast for Saturday night might be the best thing for the Phils. But with Selig in charge, we’re likely to be there until midnight waiting for it to stop. My fervent hope is that TV puts enough pressure on them to cancel the game if it’s still raining by 9:00pm.

Why not just stick with what got the Phillies this far? From what I’ve read, Lee has never pitched on 3 days rest. Where are you if he turns out to be a disaster in game 4?

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